WINNETKA, Ill. – An affluent Illinois high school is shelling out big payments to consulting groups that train teachers and school employees about “white privilege” and its “disparate impact” on minority students.

A Freedom of Information Act request by North Cook News reveals New Trier High School sent a total of $108,583 – through 39 different payments – to the Massachusetts-based Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity, Wellesley College for white privilege conferences for school employees and consulting fees since August 2011.

The money went to things like sending New Trier’s social work department coordinator, Dan Paustian, to the “SEED New Leaders’ Week” at the University of Washington in Seattle last summer, as well as “year-long technical assistance and support for SEED seminar leadership from the National SEED staff,” according to district records.

The school sent staff to several similar SEED seminars in previous years, as well, where they learned all about the “oppression, power, and privilege” enjoyed by white people at the expense of minorities.

The white privilege theory, an increasingly popular perspective of school officials across the country, argues that America is hopelessly stacked against minorities, and the only way white teachers can truly reach black students is to feel guilty for their “privileges” and repent.

According to North Cook News:

The payments, many of which were coded in district finance reports as “grounds supplies” and grouped with building maintenance and landscaping items, not other professional development expenses, like those to New Trier made to the Pacific Educational Group, which similarly instructs teachers on why whites are to blame for any underperformance in school by black students. …

New Trier’s “Equity Team,” formed by Superintendent Linda Yonke and led by Assistant Superintendent Tim Hayes and Special Education Teacher Pat Savage-Williams, is responsible for promoting and organizing mandatory teacher training through SEED, often in catered sessions at the school.

New Trier made an additional $4,492 in payments to caterers supplying food and drinks at SEED seminars, records show.

The SEED money, however, is only a fraction of what New Trier officials spend on white privilege training.

North Cook News also uncovered nearly $90,000 in payments to the Pacific Educational Group between Jan. 2011 and last summer for “professional development” that included “diversity training” for dozens of teachers.

PEG is a San Francisco-based education consulting group led by Glenn Singleton that focuses relentlessly on white privilege “in order to uncover personal and institutional biases that prevent all students, and especially students of color, from reaching their fullest potential.”

EAGnews highlighted PEG’s work in hundreds of school districts across the nation, often through lucrative six-figure contracts with cash-strapped inner city school districts. A small sampling of districts that contracted with PEG in the 2014-15 school year revealed 11 school districts paid PEG a total of $1.56 million, including seven with six-figure contracts: Lawrence, Kansas; Osseo, Minnesota; Bellevue, Washington; Pittsburgh; Baltimore County, Maryland; Corvallis, Oregon; and St. Paul, Minnesota.

PEG listed a total of 183 client school districts across the nation on its website until media attention generated by EAGnews convinced PEG to remove the list.

North Cook News highlighted more specifically what New Trier teachers are learning in the white privilege training sessions:

PEG teaches that “individualism”– or assigning independent classroom assignments — and “future time orientation,” or planning ahead, are forms of “cultural racism” that benefit whites over blacks.

“It is our belief that the most devastating factor contributing to the lowered achievement of students of color is institutionalized racism,” Singleton wrote in a book he co-authored with K-12 curriculum producer Curtis Linton. “We will shine the light on racial dominance to uncover how Whiteness challenges the performance of students of color while shaping and reinforcing the racial perspective of white children.”

For example, according to Singleton and PEG, “white talk” is “verbal, impersonal, intellectual” and “task-oriented,” versus the “nonverbal, personal, emotional” and “process-oriented” style of blacks and Hispanics.

Singleton’s goal: to get participants in his seminars to “come to recognize that race impacts every aspect of your life 100 percent of the time.”

“Anger, guilt, and shame are just a few of the emotions” Singleton expects whites to experience “as they move toward a greater understanding of Whiteness.”

In February, New Trier’s white privilege teacher training came full circle with its “All-School Seminar Day 2017” that featured discussing like “Whose Civil Rights?; Transpeople of Color Navigating the U.S.,” “21st Century Voter Supression” (sic), “Blackenomics 101 (The Movement, The Music, the solution),” “R.E.A.L.: Race, Equity, and Leadership,” “A People’s History of Chicago” and “Western Bias in Science,” among others.

In the Blackenomics 101, for example, “Rapper, entrepreneur, and activist, John the Author explores systemic racism in relation to building a black business and artist presence in minority communities,” according to the event’s agenda.

Breitbart explained how New Trier’s seminar day, as well as white privilege teacher training sessions in schools across the country, fit perfectly with the Obama administration’s relentless focus on “New Civics.”

According to the news site:

(The agenda at New Trier) is not something isolated to one Chicago school; it is part and parcel to a huge program Barack Obama has forced onto schools all across the country.

As F.H. Buckley, a professor at Scalia Law School, recently revealed in an op-ed at The New York Post, these sort of extreme, left-wing programs based on a virulently anti-American agenda is part of Obama’s “New Civics” program imposed on schools that receive federal funding.

“Making Citizens: How American Universities Teach Civics” shows how the Obama DOE has indoctrinated college students through progressive “New Civics” programs that seek to repurpose higher education away from the study of Western institutions, and even away from scholarship in general, in order to make little left-wing community organizers of our students.

The goal of the New Civics movement, concludes the NAS, is to teach students “that a good citizen is a radical activist,” putting “political activism at the center of everything that students do in college, including academic study, extra-curricular pursuits, and off-campus ventures.” Instead of a civics education that studies the foundations of American government, New Civics teaches students “how to organize protests, occupy buildings, and stage demonstrations.”

Programs like those described above being forced on kids at New Trier are also being programmed into schools all across the nation from the earliest grade school classes to the halls of higher education.


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