SELBYVILLE, Del. – More school boards are fed up with Michelle Obama’s lunch rules.

Michelle-eating-lunch 337x244Delaware’s Indian River School District board recently met to approve the district’s nutrition budget and members used the opportunity to sound off on the federal school lunch and snack regulations championed by the First Lady.

“I feel that we’re being coerced, we’re being beat down by the government to do things the way they want to do it,” board member Donald Hattier said, according to

Bake sales, which are now banned in the state, allowed student groups to become “self-sufficient,” he added.

“They have been the source of an awful lot of money,” Hattier said.

Meanwhile, the Duval County, Florida board will be voting next week on a proposal to give its superintendent the power to approve bake sales.

The new rules “limit the opportunity for PTAs, school advisory councils and others to raise money,” Superintendent Nikolai Vitti tells the Florida Times-Union. “Most of the time they raise money selling junk food.”

Vitti is asking the school board for “exemption power” at least for the current school year, to give groups, PTAs, booster clubs and athletic directors time to find other ways to raise money instead of selling pizza, baked goods or candy, the paper reports.

“We’re talking about a culture that has been established in the school system … that can’t be eliminated overnight,” he’s quoted as saying.

“It’s OK for kids to eat a small amount of cake or candy or to have a cupcake at a birthday party,” another board member, Jason Fischer, says.

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