COWETA, Ga. – Schools are coming up with some pretty creative reasons to sell Michelle Obama’s recently implemented school snack regulations.

Michelle-Obama-thumbs-upDr. Julie Raschen, principal at Brooks Elementary School in north Coweta County, Georgia, tells the Times Herald the actual reason is for “safety.”

The paper reports:

Brooks Elementary School in north Coweta has changed its policy for birthday snacks and is not allowing cupcakes, cookies, or cake to be brought in this school year because of safety reasons and the desire to create a positive environment for students. …

“When parents have brought in goodies for birthdays, oftentimes these children are not included in the snack because of dietary restrictions and have felt left out,” she said. “Parents can still send in treats for their child’s birthday, we just ask that they not be food items.”

“Although our first priority above all else is the safety of our students, we are also trying to create an environment in which all students feel included and not singled out,” Raschen tells the paper. “So both safety and a positive environment for all students were the reasons for this change.”

Information recently sent to parents blamed the change on “new dietary restrictions” and “new national health/food regulations” – as in the Michelle Obama-inspired rules.

But Raschen is now trying to “correct” that information.

“This a school-based decision due to the high number of students with significant allergies at Brooks,” she insisted to the paper. “It was done to help us protect students from receiving baked goods that we could not ensure ingredients and cooking utensils were safe from allergens. It did not come as a result of any national requirement about food.”

The timing is curious, to say the least.

District spokesman Dean Jackson said the change won’t apply to holiday celebrations or snacks, so by Raschen’s theory, some students will be put at risk, singled out and excluded at those times.

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