LANCASTER, Pa. – Somali refugee Qasim Hassan told a Pennsylvania court that upon his arrival in America, “I did not find the school that I deserved.”

phoenixacademyHassan is among six refugees who are suing Lancaster schools with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, alleging that an alternative school where some older refugees were placed isn’t good enough, and the inadequate instruction violates their rights, PennLive reports.

“We came to get a better education,” Sudanese refugee Khadidja Issa told the court.

The lawsuit alleges refugee students “were, are, or may be in the future denied their right to equal educational opportunities and meaningful public education by Defendant School District of Lancaster in violation of the U.S. Constitution, federal civil rights statutes, and Pennsylvania education law,” according to PennLive.

The students, who range in age from 17 to 21 years old, claim district officials denied or delayed their enrollment in the school system, and often sent older students to an alternative school – Phoenix Academy – instead of McCaskey High School, where the plaintiffs claim students receive a better education.

According to Newsworks:

Pennsylvania school code says residents between 6 and 21 years old are entitled to a free public education. At least one international treaty, the U.N.’s 1951 Refugee Convention, requires refugees to get the same public education as residents of countries where they’re resettled.

This week, the refugee students are testifying about their experience in the district, and at Phoenix Academy, where they claim to have been “traumatized” by security measures that include pat-downs and property searches. The students also claim the accelerated learning at Phoenix Academy – designed to help students earn a diploma before they’re no longer eligible for free education – is not well-suited for refugees.

The lawsuit argues that younger refugee students placed at McCaskey High School enjoy a slower, more effective English language program, PennLive reports.

“The class moves fast and I don’t learn anything,” Issa said.

District attorneys refuted claims that Phoenix Academy is inferior to McCaskey High, and pointed out several reasons why the former provides a better environment for older refugee students.

“Phoenix Academy is not the prison that some people would make it out to be,” attorney Sharon O’Donnell said. “They’re actually getting more focused instruction away from the distractions of the larger McCaskey High School.”

“If they don’t like the security measures (at Phoenix Academy) then they definitely won’t like them at McCaskey where they have two guards with Tasers and yes, sometimes they have to use them,” she said.

Testimony in the case is expected to last through the end of the week. The refugee students want the court to grant an injunction that would allow them to transfer to McCaskey, and possibly graduate from the school, and are requesting a decision on the matter before school starts, PennLive reports.

61 responses to “Refugees sue Pennsylvania district: ‘Did not find the school that I deserved’”

  1. Majah says:

    You really have to question why a 21yr old would demand to attend high school. They should be sent to adult education like American students.

  2. Cathi Green says:

    Why should anyone even entertain the idea of meeting their demand? Who is paying the court costs for this and what slimebag attorney would take this case?

    • Editor says:

      Slimebag attorney? The ACLU.

      • Scisco Mihi says:

        ACLU are a bunch of morons. These monkeys are not citizens and don’t belong here. This is like people at a food bank or getting a free meal at a shelter complaining that they do not like the food. Assholes

    • Mark Talmont says:

      I believe a law passed by the Democrats while Carter was President allows the lawsuit-filing agents to collect fees from whoever they are suing.

  3. theGOONIES says:

    The statement that they came for an education……….as refugees wouldn’t the reason be they came to escape persecution?

    I smell taquiya and it smells like a lying muslim

  4. Bob Marks says:

    i thought they came to get away from the war not better schooling

    • Deb Crowl says:

      Came for the freebies that Obamapuke offered up to his brotherhood

    • Imran Khan says:

      yea what does proper schooling have to do with leaving your home country because you feel it could be a threat….yet we give them the opportunity to come and now they complain and criticize!!!

    • Jeffrey Liggens says:

      They are getting better “tax payer funded” schooling than where they came from, but they don’t want it.

  5. iShrug says:

    Keep them away from the teenage girls at the high school! Ask the Netherlands how nice it is to attend school with Somali refugees.

    • Bill says:

      that is the whole reason for this pervert animal wanting into the high school, next day he will be in the girls bathroom thanks to Obummers new you can use any bathroom law that Muslim pervert faggot has forced upon us.

    • Jeffrey Liggens says:

      How about keeping them away from minors period? I can’t help but read “ulterior motives” about their suit like you do.

  6. Scott Snoopy says:

    thanks to our white barry obama aka gov tom wolfe PA is getting these wonderful refugees…jihadists,leeches,etc…they do not speak English but they know their rights are violated…The ACLU like blk lies matters and the splc needs to be investigated under RICO.

  7. Deb Crowl says:

    Give them a plane trip back, fly over & let them jump out…ungrateful goat f’ers.

    • Bill says:

      Ill pay for a boat trip, 1/2 the way there, its up to them to cover the other half, and if not just leave them there! bet then they get an education. I’ll even supply 2 large nuts to tie to there shoe strings threw one for each shoe, Helps them sink faster.

  8. Justin St.Denis says:

    Average Somali IQ is in the vicinity of 84, far BELOW what it takes to acquire a High School diploma. Somalis cannot pretend to be intelligent; generations of cousin marriages have quite eliminated that possibility.

    Even America can’t fix stupid.

  9. Lelani_66 says:

    Uhmmmm…I thought refugees came because it is too dangerous to return home, not to get an education.

  10. Allan says:

    Let me guess. The “refugees” are young men. They claim they are getting no education and want to go to a public school instead. A public school where there are a LOT of girls they can molest.

  11. Blanche says:

    Ungrateful SOB’s. Enough said! P>S> Somali’s are the worst.

  12. Mushrikoon says:

    No young stupid girls to rape at Phoenix

  13. Big Education says:

    Are they citizens? At some point we have started giving rights to non-citizens that are not granted by our Constitution or laws…that we cannot afford. $19 Trillion debt. Hello.

  14. Notorious_bob says:

    they can always go the f— back where they came from cant they? i dont owe them sh-t. im the taxpaying homeowner with lots of real estate, no mortgages, and no kids. i dont agree to giving this ingrateful invader’s family a free education. send them back!

    • Bill says:

      I for one resent the government giving them anything, welfare, food stamps, housing, medical, schooling, any thing for these animals from my taxes they force me to pay from each pay check I worked hard for, something this refugees will never have to do, WORK! nothing but a continues finical cost for each one, and from what I have seen form others on this programs and there many children too, but they can learn to rape, steal lye and all the rest of the great things they are so skilled and and those values they brought with them like biting the hand that is feeding them,

  15. Shelle Shoo says:

    Then go back to where your from! We take safety measures deal with it! You are getting FREE SCHOOLING!Get out if your unhappy find another country who I’m sure will take you in gladly.

  16. Joe says:

    Wow.. sorry they dont get to pick what school they want. How about being happy you are somewhere safe instead of your violent barbaric home country… How about being grateful for the opportunity to get an education.. not sue because you want to go to a better school. There is not right to an education for a refugee.. Being 21 and saying I dont want a job I want an education.. I want a huge house with a yard, we all want things.. The arrogance is astounding… Why are the refugees our problem anyway..

  17. tn_tea _ partyer_420 says:

    Hillary wants more of these reprobates in America.

  18. Scisco Mihi says:

    I cannot believe that monkey said “that I deserve”. You do not DESERVE anything you pathetic moron! You live here for free on my tax dollars, and you have the nerve to complain. Holy shit.

  19. AClearThought says:

    All they want is greater access to young female students, where they are now that isn’t available.
    Older males, 21 plus do not belong in a traditional high school environment.

  20. Honesty says:

    They sound well educated, well educated enough to express themselves and get in touch with the ACLU. They will give them what they want, it’s the New America we live in. I can’t help but wonder what the schools they attended in their home country were like. Will anyone ask about that?

  21. Imran Khan says:

    resembles the news about a month ago about the refugees that settled in Germany and complained about the food having no taste and being nasty, that not even dogs should be fed the food…those same refugees took one way trips back to their home country because they couldnt deal with the food and culture of Germany….such wonderful ppl we bring in to the west

  22. Imran Khan says:

    so they came to get away from circumstances in their homeland that may have been a threat to them, but come here and sue bc they are not getting the education they feel they should…someone please explain how we even allowed this to go to court and be even considered?

  23. Bad_Toro says:

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  24. Pat Henry says:

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  25. 101stDouglass_Collingsworth says:

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  26. Éamon deValera says:

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  27. Janie Fultz-Reinhart says:


  28. Low Cover says:

    They want in the public high school so they can assault the American students, male and female.

  29. lummi says:

    These ungrateful SOBs should get a forceful reminder that they are in this Country due to the charity of American citizens, many of whom aren’t living as well as these “refugees” are, thanks to Obama’s “entitlements”. They should also be reminded that they are enjoying a standard of living infinitely better than they could ever possibly dream of in the dung heaps where they previously lived, and that they are free to return there anytime they desire.They won’t be missed. There was a time in my lifetime when true refugees came to the U.S. and gave thanks everyday for being here, and asked only for the opportunity to become “Americans”. They didn’t complain, criticize, or make demands that we change to accommodate them or their native cultures. We also had a government that wasn’t so inclined to roll over for them, and kiss their a–es whenever one of them thought things weren’t to their satisfaction. But leave it to the pukes at Associated Criminal Liars Unlimited to be instigating this kind of subversiveness.

  30. Traveller62 says:

    The older ones want to be around the younger girls that way they can feel free to sexually harass them anytime they want.

  31. ktuncia says:

    This has nothing to do with school and everything to do with Islamic recruiting. These defendants want into the normal high school so they can find the weak minded loaner kids to convince to join islam and its jihad. If it opens up every other school to those of their cult so much the better as far as they and the ACLU are concerned.

  32. JOE says:

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  33. JOE says:

    Obama “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,BUT CHRISTIAN ARE FAIR GAME!

  34. Jeffrey Liggens says:

    It sounds like they want access to the young students at Macaskey High, rather than the education at the high school. Their petition should be denied.

  35. Janis Tobin says:

    Deport them to wherever they came from. They are entitled to a good education? Then don’t let the door slam you on your way out the door.

  36. gail says:

    They should be fined for bringing a frivolous lawsuit and deported back to Somalia where they can go to school. Oh yeah, Somalia has no schools. The USA owes them nothing as they are here illegally.