FOLSOM, Calif. – A high school boxing club’s “punch a cop” advertisements fell flat and were removed.

The flyers were created by an employee and approved in October, according to Fox 40.

The Los Angeles Times describes the flyer as “a drawing of a muscular bulldog donning boxing gloves, (reading), ‘Learn to box. Get in shape. Punch a cop without going to jail!'”

“The intent was to use humor to attract a high school youth audience and to attract as many kids as possible in to a program that has been a positive benefit for them in the past,”  Folsom Cordova schools spokesman Dan Thigpen says.

“We’re sensitive to concerns. In light of recent events we have taken the flyers down,” Thigpen adds.

He says the boxing club is “intended to provide engaging activities for students and to promote positive interactions with local law enforcement.”

It is partially sponsored by the Folsom Police Department union.

Department spokesperson Sgt. Jason Browning tells the news station, “We are sorry people  misconstrued the flyer. The program was and is well intentioned and has positively impacted the lives of many students.”

The flyer raised the ire of Roy Luchier, who was riding his bike when he saw it.

He thought it was “some of sort anti-cop protest,” according to Fox 40.

“There is just so much anti-cop hate going on society. A lot of the protests in New York. I think they should take it down,” Luchier says.

The school did that Monday.

The boxing club, which has been in existence for three years, will continue.

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