ASHEBORO, N.C. – A North Carolina elementary student went on a rampage with a butter knife Monday when he assaulted a teacher and school resource officer and damaged several vehicles in the parking lot.

Officials at John Lawrence Elementary School instituted a lockdown and called in the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office after a student “became out of control” Monday and attacked a teacher with a butter knife, the sheriff’s office posted to Facebook.

“The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer arrived and found that the child had already been contained by a teacher, however prior to being contained the juvenile assaulted one teacher with the butter knife and damaged several vehicles in the parking lot with the butter knife,” the statement continued.

“As the School Resource Officer was attempting to place the juvenile into custody the officer was assaulted by the juvenile.”

Deputies filed a petition against the student in juvenile court, The High Point Enterprise reports.

Several parents on Facebook called for the student to be permanently removed from the school, and the child’s alleged sibling repeatedly chimed in.

“This child that you keep speaking of is my baby brother,” Ginny Hall wrote. “He has several disabilities.”

Regardless, many parents were outraged that they were not notified by school officials about the incident and lockdown, and instead found out about it on Facebook.

“Oh. My. Gosh,” Kayla Belangia posted. “Why did no one call us!”

“They left a message saying it was modified lock down and everything was fine!” Hallie Wooley wrote. “I understand keeping it from the kids, but they should have told us parents the truth!”

“Exactly my thoughts. No not home, no calls, nothing!” Nikki Blair added. “Both of my boys heard this going on.”

Others complained about similar incidents in the district.

“Just like the incident at Hopewell last week,” Amber Richardson wrote. “They said everything was handled but failed to tell the parents what happened. Had to hear from the children what really went on.”

“This is not the first incident to occur,” Renee Dill posted. “Last year I had to contact the school because my daughter was threatened by an older student on the bus on the way home with a knife. …

“If the administrator keeps important information like this from parents it makes me wonder what else is kept from us,” she wrote.  “We depend on the staff and administrators to keep our children safe while they are there and we as parents have the right to know details when something like this happens.”

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