PLEASANTON, Texas – More parents are sounding the alarm over the paltry school lunches their children are receiving.

PleasontonA number of them reacted negatively when a photo of a lunch in the Pleasanton Independent School District was made public.

And they concur the evidence in the photo is exactly what they’re being told by their children.

“They get hardly any food at all,” parent Brandi Flory tells Fox 29.

“I was outraged when I saw that picture – I just didn’t even know what to say.”

“There’s a salad that just lettuce – no tomatoes, no carrots,” another parent says.

“They’re pretty much just feeding our kids rabbit food.”

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The news station confirms the school district has made some pretty drastic changes to the menu to comply with the school lunch regulations championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

“The September menu shows students getting zucchini bread and muffin tops on some days for breakfast, and lunch options the parents feel are limited,” Fox 29 reports.

“I started noticing my daughter would go straight to the refrigerator looking for food when she would get home from school,” says parent Andrea Gonzalez.

“The challenge is trying to come up with menus that meet those guidelines and are appealing to kids,” district superintendent Cynthia Clinesmith tells the news station.

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So far, they’re not meeting that objective.

“We’re in a constant process of just trying to figure out what they will eat,” the superintendent says.

“I think they’re trying to develop habits of mind and maybe they’ve gone to the extreme,” according to Clinesmith, referring to the USDA.

“Rather than focusing on their studies, they’re focusing on how hungry they are when they get home,” Gonzalez tells the outlet.

Fox 29 reporter Erin Nichols predicts the federal guidelines could become “even more strict” in the next few years.

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