STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – The Strongsville teachers strike is nearly a month old with no end in sight, and some families have had enough.

walkawaysignThe Strongsville Patch reports that 19 students have withdrawn from the dysfunctional district, even though their families aren’t moving from the area.

“Those students will presumably attend a private school or be home schooled,” the Patch reports.

That number would be significantly higher if Strongsville families had access to charter schools or school vouchers. An Internet search did not reveal any charter schools in the immediate Strongsville area.

Many Strongsville families can’t afford private school tuition, which means they’ll remain prisoners of the Strongsville Education Association’s temper tantrum.

It’s no coincidence that the minor exodus began on March 4 – the same day SEA members traded in their grade books for picket signs.

The district has been using substitute teachers to fill in for the striking educators, so students’ education won’t be completely disrupted by the SEA’s temper tantrum.

The Patch notes that an 11-hour negotiating session earlier this week “produced no results,” which means the teachers’ strike is likely to drag into a fifth week.

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