BALTIMORE, Md. – A Baltimore mother of three best known as the National Football League’s oldest cheerleader was banned from her own son’s school as she faces nine criminal charges for allegedly molesting her son’s 15-year-old friend on multiple occasions.

shattuckOfficials at McDonogh School, a college-preparatory school in Owings Mills, recently barred ex-Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck, 47, from entering the school her three children attend, along with her alleged victim, TMZ reports.

“McDonogh School Headmaster Charles W. Britton addressed the scandal in a letter to parents, saying he reported the allegation to the Baltimore County Police Department as soon as it was brought to his attention,” the news site reports.

“Britton sent a letter to inform parents Shattuck – a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader – had been barred from the school, and additional security measures were now in place.”

Shattuck was arrested Wednesday for third-degree rape and unlawful sexual conduct, among other charges, for a relationship with her son’s friend that started over the summer and culminated on Labor Day weekend, when she allegedly gave the boy permission to have sex with her and he declined, Delaware Online reports.

Shattuck is reportedly well-known in the Baltimore area as the estranged wife of former Constellation Energy CEO Mayo Shattuck III, but was also touted as the oldest NFL cheerleader when she joined the Baltimore Ravens’ squad in 2005 at age 38, the New York Daily News reports.

In the years since she has worked as a coach for the cheerleading team, and participated in the reality TV show Secret Millionaire. This year she released a health and lifestyle book titled “Molly Shattuck Vibrant Living,” according to Delaware Online.

Authorities allege Shattuck instigated a relationship with her son’s friend by commenting on an Instagram picture he posted online. After the boy thanked her for her comment, Shattuck’s son allegedly sent his friend a text with Shattuck’s phone number and the message “You should text my mom, she is obsessed with you,” according to media reports and court documents.

The teen followed through and text conversations between Shattuck and the boy allegedly evolved into make out sessions in the back of her Cadillac Escalade during the teen’s summer school lunch breaks.

For Labor Day weekend, Shattuck rented a home in Bethany Beach, Delaware for her children and their friends, including the alleged victim. After the younger children went to bed, Shattuck allegedly supplied at least three minors alcohol and performed oral sex on her 15-year-old partner at least twice. They ended up in her bedroom, stripped down to their undies, when Shattuck allegedly told the teen her could have sex with her, but he “decided to leave at that point and go back to the rooftop” before eventually calling his father to come pick him up, Delaware Online reports.

shattuckoldPolice executed a search warrant on Shattuck’s home Oct. 1 and seized her cell phone, computer, external drives and other devices. They were looking for a set of pink panties and bra the teen told police Shattuck was wearing in Delaware, but it’s unclear whether the undergarments were recovered.

Shattuck’s attorney had little to say to the media following Shattuck’s arraignment this week.

“This is a difficult situation for everyone involved,” attorney Michelle Lipkowitz told the media outside the courthouse. “That’s all we have today.”

Deadspin detailed her pending criminal charges:

“There are two counts of rape in the third degree for ‘putting her mouth on his penis.’ There are four counts of unlawful sexual contact in the second degree—one for ‘touching his penis,’ one for causing or allowing the teen to ‘touch her breasts with his mouth,’ one for causing or allowing the teen to ‘touch her vagina with his hand,’ and the last one for causing or allowing the teen to ‘touch her vagina with his penis.’

“The last three counts are for providing alcohol to three different minors.”

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