KING WILLIAM, Va. – Shawn Martin is fuming after he learned his son’s second-grade teacher forced the boy and others in his class to stick their head in a toy bucket with urine.

peebucketMartin told WWBT his son came home from Cool Spring Primary School April 29 complaining that he had a bad day.

“And I said boy, you’re an 8-year-old in the second grade, how bad could your day have really been?” Martin said.

Apparently, it was pretty bad.

The boy told his father someone peed in the toy bucket, and his teacher launched a disgusting investigation.

“She made every male student in there … stick their head in the bucket, smell the urine, and give their opinion from the smell of the urine which child urinated in the bucket,” Martin told the news site.

School officials sent a letter to parents warning them that their child was exposed to “bodily fluids.”

“During inside recess, some students handled classroom objects that had unknowingly been exposed to urine. Upon informing a staff member, students who handled the classroom objects were directed to wash their hands after the exposure,” the May 2 statement read.

“Although the health risk is minimal, it is our priority … to ensure parents are informed.”

The statement did not detail the allegation that the teacher, a 26 year teaching veteran, forced students to stick their heads in the urine bucket.

After Martin filed a formal complaint against the teacher for “unprofessional conduct,” another district letter addressed to him confirmed that the boy’s teacher, Pamela Franklin, remains in the classroom, though officials claim “appropriate action has been taken to ensure that such conduct does not repeat itself.”

Martin said “I don’t think anything is appropriate” short of termination.

“That lady was in there teaching my son today,” he told WFSB. “I don’t understand how the administration lets her come back and direct those kids.”

“They want to sweep it under the rug like it never happened,” Martin added. “That is not acceptable.”

“There is no right that you can find out of this – zero whatsoever.”

Virtually everyone who commented about the situation online agreed with Martin.

“Why is it that they fire cafeteria workers for giving a child a sandwich, when they have no lunch, but keep a teacher who has children put their heads in a bucket of urine?” Cathleen Hattin questioned on Facebook. “I would be so on that school to fire that teacher so fast that their heads would spin … disgusting.”

“Should be fired immediately!” Anthony Cascella posted.

“This is 100% child abuse,” Michelle Barnett wrote.

“You just can’t make this stuff up,” Kevin Zalaski added.