By Kyle Olson

MADISON, Wis. – Are the leading opponents of education reform in Wisconsin just average union members who disagree with Act 10 and Gov. Scott Walker’s approach to public education? We believe the evidence suggests otherwise. has been working on an investigation linking the anti-reform movement to radical political groups and individuals who support a broad radical agenda for Wisconsin and the rest of the nation.

We believe these groups have a strong presence within the Wisconsin Education Association Council and other public sector unions, and are encouraging teachers to use their influence over students to recruit them into a far more radical political movement than most people suspect.

We’ve already seen how many teacher union leaders across the nation – including Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association President Bob Peterson – have openly embraced the anti-capitalist Occupy movement. That support is only a hint of the growing ties between extremist elements and public employee labor unions.

Further details of our investigation will be released May 1. In the meantime, has rented a mobile billboard to bring attention to this topic. It will be on display in Madison, Green Bay and Milwaukee through Friday. The circled A in our version of the WEAC logo is an international sign for the anarchy movement, which we believe has attracted a growing number of educators and union leaders in Wisconsin in recent years.

We have very serious evidence that this movement goes beyond kindergarten teachers protesting about collective bargaining. It goes far beyond the ability of public employees to negotiate over health insurance. We have evidence that there are very radical groups involved who view the union effort in Wisconsin as a beachhead in the fight against capitalism. We will offer more details May 1.