By Kyle Olson

CHICAGO – Fifteen hundred socialists recently convened in suburban Chicago at the International Socialist Organization’s annual conference.  Like previous years, attendees consumed Marxist propaganda on government education, government health care and how to best end capitalism.

Sessions during the conference included, “The battle for the soul of teacher unionism,” “After Wisconsin: The battle for public sector unions,” “Education and revolution,” “Education and capitalism,” as well as “Prison reform or prison abolition?”

At one of the plenary sessions, an Occupy-type crowd chant broke out. Like any good collective, the mob clapped and chanted about various leftist goals.

In cell phone video obtained by, the socialists began by chanting about Greece and “disarm the police.”

Then the turn to the Middle East.

Free, free Palestine

Long live Palestine

Long live the intifada

Intifada, intifada

One can only be left to wonder how the woman leading the chant would be treated in Palestine.  Judging by this story from Afghanistan, likely not well.  Nonetheless, “long live Palestine!”

Once that gets a bit worn out, they shift to:

Free abortion on demand

Can we do it? Yes we can!

Is this the socialist platform? Weaponless police, a “free” Palestine and “free abortion on demand?”  Is this what the many teachers in attendance really believe?

Their militancy must be closely watched so we can understand what our children will be subjected to when the activists return to their classrooms.