DALLAS, Ga. – Parents and others who drove by a Georgia middle school Monday had reason to be concerned for the area’s youth.

“East Paulding Middle School: Welcome back students we are glad you are hear (sic),” read the sign outside the Dallas, Georgia school Monday morning.

News Radio 106.7’s Michael Graham posted a picture of the misspelled sign on radio station’s Facebook page, which generated numerous comments.

“Welkum back to public skool,” Lisa Mack Summers posted.

“We here you loud and clear,” Gary Silverman added.

The same image of the sign was posted to Imgur by Benjamminator with the title *facepalm, and garnered 1,255 views and a few other jokes.

East Paulding school sign“Cum hear too lern to Reed end right!” RobertFort joked.

The middle school’s principal wouldn’t discuss the error with Yahoo! Parenting, but Paulding County School District spokeswoman Suzanne Wooley said the sign was up for less than an hour before it was corrected.

“It was unfortunate that the wrong word was used, as it has now been shared across the country,” Wooley said. “Obviously we weren’t happy with it, but we know it was an innocent mistake that, in a rush, could happen to anyone.”

Wooley also said there’s lessons students can take away from the ordeal.

“Perhaps one of the most important lessons is, there is a camera everywhere and you never know what will end up on social media,” she said.

“And this shows how important it is to proofread what you’re writing,” Wooley added. “We are all human. We all make mistakes. That is an important part of education.”

Wooley didn’t say who was responsible for the sign error, or whether they’ve been reprimanded.

The Yahoo! story was picked up by WND Education, which also generated some snarky comments and criticisms.

“From collages down to grade school, American educators have become highly incompetent,” RewindMyMind opined.

“And these are our educators?” p51dman questioned.

“Back to school the first week of August?” Principalwilkins posted. “How are kids going to learn anything important if they are always in school?”

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