CHICAGO – This is a story that should make any Illinois taxpayer’s blood boil.

In November 2017, school districts from all over the state paid to send personnel to the Illinois Association of School Boards’ annual conference in Chicago. And some of the costs were absurd.

Perhaps the taxpayers from Champaign District 4 have the right to be the most incensed. Their district sent 17 board members and other school employees to the conference at an astonishing cost of $20,372, according to a story published by the Illinois News Network.

Bloomington District 87 spent about $18,000 to send seven school board members, several spouses, and other personnel to the conference.

The board members, Superintendent Barry Reilly and four other Bloomington employees spent $8,122.98 to stay at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Chicago during the conference, the news story said. And 18 people from the district dined on filet mignon and lobster at Shaw’s Crab House, at a cost of $1,855.11.

That should be grounds for recall of the entire school board.

The Huntley District 158 sent 13 people to the conference at a cost of $16,561. Crystal Lake District 47 sent 11 people for $12,213, the news story said.

All of that spending was definitely not necessary.

New Trier Township High School District 203 sent one school board member to the conference, to gather whatever knowledge was available and bring it back to share with colleagues. The total tab for taxpayers was $29.88, according to the Illinois News Network.