PALM BAY, Fla. – A Central Florida 17-year-old faces battery charges after police allege he punched a classmate in the face who was holding a Donald Trump sign during gym class.

hudsonPalm Bay Police allege Bayside High School student Andre Hudson punched a classmate in the face who was holding a Trump sign Wednesday afternoon then flew into a rage, yelling obscenities at school and police officials and destroying school property, WKMG reports.

The attack started in the gym, but continued when Hudson was taken to the dean’s office.

A school resource officer said that when he arrived at the office he found a visibly agitated Hudson swearing at school officials, and attempted to calm him down. The teen wasn’t having it, and allegedly shoved his middle finger in the officer’s face, punched filing cabinets and swatted items off a desk, according to his arrest affidavit.

Hudson then allegedly stormed out of the office in pursuit of the student he attacked earlier.

“When I see that white boy again, I’m going to punch him in his face,” he said, according to police.

The student located his classmate and stared him down in a “menacing fashion” while the boy sat silently. Police allege Hudson shoved a school official when she attempted to intervene.

WKMG reports:

Hudson tensed up and resisted as the school resource officer grabbed him by his wrist to try to restrain him. Ultimately the officer had to grab Hudson in a bear hug to get him to the ground to handcuff him, the report said.

Once in the officer’s office, Hudson kicked and started to swear once again, authorities said. The officer pulled him from his chair and called in a second unit to help keep him restrained. 

The school resource officer was allegedly injured while restraining Hudson, who was ultimately hauled off to juvenile detention. Hudson did not return to school on Thursday, and now faces charges of battery and felony battery on a school official, according to the news site.

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The incident prompted strong opinions online.

“So why isn’t this a hate crime too?” Michael McMahon posted in the comments. “Calling him a white boy is racist.”

“’White boy’ is a racist slur? Since when?” Anne Stubbs responded.

“ … That’s a one way street dear!” Jennifer Sietz wrote. “It’s only a hate crime when it’s white on black.”

“People are responsible for their own actions. There are better ways to handle frustration and anger,” Sherry Loria posted. “If this child does this by just seeing a Trump sign, imagine the next thing that sets him off. Consequences must be faced so actions aren’t repeated.”

“1st Amendment protects speech, not assault,” Brendan Fitzgerald added.

30 responses to “RAGE: High schooler punches ‘white boy’ classmate holding Trump sign”

  1. Monty Clift says:

    Look at the mug. As if his future would have been bright, if not for that sign.
    Keep it up, thugs. You are doing a fine job.

  2. Monty Clift says:

    I know! He eats Skittles.

  3. Carlton Baggett says:

    Disappointing when honor students act that way LOL

  4. unseen1 says:

    Hate crime time to use the left tactics against them. Hate crime. Hate crime. Hate crime. Blacks are racists

  5. Jsfesq says:

    notice the headline under his mugshot: “Election Result Sparks School Fight”. I don’t remember reports of the last two presidential elections sparking any of this. This miscreant seized an opportunity to behave in a lawless manor and turned it into a racially motivated hate crime. The silence from obama, lynch, clinton and the rest of the enablers is deafening. It should not be tolerated and they should be universally called out for their failure to condemn these acts.

  6. sevanclaig says:

    Pookie up off the couch again?
    Obama was so inspiring.

  7. Arshin Carnifex says:

    Damned if that’s not the ugliest friggin’ Dindu crack/alcohol baby I’ve ever seen.

    Sorry, but those facial-cranial deformities are a dead giveaway. Homeboy’s got the strength of a grown man and the mind of a retarded chimpanzee. Hope the taxpayers enjoy suffering whatever abuse he can come up with for the rest of his unnatural life, because he’s already a career violent criminal.

  8. Verbal Bomb Chucker says:

    This is my son’s high school. He didn’t see the attack but it was the talk of the campus. It also doesn’t help having the media vultures circling.

  9. The deplorable clayusmcret says:

    This is the result of obama’s 8 years of validating hate lashing out at perceived acts of disrespect or disparaging beliefs. It will take a bit of time to reinstall the rule of law and renew the balance of acceptable behavior.

  10. M. N. says:

    Dad, where ever you are – take some old school pay back out on this punk. If you don’t he’ll keep attacking. A visit to his home with a blow torch ought to fix the matter, no house to live in – ain’t gonna stick around.

  11. Meadowbrook says:

    this is NOT okay – racism cannot be tolerated by ANYONE

  12. Tee says:

    Crack babies are so disgusting. And apparently VERY ugly inside and out.

  13. creeper, the deplorable says:

    Check it out, ladies. How would you like to wake up next to THAT?

  14. Hopefully as an adult…under no circumstances should Andre Hudson be allowed to plea-bargain. That will send a message when he gets significant adult prison time and a criminal record.

    @clayusmcret:disqus – nice scapegoating. At 17 years old, one knows right from wrong. It is not Obama’s fault that Hudson decided to commit that offense.

    • The deplorable clayusmcret says:

      What the 17yr old has learned from obama is his actions are justified if he “feels” like his actions are justified.

      • He hasn’t dealt with the courts yet. I pray that Andre Hudson is made to be an example. Yesterday, before class (I’m back in college pursuing a certification), the professor was talking about the election before the scheduled start of the class (not unusual for her to go off topic prior to class) and this and what happened in Chicago came up. The other subject is beyond the scope of this site, but this one is within its scope. You don’t beat up someone just for disagreeing (unless in bona fide self defense or in defense of an innocent third party).

  15. David Reminder says:

    nice haircut, Tyrone. ROFL.

  16. aliswell says:

    Why is it always reported on what passes for news stations as a “fight” when in fact time and again it’s zero impulse control animals attacking innocents who don’t belong to their hive?

  17. Jim1904 says:

    White student, Kel-Tec PF9. You’re welcome.

  18. BigDave IrreDeploraDeemable says:

    Please. everyone. Here is a video on this subject and a SOLUTION offered by Colin F that ONLY President Trump can do>

  19. Dolph C. Volker says:

    Life in prison or death row will be Andre’s future. Blame his parents, the last 8 years of Obama, Holder, and the media for stoking racial flames. Ironicially, Democrats have become the posterboys of hate and intolerance of this nation. People see it and voted Trump.

  20. jared larson says:

    A race of apes.Actually worse than apes.Intergration is their ways of destroying Whites by placing these vermin in with our kids,all while we pay the tab.Sickening.