TIPTON, Ind. – A high school teacher in Indiana faces a slew of child sex charges nearly two years after school officials first learned of rumors he engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Police arrested Tipton High School teacher Beau Engle Thursday on 10 counts of child seduction in connection to an alleged sexual relationship with a student, and they soon learned it wasn’t the first time the teacher faced accusations, RTV6 reports.

“Following Engle’s arrest and release, investigators began meeting with officials of the Tipton School Corporation, where they learned administration was aware of the 2015 rumors,” according to the news site.

“School officials said no misconduct was found in 2015 however, as a precautionary measure, Engle was ordered to stop contacting the student unless necessary for educational or safety purposes in the school.”

The alleged sexual predator simply ignored those orders and continued to contact the student, police said. The age of the alleged student victim is unclear, but police report the allegations involved a student at Tipton, Fox 59 reports.

School officials told the Kokomo Tribune they were unaware that 37-year-old continued to contact the student both at school and after school for roughly a year and a half after their initial investigation. A concerned parent of a student who was not involved eventually contacted the Tribune, which relayed the information to Tipton Police.

Officers launched an investigation at 7 a.m. on Thursday and the teacher was under arrest before 5 p.m. School officials told the Tribune they had just started a new investigation last week and had planned to contact authorities.

Engle was suspended with pay as his case proceeds through Tipton County Circuit Court, where a judge ruled on Monday that there’s sufficient evidence to proceed with the charges.

Engle’s 10 child seduction charges are Level 5 felonies, and each carries a potential one to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

It’s unclear whether Tipton school officials may face criminal charges for failing to report the initial allegations.

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