by Kyle Olson

CHICAGO – The controversial claim by Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis that “rich white people” are to blame for the school district’s woes earned much attention this week, but another doozy from her appearance at the City Club of Chicago was equally humorous.

Lewis was asked if Chicago Public Schools’ $1 billion budget deficit was “real or illusionary,” she first replied that it wasn’t her call, that “you’d have to ask the [school district] CEO who prepared that budget.”

She then went on to say that if there was a council, which would include “the head of the Chicago Teachers Union, the principal’s association, the SEIU support workers, parents [and] community” to decide the budget, the deficit wouldn’t be $1 billion.

She’s right. If the employees decided how much they would get paid, what their pensions would be, how many sick days they’d be allowed, and how long they’d be required to work, the deficit would be waaaaaaaay more than $1 billion.

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