SAN FRANCISCO – There’s a reason many Americans think San Francisco is a place as foreign as the moon.

Some parents are upset after the San Francisco Unified School District moved its observation of Presidents Day – on the traditional observation of the third Monday in February – or this year, February 16, to later in the week.


The school district also closes for the “Lunar New Year,” which falls on February 19.

So to “reduce disruption of learning time,” the school district moved the honoring America’s elected leaders to Friday, creating a four-day weekend, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“I get Presidents Day off, and then — bingo — I have to scramble for child care on the Thursday and Friday,” says Robert McMillan, who has two children in the district.

“For me, it would be much easier if they would observe federal holidays on the proper day.”

Dennis Kelly, president of the United Educators of San Francisco teachers union, defended the move.

“It’s not like we are moving the Fourth of July to the 7th,” he says.

The districts calendar committee – made up of “labor unions and parents” – proposed the move.

“It was decided by the committee and approved by the Board of Education in January 2014 to observe the two holidays consecutively in 2015 in order to reduce disruption of learning time for students that week,” district spokeswoman Gentle Blythe says, according to

The day off came when former school board member Norman Yee advocated for it in 2006.

The paper notes it will be the “Year of the Ram.”

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