MODESTO, Calif. – Davis High School officials called an air ambulance on Monday for a student in urgent need of medical attention, only to find out later she ate marijuana brownies with other students at school.

The student came into the school office on Monday complaining that she hit her head during lunchtime, and school officials called 911 based on her claim and symptoms they would not disclose, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Modesto Bee reports:

Due to “signs and symptoms observed,” paramedics requested an air ambulance, Battalion Chief Darin Jesberg said. The helicopter landed, but a flight nurse evaluated the patient and determined she was stable enough to be taken to a local hospital by ground ambulance, Jesberg said.

While responders were at the treatment scene, a teacher approached and indicated the student’s fall and altered state apparently had to do with eating a pot brownie, Jesberg said. 

Administrators investigated the marijuana brownie allegations and found that several students ate the brownies, though officials would not divulge the number of students involved, whether they knew the brownies contained marijuana, or the person who brought the brownies to school.

“An investigation into the incident revealed that a number of students consumed brownies containing marijuana,” Modesto City Schools spokeswoman Becky Fortuna told the Bee. “Site administrators contacted the families of the students known to be involved.”

“The investigation is ongoing,” Fortuna said. “ …Any disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with our Conduct Code.”

School officials later told The Chronicle that three students had eaten the brownies, which were distributed by one of them at lunch.

“Possessing, using or being under the influence of any intoxicant is forbidden on all Modesto City School campuses, per the district code of conduct,” according to The Chronicle. “First offenders are subject to a five-day suspension and may be assigned to a substance abuse counseling program.”

The debacle is only the latest marijuana brownie incident in the district.

Last week, a student at Beard Elementary School also brought marijuana brownies to school, and they were doled out during an after-school program last Thursday. In that incident, another student alerted program officials, who contacted the school nurse and police, the Bee reports.

School officials contacted parents and urged them to seek medical attention for children who may have ate the brownies, and promised to send out a phone message to all families on the dangers of illegal drugs.

As in the Davis case, school officials refused to detail how many students were involved or their ages.

Modesto police collected the brownies and tested them to confirm whether they contained marijuana, though the results of that testing is unclear.

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