SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. – Officials at an Arizona high school are apologizing and offering to refund yearbooks over senior quotes referencing sex, drugs and other disturbing behavior were published in the 2017 annual.

“You need a good plant to get high (pole vault),” Poston Butte High School student Patrick Hughes’ senior yearbook quote read, according to KPHO.

“Me and my boy shower together naked!” read another.

The San Tan Valley News reports other quotes include:

“If you have never thought about dropping out and becoming a stripper once, you’re lying.”

“My As turned to Bs and so did my grades.”

The Florence Unified School District told the Associated Press about 15 to 20 inappropriate comments were published in the yearbook and they were not discovered until after the books were distributed to students.

Poston Butte Principal Steve Tannenbaum sent an email message to parents to apologize for the embarrassment and blame the ordeal on an English teacher who failed to properly vet the quotes.

“The oversight by school staff to properly review and edit the yearbook is unacceptable and the school is working to remedy the situation,” he wrote.

“The yearbook sponsor has, as of now, been relieved of all yearbook duties and will be replaced by another sponsor for the next school year. The district will also be putting additional safeguards in place to ensure another incident does not occur in the future.”

Tannenbaum wrote that students can receive a full refund, or they can bring their yearbooks to the office on May, 26 and administrators will censor all the bad words for them. The yearbooks cost as much as $75, depending on when students purchased them.

“We have ordered adhesive corrections to cover every inappropriate comment,” he wrote.

A district statement essentially reiterated what Tannenbaum wrote to parents.

“The Florence Unified School District is currently investigating the matter and will work with our students, parents and community to ensure the issue is resolved to the best of our ability and sincerely apologize for this incident,” the statement read.

The unidentified teacher responsible for the yearbook snafu also apologized profusely in a prepared statement to the Valley News.

“Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am about my negligence regarding the 2017 yearbook and portraying Poston Butte in a negative light. I accept full responsibility for the content of the yearbook,” the teacher wrote.

“I thank Mr. Tannenbaum and district officials for assisting me in reaching out to the student body, parents, and community. Again, I am truly sorry for my poor judgment, lack of professionalism, and negative impact on the school.”

Parents who spoke with KPHO had mixed reactions to the controversy.

“I just was like, wow this is something, you know. My kids are going to share with their kids and so on,” parent Carrie Ribeiro said.

“Students will say what students will say because kids are kids,” parent Kathy Kimsey added. “But this is a reflection of the school.”

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