WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – Schools across the country are forced to buy millions of textbooks with thousands of factual errors (not politically correct errors). Science, history, social studies, etc.

School districts and state departments of education are not yet making publishers correct them nor including factual accuracy as a requirement for adopting textbooks.

ESP3So, millions of students are being mis-educated daily.

A. Linda Ronstadt is a crystal.
B. Southern border of California is Rio Grande.
C. Equator goes through southern US.
D. Dodo bird was first species to go extinct.
E. Pounds is a unit of pressure.
F. Rosetta Stone was found in 1899. (It was 1799.)
G. Five different definitions of “rock.”

See hundreds more at www.textbooktrust.org.

The prevalence of factual errors means that the rest of the text is highly suspect, inasmuch as the publisher failed to fact-check any of it. Prof.

John Hubisz of North Carolina State University (Raleigh) conducted a study of science textbook series and found thousands of errors. See www.science-house.org/middleschool.

School systems should require a warranty on factual accuracy for any textbook they use. All textbooks should be 100% authoritative. The process can be very simple, very inexpensive, and very effective. In addition to public schools, other textbook buyers are Catholic and other religion-sponsored schools, the Department of Defense dependent schools, and homeschoolers.

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