GOLDEN GATE, Fla. – A Florida substitute teacher was sent home after a few short hours for screening an episode of the reality television show “Naked and Afraid” for a class of second graders.

Wink News reports a substitute teacher in Collier County Public Schools was banned from working at any school in the district after she showed the episode to second grade students in a computer lab class at Golden Gate Elementary.

The show’s contestants tramp around jungles and other strenuous environments in the buff, though their most private parts are partially blurred. In the episode shown to students, an adult man and woman stripped down to their birthday suits and met up for their challenge on a tropical beach, according to the news site.

“That should not be shown in school,” a mother of one of the second-graders told Wink News through an interpreter. “So why would they show that to them.”

Collier sub video“They’re supposed to study, she said, not watch naked stuff,” the interpreter said. “She said she doesn’t want it to happen again.”

The Golden Gate principal learned about the video, which was posted on YouTube, and immediately alerted all second grade parents in the school about the incident, using interpreters to send out messages in three different languages. The principal also sent the teacher packing. District officials said they’re unsure why the “guest teacher” showed the video, and assured the public it’s not part of the curriculum.

“The guest teacher in question has been removed from the school and has been restricted from doing any guest teaching in the district at this time,” a spokesman said.

Parents posted mixed reactions to the incident on Facebook.

“Thank you Collier County for upholding moral standards in our public school system!” Beverly Gilberti wrote.

“She needs to be banned from all schools, and listed as a pervert, to show second grade kids this is just disturbing, and sick,” Crystal Hart commented. “Pedophiles go to jail for this, and so should she … sick liberal crap!”

“My kids watch Naked and Afraid! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, everything is blurred out,” Michael Ellis wrote. “It’s a really good show, there’s nothing sexual about it. This is just crazy.”

“Schools and or some teachers have gone too far in determining what is age appropriate,” Joni Gordon opined. “This clearly was a poor decision.”

“Because the human body is just terrible, right?” Patrick Kasprik wrote. “Not that it’s particularly a great show, nor does it really teach anything about survival, but it’s far from pornographic. The human body isn’t something to be shamed, especially when the worst they show on that show is a butt.”

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