CINCINNATI – The Northwest Local School District in Cincinnati got a bad report card from the state for 2015-16, in terms of student learning.

On the 2015-16 Ohio Department of Education report card, there is a category called “achievement,” which refers to “the number of students who pass the state test and how well they performed on them.”

The district received a grade of D.

In the category of closing the achievement gap for minorities or other more vulnerable students, the district received an F. In the category of helping struggling student improve their reading skills, the district received a D. In the category of preparing students for future opportunities, the district received a D.

Just how much are the teachers in this underachieving school district paid?

According to information provided by the district, 536 teachers were paid a total of $29,740,857 in base salary in 2015-15. The average base salary was $55,486.

The teachers also received $5,861,079 in combined medical, dental and life insurance from the district, with averages $10,934 per teacher. The school district made $4,248,821 worth of state pension contributions on their behalf, for an average of $7,926 per teacher.

The average compensation for teachers, which salary and benefits combined, was at least $74,346.

Northwest teachers were paid for 185 days per year and 7.5 hours per day. Using that schedule, the average compensation breaks down to about $401 per day and about $53 per hour.

Are the students, parents and taxpayers of this district getting their money’s worth?

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