CARTERVILLE, Ill. – The father of a Carterville High School sophomore that killed himself in 2013 is suing the high school and others for not stopping persistent bullying that drove his son to suicide.

bully free zoneBradley Lewis’ wrongful death suit names the Carterville school district, its superintendent, the high school principal and football coach, the makers of the anti-bullying video and the owner of the shotgun that 15-year-old Jordan Lewis used to end his life on Oct. 17, 2013.

The anti-bullying film “Piercing the Darkness” shown at Jordan Lewis’ high school the day before he took his own life may have provoked the boy to shoot himself, the suit says. Lewis, 15, was allegedly tormented by peers – including the school’s football players – who slammed his head into lockers, punched and ridiculed him, and at times tried to push him down stairs, according to the lawsuit.

More on the lawsuit filed last Monday HERE.

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