EVANSTON, Wis. – A college composition instructor is cashing in on Donald Trump’s run for president with a cartoon parody of The Donald as principal of an elementary school titled “Trump for Principal: A Children’s Book for American Grown-ups.”

trumpbookCabaret singer turned National Louis University teacher Beth Schaefer recently released a 40-page book on Trump that skewers the Republican presidential frontrunner by playing off unpopular quotes and transposing a leftist view of his proposed policies on a school setting, the Washington Examiner reports.

The book is written from the perspective of second-grade student Jewel, who at one point gets into it with Principal Trump over her “free meal ticket.”

“Donald Trump is elected grade school president,” the book’s description on Lulu.com reads. “From the weasel who is his hair to his chocolate milk martini, from the school nurse on his lap to the crowning of Mr. America: See what chaos ensues! Hilarious cartoons on every page! FULL COLOR. Perfect holiday gift for an election year. Appropriate for all ages … mostly.”

The Examiner reports the book plays off many of Trump’s policy proposals, including his vow to deport the country’s 11 million illegal immigrants if elected, and notes in once scene Jewel’s Hispanic classmates begin to vanish.

“Something peculiar is happening in Room 110. Juanita and Gabriela and Jose stopped showing up,” Shaefer wrote.

From the Examiner:

As the book goes on, “Principal Trump” rejects Jewel’s “free lunch ticket” — a jab at Trump’s criticism of the nation’s food stamp program — and mocks his penchant for younger women.

Each page also features a different illustration of Trump. One depicts him seated in a room decorated like the Oval Office, but embellished with the Confederate and Mexican flags, while another shows him sporting a “Mr. America” sash during a school assembly.

A Chicago Tribune feature last month reports Schaefer was previously a singer-songwriter who sang rock and cabaret in the 1990s before earning a degree in German from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She taught English in Paris before returning to the U.S. in 2003. Shortly after, she gave birth to a son, Tony, who she now raises as a single mother.

Schaefter told the Tribune that a dream about her late father Ted Schaefer, a writing teacher, inspired her in 2013 to launch the publishing company Books on a Whim. She’s since put out five books, including other interesting titles like “The Nutty Years of the Jon Stewart Presidency in a Nutshell,” “Sometimes I wish I had a dad (and an Xbox),” and “Grade A Papers: The Slap Stack,” according to the Tribune.

For her most recent novel, “My intention was to poke fun of Trump in a way that would amuse Democrats, Republicans and independent voters,” the adjunct professor said in a press release announcing the book.

Schaefer told the Tribune she also created an imaginary college, called Whimsor College, though it exists only in the form of an 8-minute orientation video posted to YouTube in July.

She called it “a fictional college that resides in Columbia Missouri which is where my mom and dad first met and where I was born.”

Schaefer told the news site she’s now hard at work on other make-believe projects.

“’Where do I find the time?’” Schaefer asked herself. “I am a raging introvert, so when I am not teaching or with Tony, I am sitting in front of my computer, writing feverishly.”

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