NEA & AFT give more than $2.2 million to Democratic Governors

July 22, 2014

Mike Antonucci Mike Antonucci

Mike is the director of the Education Intelligence Agency and has covered the education beat since 1993.
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – There are serious differences between factions in the Democratic Party over education policy, but they all agree that defeating Republicans at the polls is the top priority.

gov moneyDuring the second quarter of 2014, the Democratic Governors Association received $13.8 million, most of it from labor unions and $2,260,000 from NEA and AFT alone.

Someone will ask, so let’s be clear that this is dues money being used, since it is not a direct contribution to a candidate for office. Traditionally these funds are spent on media buys to promote a particular stance on an issue, which tend to appear in battleground states and coincide with the position of a recommended candidate.

The NEA contribution came from the NEA Advocacy Fund, which is a Super PAC. As we all know, “Super PACs’ corrosive influence undermines our system of democracy and threatens to make elections a commodity to be purchased by the highest bidder,” unless, of course, it belongs to you. Then it’s pretty cool.

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