Netflix CEO Reed Hastings spent $1 million to pass California tax increase

February 4, 2013

Trevor TenBrink Trevor TenBrink

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SACRAMENTO – The Big Government blob was desperate for a temporary increase on “the rich” in California. The trouble, of course, is that the cost of government continues to rise and that side of the equation wasn’t addressed.
Nevertheless, special interest groups with a vested interest in more spending and liberals who like to pay more taxes were the biggest spenders for the initiative, known as Prop. 30.
The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin published a list of the biggest backers of the tax increase:


California Teachers Association – $10.3 million

bagofmoneyState Democratic Party – $4.1 million

Service Employees International Unions – $3.9 million

California Hospitals Association – $2 million

Californians Working Together (Assembly Speaker John Perez’ committee) – $1.6 million


Reed Hastings, Netflix founder & CEO – $1 million

George Marcus, Palo Alto investor – $100,000

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, movie moguls – $33,333 each

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