ROUND LAKE, Ill. – Yesterday, we reported on the Round Lake Middle School assignment that told parents they’d have to pay 10 cents per copy.

The principal Jeff Prickett  contacted me today about the incident along with the retraction letter to the parents [see letter below].

Mr. Prickett was also able to answer my questions from yesterday.

The assignment was given to their 7th grade social studies class who was learning Early American Civilization that included the founding of the United States. It was as we discovered yesterday a lesson in unfair taxation. This lesson has been used for several years. Next year though it will be given again, but it will not be in such an official form that it can be taken out of context.

When asked about how this fit into Common Core standards, Mr. Prickett said this assignment is a combination of the Illinois State standards and Common Core. The Common Core aligned standard is the section under language arts sections of literacy.

Round lake schools retraction

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