ATLANTA, Ga. – Officials at an Atlanta middle school evacuated the building and called in local police and the Department of Homeland Security after allegedly receiving a bomb threat and finding a “suspicious package” on campus.

brownmiddleschoolFiretrucks, ambulances, police cars, and other first responders descended on Brown Middle School Wednesday after a report of a suspicious package prompted school officials to evacuate the building, WXIA reports.

Students mulled around the school year and the perimeter of the campus as the Department of Homeland Security analyzed the situation, and police combed the school for explosives, Atlanta Public Schools spokeswoman Kimberly Willis Green told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

“Atlanta Public Schools can confirm that Brown Middle School received a bomb threat,” a district statement read. “The school was placed on lockdown while the Atlanta Police and the Department of Homeland Security swept the campus. They found a bag and advised the school administrators to evacuate the building. APD and Homeland Security are currently analyzing the contents of the bag. All students and staff are safe.”

“And just what was in the bag?” the Constitution reports. “Homework, Atlanta police spokeswoman Kim Jones said.”

Most folks who commented about the ordeal online weren’t amused.

“What a world we live in, turns out it was filled with some kid’s homework!” Linda Thompson Townsend posted to Facebook.

“What’s wrong with people?” Norma Hyatt added.

“Someone wants to go home early …” Mai Thao wrote.

The Atlanta bomb threat comes amid a surge of bomb threats made against schools across the country this school year. In New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Virginia, dozens of schools have closed in recent months over a series of robocalls made to schools alleging bombs planted in the buildings, with some schools receiving repeated threats, EAGnews reports.

In just the last week, nearly two dozen schools have received bomb threats in those states, NBC Washington reports.