PALM COAST, Fla. – Flagler County sheriff’s deputies are investigating students at Matanzas High School after they believe several received tattoos from a classmate this week in the school’s art room.

“This morning, administrators at Matanzas High School were made aware of a complaint filed with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, alleging student tattooing other students at the school,” district officials wrote in a prepared statement.

“Our administrators are working with investigators to identify all students involved in the alleged incident. We are following our student code of conduct and discipline protocols during this process,” it continued. “Student safety is of utmost concern for us for all our students. We do not condone activities alleged in this incident and they will not be tolerated.”

The father of a 16-year-old at the school reported the tattoos after learning about his daughter’s ink in an Instagram post and reported the incident to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies wrote in an incident report that the “juvenile received a tattoo from another juvenile in the art room during lunch at Matanzas High.”

According to WKMG:

Deputies said two 15-year-old girls implemented a “stick and poke” method, using a needle and India ink that’s available in the art room, to give their classmates tattoos. One of the girls charged $15 per tattoo, deputies said.

Deputies said the same needle was used on multiple students.

The complaining father wants to press for criminal charges, and deputies plan to forward the case to the state attorney’s office for a charge of practicing tattoos without a license.

Authorities believe at least two other students, possibly more, also received the in-school tattoos, though they’re still investigating.

They’re also looking into where the art teacher was during the impromptu tattoo sessions.

Folks who commented about the investigation online expressed mixed reactions.

“We did it 25 years ago,” Kathleen Clark posted to Facebook. “Not really news.”

“Why are the police involved?” Kim Legg-Spencer questioned.

“And? Wasting time and resources,” Danielle Phillips wrote. “Get over it.”

“Police investigation?” Annemarie DellaGuardia posted. “They are teens acting like teens. There are for more important things the police can be used for.”

“They can just cover them up with bigger tattoos if they don’t come out good,” Mark Rivendell added.

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