NORMAN, Okla. – A Norman North High School teacher is instructing students that “to be white is to be racist, period.”

A student at the school who did not want to be identified recently used her cell phone to record a classroom lecture at Norman North High School in which her teacher, who also is not identified, explained how to “heal the racial divide,” KFOR reports.racistteacher

The girl alerted her parents to her teacher’s troubling comments and they in turn contacted district officials to demand answers.

The lecture began with a video about the “Mistreatment of Native Americans” that prompted the student to record the lesson and ended with the teacher’s lecture about racism.

In the video, a man “pulls out this globe with a bottle of white out and marks over a country or a piece of country and puts his name on it,” the student said.

“So he was basically comparing what he had done to the globe to what we did to America,” she said.

When her teacher laid out his theories of racism afterwards, the student said she was stunned.

“To be white is to be racist, period,” the teacher said in the recording. “Am I racist? I say yea. I don’t want to be. It’s not like choose to be racist, but do I do things because of the way I was raised?”

The student was naturally offended by her teacher labeling her a racist.

“Half of my family is Hispanic so I just felt like, you know, him calling me a racist just because I’m white … I mean, where’s your proof in that,” the girl said. “I felt like he was encouraging people to kind of pick on people for being white.”

Her father wasn’t impressed, either, and he contacted school officials and the media to alert them about the situation.

“Why is it okay to demonize one race to children that you are supposed to be teaching a curriculum to?” he asked KFOR.

The family posed that question to the school district, which claims the lecture was simply sharing one of several “perspectives” on racism. The student thinks many of her classmates took the lecture as fact, and the teacher should make it clear that’s not the case.

“You start telling someone something over and over again that’s an opinion and they start taking it as fact,” the student told the news site. “So I wanted him to apologize and make it obvious and apparent to everyone that was his opinion.”

Norman Public Schools Superintendent Joe Siano offered a statement to the news site that blamed the teacher, but did not offer any details on what, if any, disciplinary action the teacher would face.

“Racism is an important topic that we discuss I our schools. While discussing a variety of philosophical perspectives on culture, race and ethics, a teacher was attempting to convey to students in an elective philosophy course a perspective that had been shared at a university lecture he had attended,” the statement read.

“We regret that the discussion was poorly handled. When the district was notified of this concern it was immediately addressed. We are committed to ensuring inclusiveness in our schools.”

KFOR attempted to contact the teacher, but was unsuccessful.

Here’s the full story:

2,381 responses to “High schooler records teacher’s racism lecture: ‘To be white is to be racist, period’”

  1. M. N. says:

    They regret that the discussion was poorly handled??? Fire the entire damn lot of them. No one is inherently racist by merely existing and that’s what they are teaching these kids. You may have never done anything to anyone, in fact you may have helped and you still get called racist. If the teacher has done things to be racist, that’s on him – stop pushing his guilt on these kids.

    • htomc42 says:

      “You’re automatically racist” is just Step 1 of the process. Step 2 is: “because you’re racist, you owe us!”. Of course, nothing that anyone says or does until the end of time, will ever get you out of Step 1. You’re now and always will be at the bottom of the Cry-Baby Marxist totem pole.

      • Chuntry Singer says:

        Well, step 2 is really the goal here… reparations from people who never victimized anyone, to people who were never victimized by anyone, for actions that every race was or is guilty of, either currently or in the distant past.

    • patriot6280 says:

      Absolutely! That’s another one of those non apology apologies. “Sorry if my superior views about your worthlessness offended you”

      • Patrick Burton says:


      • prima says:

        The leftist culture is taking over. Just like in Europe. The plan is to destroy the whites. Merkel and Sarkozy advocating that whites should not marry whites any more. And even suggesting to make it illegal. You can find sarcozys speech on YouTube.
        That’s where globalism is headed. Hillary will preach it and enforce it too. That’s called the Kalergi plan. Look it up.

        • Adam Bricker says:

          Fight back. NOW! Organize and MARCH ON THE SCHOOL and demand the perps be fired.

          • DZicyB says:

            Yep. That’s the only way to start dealing with the left. Problem is unlike most of them, most of us work.

          • jon doe says:

            Many are getting paid not to work. And paid to show up at these protest.

          • DZicyB says:

            Yep. Soros is the puppet master. He truly is an evil man.

          • IloveMarineLaPen! says:

            Scott Foval and Hillaries little employees too

          • Mr Wolf says:

            That Foval character looks like Melissa Click’s twin. Both are insane and willing to take the fall for the left.

          • Username__already__exists says:

            That’s the guy that needs to go. Get him out of this country now. He doesn’t belong here. He is a threat. The government hounded John Lennon but they let Soros run around paying people to riot. That has to stop!

          • Steve Cadick says:

            John Lennon was a great musician. But he was a communist. Back in those days, even worse than today, the government was fighting communism all over the world. Everyone knows communism doesn’t work. The Chinese know. They are a dictatorship. Russia is a dictatorship. It would seem countries are moving that way to return to nation statism.

          • Username__already__exists says:

            Soros is a communist too.

          • Susan Lyons says:

            He’s wanted in some European countries. They’d love to get him and put him on trial.

          • DZicyB says:

            Money money money.

          • Dave says:


            Wikileaks: Huma Abedin Sought Advice from Senior Campaign Staff Before Hillary Dinner with Soros

          • itfa says:

            lol, Soros was born in 1930. What kind of obvious troll are you?

          • Vinnie King says:

            This has been going on since the ’60’s Civil Rights movement. Many of those riots in the south were provoked by people who did not live there. Of course no one would have believed me 8 years ago. Bet you do now.

          • SenatorSting says:

            Damn right, this is child abuse, straight up.

          • Maneki Neko says:

            Or just do like the “people of color” that racist “teacher” worships would do.

            Burn it down.

          • clive says:

            “Black Lies Matter”

          • Northern_home_Southern_soul says:

            If a teacher was saying that blacks are criminals period, I’m sure this school would have a different take on the incident.
            But then again if a teacher said that there would be looting and riots till the school fired everyone and did more diversity hires and every student under went racial brainwashing.
            It’s that what the media wants whites to do to take our complaints seriously?

          • Jim s says:

            Well that would be telling the truth, and the truth is not allowed in public schools

          • Fritzie says:

            News Flash: We are all on a “color spectrum”. Some people are very light skinned, and some people are very dark skinned, but nobody is pure “white” or pure “black”. Personally, I am beige. Kind of a medium beige, actually. My son has skin that’s a wee bit darker than mine, but he is not black nor white. Some of my friends are biracial, and they are kind of a walnut brown color.

            A question for the person that thinks that all white people are racists: Where on this “color spectrum” does a person become “white” and therefore racist ? Is it somewhere between my walnut brown friends and my son, or do my friends also suffer the stigma of being “white” because they are not black enough?

            This kind of idea is not only illogical, it is also a deeply seated form of bigotry. It’s like saying “All African Americans are stupid” or “All Native Americans are lazy”, or “All Oriental Americans smell like fish”. It’s bigotry, pure and simple.

            Kinda blows that “content of your character” idea out the window, doesn’t it?

          • DE Plorable says:


          • I'm Deplorable-YouHateMe says:

            If a child has a white and black parent are they racist or victim??? It’s not ‘poppycock’. It’s the salient point.

          • Hominid says:

            Neither, dummy – it’s that kind of stupid question that leads to irrational thinking.

          • Charles Scruffy says:

            We all know what white is..Look at college applications..

          • I'm Deplorable-YouHateMe says:

            Are Asians white?? When whites and blacks discriminate against them who is to blame?

          • Charles Scruffy says:

            White is only white in college admissions..Asians, Hispanics, blacks, pacific-? all get some extra status except whites…well except white males..females get a boost too. But when it comes to crime..everyone is white except Blacks..Only in separate but supposedly equal USA is that not a joke.

          • watching in disbelief says:

            DNA tests have shown that 20-30% of “white” folks with southern US ancestry have some black ancestors within relatively recent times (10 or less generations). I’m sick of this pigeon-holing people with labels for political purposes. It perpetuates racism, and it doesn’t fit reality.

          • ms20 says:

            We have never been in a time where people loved having a label of some kind. People just love having victim status of some kind as well. Very strange. But true.

          • radiobob805 says:

            I was amazed to learn back in 1990 that Hispanic girls prefer boy friends that are “light”. The ruling class in Mexico is all quite white…it’s their Spanish heritage…not the Aztec Indian/Spanish hybrids. Why do so many black men marry white women? Is it seen as moving up? Perhaps, it’s really white women looking for black men, who tend to be more macho. Good point you made. When does the brown become light enough to be white? Mexicans are Caucasians, but they may not be light skinned. Either you’re a decent person or you’re a slime. Color is really not the issue…except perhaps to the police. Are Arabs considered white?

          • ScottPM says:

            It does’t blow that idea out of the water. It just shows that the character of this teacher is evil.

          • The Observer says:

            Cogent post. Thank you.

          • human says:

            MLK had it right, but his followers got lost somewhere

          • M. N. says:

            This doesn’t have anything to do with MLK, he was a good man and a champion of fixing things the right way. These people were never taught about MLK…

          • He was a good man to a lot of hookers.

          • LA Nwa says:

            The RIGHT way? You must mean the way where no one fights back. Kick rocks on that BS you made sure 2nd amendment rights were protected, now WE want to use them. 🙂

          • M. N. says:

            Actually, there were some mutant drones that created hostilities along the way – and his mission was just, so I figure sometimes you have to do what you have to do to make things right. We were just fortunate he was a peaceful man… This shouldn’t have even been an issue, but I’m glad they fought for those rights and won. Today – we’re facing the same issue, but one that threatens to marginalize a different race, guess things are going to get ugly…

          • Jay says:

            So what you’re saying is that you think rioting and destroying entire cities at a time, looting stores and people’s homes, and attacking innocent people who had nothing to do with your racial agenda is a better way to go about a situation than non-violently endorsing change in society? Maybe you can tell me exactly what the violence has ever accomplished, other than causing millions/billions of dollars of damage?

          • ms20 says:

            Yes, that does seem to be what he is saying.

          • ms20 says:

            You have separated us into “us” and “them”. Good job there buddy. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is for all Americans, you are foolish not to see that for yourself. But if you really want to keep it “us” versus “them” go right ahead, we are becoming more divided all the time and your attitude is helping that. If you truly want a divided nation that could end up being a reality and that reality won’t be pretty

          • Justin James Christianson says:

            hopefully you know the consequences of such an action, the revolutionary war wasnt a bloodless war, are you prepared to die for your views that all whites are racist?

          • OverIt says:

            The Zionists strategy is to always divide and conquer. Do not fall into their trap. Know thy (real) enemy.

          • geo wells says:

            just a demagogue, by his fruits, his followers #BLM being his fruits

          • LA Nwa says:

            You clearly NEVER read his other speeches about riots,and protesting…taking shortcuts again…

          • Keith Brantley says:

            You clearly missed some details as well
            2. He LIED and did not earn his PhD
            Maybe it would keep people from calling someone s doctor who never earned it and stole it
            Either learn history or quit corrections of others

          • Hominid says:

            It’s not about skin color – that’s an old red herring. It’s about the genetic basis of personality traits. Your ‘character’ is mainly determined by your genetic complement. Racial genetics is biological reality.

          • A.P. says:

            Actually it’s how much money they have that determines their color according to my Democrat friend. He was using the Trayvon Martin shooting as an example of white on black violence and when I pointed out that George Zimmerman was clearly Hispanic, he calmly explained that since he was wealthy, he identified as white. When I pointed out that by that reasoning, I am way blacker than Obama, he just sputtered and didn’t say anything else!

          • Geoff says:

            Great post and a great use of dialectic: Ask questions to clarify the facts and positions.

            Every time I hear, “Black Lives Matter” I wish I had the opportunity to ask, “Why?” It’s not that I believe black (whatever that is, as you eloquently point out here) lives don’t matter, but when people have to answer that question it will expose what they’re really after.

          • geo wells says:

            its just sustained psychological warfare against White people, aimed at making the theft of a nation and transfer of heritage as we see from the founding documents permanent

          • Lari says:

            Love this. I am so tired of the Black and White used as defining a “Race” and assuming all character and history based on such limited descriptors. I mean, sure use those words when saying “The black dudes hat.” Or “The black chicks shoes…” etc.. but not when describing a complete population of people who all have different life experiences, different challenges, different places of origin etc. It’s madness. It’s backwards. It’s just segregation all over again.


          • Paul__Revere says:

            Silly white person. You are expected to simply take it with a smile on your face and beg forgiveness. Then suck up to blacks for the rest of your life.

          • Ready45 says:

            Suck up to the blacks.
            That’s a democratic thang.

          • philla12 says:

            Suck up to them as they use them for votes.

          • Pouncekitty says:

            That’s how Hillary will steal this election. She’ll suck up to her Plantation neegrows then throw them under the bus for Latino and Asian dummies.

          • Guest says:

            bohica moment

          • Jules Vallez says:

            You forgot the building Western civilization (which have benefited the entire world populace), paying ridiculous taxes (which likewise benefits the entire world), developing and abiding by national and international jurisprudence (unheard of until whitey), etc., etc. etc. You forgot that little part, sir. lol

          • Hominid says:

            And, most do exactly that!! It’s a psychosis!

          • LA Nwa says:

            No, you’re supposed to take responsibility….everyone else DOES.Guess you’re not as special as you seem to imagine.

          • Craig McCue says:

            So should everyone else regardless of colour!

          • ms20 says:

            I am no more responsible for you then you are for me. Take responsibility for yourself and and your family, everyone should. And this would not be an issue. Abdicate responsibility and let government agencies take over and you become a problem for others, a drain on society and resentful of those who make decisions for you. So, no, everyone does NOT take responsibility, not for themselves and not for their families. If they did fewer problems would exist.

          • DE Plorable says:

            In my vast experience the black is extraordinarily responsible for the majority of crime in any decent populace.
            You might wish that an orange taste like an apple.
            You might wish that a negro behave civilly-it’s just not in it’s DNA.
            A hyena will steal from lions-when the odds are in their favor.
            In a similar vein is the negro in a complacent Caucasian world.
            Which, will end, shortly.
            But hey what do I know?

          • D A says:

            Actually that is a GREAT suggestion….after all it’s just one more “perspective” right?

            In fact Every single race should have this done in that class…..Asian counties feel the Chinese and the Japanese are racist…….give a demonstration of that ! Do it to latinos….do it to Blacks….since BLM is inciting violence against whites now.

            After all …..the full spectrum of “perspectives” should be explored….that’s only “fair ” Right ?

            Some one above said there should be a march on the school….. ABSOLUTELY !

          • LA Nwa says:

            BLM is certainly not “inciting violence,” they are RESPONDING to centuries of unending violence against them!

          • Major says:

            How many peaceful, 1st world countries are there in Sub-saharah Africa? How many peaceful, all black neighborhoods are there in America that are the best areas of town? Do you see a correlation? If you were from Compton and suddenly came into multi millions of dollars would you move to the hills? Why?

          • D A says:

            Calling for the Death of Police in MULTIPLE roits ( “demonstartions”) is calling for violence…..BLM calling for the Death of White People is inciting violence.

            The Guy who shot 5 Dallas police in the back was a BLMer.

          • ms20 says:

            No, they are not inciting violence they are perpetrating violence.

          • LA Nwa says:

            But the media says that EVERYDAY… and minorities deal with it- WHY can’t you?

          • Northern_home_Southern_soul says:

            It’s racist idiots like you that we have affirmative action. You can’t compete with white people because you spend your whole life hating people based on skin color and being jealous.
            Stop being a jealous bigot.

          • Major says:

            If whites rioted they would be shot and no one including fake SJWs would care. The news would call them Nazis or white supremacists to devalue their grievance.

          • VRWCTroll says:

            I’ll add this to my collection of images. Now to put this on my enemies house!

          • Ricardo Gonzales says:

            It is child abuse making caucasion kids feel guilty or shame their rich and proud heritage and identity and its discrimination don’t let your kids be victims stand up for them and tell them the truth.

          • Fritzie says:

            I agree. Parents should not let stupid people teach their kids.

          • Hominid says:

            Only stupid people seek education degrees.

          • Mr Wolf says:

            Not only that, this teacher(and the board)are intentionally fostering hatred towards someone who is Caucasian or mixed. The potential lawsuits as a result of a white student assaulted on school grounds alone, would shut this school down in a heartbeat. Wtf are they thinking?

          • LA Nwa says:

            How do you know what tjey are “fostering”? They spoke about having bias!!! White people really get offended qhen you point out they are NOT the “heroes” in the narrative!! Too many biased movies I guess.

          • ms20 says:

            Your “bias” is deep and ingrained, and affecting every aspect of your life, isn’t it?

          • jon doe says:

            And when the mob of black supremacist and communist agitators show up to intimidate with threat of violence, we better be ready to fight. And I don’t mean writing a letter to our congressman. I mean picking up a gun or a rock and FIGHT. Or all is already lost. If we are not willing to meet force with force we are already as good as dead.

          • James Fabins says:

            Locked and loaded.

          • Bruce1369 says:

            If I have any extra money, I buy Ammo.

          • James Fabins says:

            I have it stacked like cordwood.

          • Bruce1369 says:

            We are going to need it.

          • I have it buried all over the okefenokee

          • David West says:

            Check how whites are doing in south africa…freaking butchered..HATRED IS OFF THE CHARTS

          • AST_Omega2016 says:

            It’s freaking ridiculous yeah great idea south Africa solve racism by being racist and killing whites F****** idiots.

          • Jerry Robertson says:

            it never would have happened if kennedy, johnson, succeeding demorats and rinos forced south africa to where it is today.

          • M. Fortas says:

            Compare pix of Somalia in the 1930’s under Brit rule–beautiful city. And today under black rule–shithole. That’s what blacks do. Same in this country. Make shit out of perfectly good towns. Fuck them. Fight back.

          • bluelove says:

            it is not just the blacks, and NOT ALL BLACKS! It is some white people, with power, and money, like hillary, George sorros, and the libs. This is their way of gaining TOTAL power! Divide and conquer, in Saul Alinskys’ book, “Rules for Radicals.” This has been obozos’ agenda since being in our white house! and will be hillarys’ as well!

          • Nobama says:

            Of course it’s not all blacks and some white people, primarily Marxist agitators.
            Most of us have grown tired of having to say that out of fear of being called “racist.”

            I’m damn sick and tired of it myself. Not gonna let it frighten me anymore. I’ll say whatever I want. I suggest we all start doing the same. If anyone is racist, it’s the Left. They are already encouraging attacks on Whites and are celebrating Whites becoming a minority in the near future.

          • Username__already__exists says:

            They are killing policemen. If that isn’t proof of their intent I don’t know what could be. Don’t think it will end if we gave them everything they want. They want to be the slave masters now. They aren’t immune to wanting to abuse. Obviously NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT. It has more to do with being liberal than being black. But we are living in VERY dangerous times. Prepare yourself for war because it’s coming.

          • clive says:

            Earnestness is stupidity sent to college.
            P. J. O’Rourke

          • Deplorable Simon Battle says:

            “are celebrating Whites becoming a minority in the near future”

            The socialist Democrats can’t wait for that to happen. Obama and Clinton are trying to rush it now because they want to shove it in the face of proud Americans. Like the Democrats selfishly ‘had’ to be the party of the first “black” president they now want to be the party that turns the “image” of America into a thing of the past. They want to ‘rebrand’ OUR country in a PC way that makes the perception of America more “worldly”. They hate the idea of acknowledging the real people, white people, that made America the greatest nation ever so much that they want to punish the living for the perceived injustices of our country’s Founding Fathers and all of the other leaders and successful business titans who were overwhelmingly ‘white’ Americans.

          • randy brown says:


          • Deplorable Simon Battle says:

            I agree.

          • mr.socialist says:

            the globalists want to eliminate 6 billion people… agenda 21
            the globalists will use ethnic created virus’s to kill over the majority of brown yellow red peoples…

            not one european country including america produce enough food for its population…..

            the world needs less wars and immigration and more food production to feed the billions of people in need

          • JC says:

            Wow… I don’t think you could pack any more lies and ignorant bullshit into such a short post

          • JC says:

            Are you posting that completely irrelevant link as proof that your post isn’t full of shit? No where in there does it address anything even remotely close to your claims that the globalists want to kill 6 billion people, that America doesn’t produce enough food for it’s population, etc… Just go away and bury yourself under a mountain of tin foil.

          • franc1sc0 says:

            Their biggest problem will be deciding who to blame when there isn’t enough tax money to pay for all the programs.

          • Deplorable Simon Battle says:

            You can be sure they won’t be blaming each other.

          • The Left hates morals says:

            More like who to send to re education camps.

          • Tactical ghost says:

            You mean like public schools?

          • Wishsong says:

            There isn’t enough tax money as it is.

          • franc1sc0 says:

            Good point. Been about $12 Trillion short just the last 8 years.

          • Deplorable_Cornbread_Noah says:

            I guess they’ll be shocked to find out that White Folks control banking, land, industry, business and government.

          • Brian Geary says:

            The word racist, like the word anti-semitic, is designed to make fake victims out of one people and “evil monsters” out of all white people and all Christians. They are also designed to try to stop all criticism and truth. Well, it no longer works.

          • Steve Cadick says:

            The Jews have done more to build this country in comparison to their population. They don’t fake out Christians. They fake out Arabs and Muslims and teach them a lesson.

          • 1chrisford1 says:

            Jews are a mixed blessing. Half are contributors, the other half use organs of coercion and persuasion they control to tear down white people and US institutions, promote Jewish PC thought and Cosmopolitanism (the old and very accurate Soviet charge against them) seeking the end of nations and imposition of globalism and transnationalism and of course Open Borders to move money from where it is made to “havens”.
            Social Marxist Jews have enormous, disproportionate power over media, entertainment, Wall Street, academia, government employee unions, and US legal systems.
            Non activist Jews do indeed inhabit spectra of conservative and moderate behavior so of course any critique of a dangerous, influential segment of the Jewish population is not “Condemning All Jews – as all critics of anything done by Jews is an Anti-Semite according to Jews maintaining they should have blanket immunity from scrutiny.
            They are the money people behind Al Sharpton and BLM. They all all in for their Black Messiah and Hillary to follow. Progressive Jews actually see Christians as a bigger enemy than Muslims, lately they see Muslims as allies in dividing and weakening America until it is no longer a nation, but a component of the Global New World Order, where Jews will have prominent say in all matters. And move their old wealth and newly gained wealth as they please across fallen Borders.

          • LA Nwa says:

            You wouldn’t know True Truth if it bit you….it requires more than ONLY a white perspective. It’s also why you’re not #1 around the world anymore. People see what you really are around the world….. frightened cowboys!!

          • Lari says:

            Well said. Thank You.

          • Kate Craig says:

            God make me white and I am neither proud or ashamed. That is who I am and I taught my children to be the best they could be and my grandchildren are being taught the same. Perhaps people of color need to do that with their children instead of placing blame for their weaknesses.

          • Dave says:

            I am proud to be an American, and in view of all this racist crap, proud to be a White American Male, we (WAM’s) have been subjected to ridicule, insult, discrimination, and a very obvious effort to demean the contributions of the white male.

          • Mr Wolf says:

            That’s hard to do when they’re taught to be victims from cradle to grave. Heck, victimhood is the fastest growing industry in America, whether you’re a same sex couple buying a wedding cake, or a mother breastfeeding her child at a swanky restaurant. Social media certainly isn’t helping matters in this regard either. There’s probably a hashtag against people passing gas in public or taking too many breaths in a minute. We’ve turned into a nation of perpetual whiners.

          • Jimpa says:

            Yeah! Your not racist your a dumb ass.

          • Neill Augustine says:

            You’re *…dumbass

          • brownbreadandale4 says:

            Has it EVER occurred to YOU that YOU are the “dumb” one of those?

            “Your” is a possesive; “you’re” is a contraction.

            Perhaps IF YOU KNEW HOW TO SPEAK, and READ, and WRITE, you would not be so confused as to what is truth and what are lies. (Note: TRUTH is singular, and LIES are plural. Think about that, too!)

          • Brad from Alberta says:

            Pretty harsh dude. I feel you but…… , too two.. enrages but……baby steps……

          • Neill Augustine says:

            And it’s not like they can take it with them! A few years, a decade or two to throw their weight around, then their body is in the grave and they’re standing before God being judged for the evil they did.

          • Deplorable_Cornbread_Noah says:

            I’d like to have that last hour before they hit the grave…with my 7 iron in hand, to do a little judging.

          • randy brown says:

            if she wins it will be because the white race truly is doomed we need to get out and vote a be ready to bring the fight to the enemy

          • Dave says:

            start boycotting those that advertise on places like CNN. None of the media reports what should be reported
            Guess who’s coming to dinner? Soro’s invited the Clintons,, for real

            not on track but check it out anyway

            Shows Obama Flaunting His Privates To Female Reporters– watch the video and
            decide for yourself

          • Susan Lyons says:

            Soros said the years he worked as a Nazi collaborator were “the best years of his life.” His is the face of evil. The devil’s own.

          • itfa says:

            Riiiiight. Tell me again how a child collaborates with Nazis?

          • Mr Wolf says:

            Easy, give me safe passage out of enemy territory and I’ll tell you where every nook and cranny where Jews are hiding, including all their valuables.

          • Hillary (((Rodham))) George Soros and Saul Alinsky are not White! They’re White looking crypto-jews

          • TAG says:

            I live in beautiful east Tennessee and met a recent transplant from Wisconsin (born there) asked why I was told “it looks like Sub Saharan Africa there now”

          • Wishsong says:

            Simple reason: They migrate from Chicago to take advantage of Wisconsin’s welfare system.

          • Steve Cadick says:

            What the poster means is that a huge population of Somalians were settled there. Thus the comment sub-Saharan Africa.

          • Wishsong says:


          • TAG says:

            no in this case she stated they were direct implants from Somalia in traditional garb and language. Fresh off the boat as they say.

          • Wishsong says:

            Oh, ok. I thought that Minnesota was the final destination for most of those. I guess it figures they are pushing them into Wisconsin as well. As far as Tennessee goes, I was reading an article about how Tyson Foods brought in a horde of Somali Muslims to work at one of their plants in Shelbyville. I take it the locals were none too thrilled.

          • TAG says:

            Yeah dunno… Our (some) local industries are Y-12, Adroit Medical (quick clot and battlefield trauma trays pre-wrapped and DoD specs) and a nice little addition in town FDI (Fort Defiance Industries) … look up FDI and their products and markets served and tell me if this is a peacetime manufacturing organization.

            Rumor has it they also opened under the largest vacant commercial roof in the state formerly home of Yale Lock Corp. I noticed FDI when they took a manufacturing facility and secured it (in broad daylight I’m just very observant) into a US-class military industrial secured manufacturing and logistics R&L Carriers (I believe it is-I’d have to drive over and look to confirm) operates the warehouse and loading docks (“secured logistics and transport for military clientele”)

            Growth industries obviously national security and bloodletting.

          • Mr Wolf says:

            At the behest of our divider n chief, the HUD is recklessly inserting Section 8 recipients into thousands of middle class neighbourhoods across America. In the old days we used to call that ‘invasion’ or ‘genocide’.

          • TAG says:

            I also attended grade school through week two, grade 8 in Riverside Unified School District, Riverside, CA in what was to become the national roll out of “integration” through school busing programs.

            We were rural farm kids out in Glen Avon, and it went very poorly. We left hastily in what was later termed White Flight. My parents sold the house they had designed and built with their own hands…

            So yes, for me this is history repeating… in a lifetime. Only this time is HUGE and will require skinned knuckles and bloody noses from many more than it did in the 1960’s.

          • TAG says:

            USDA also involved in this Look up USDA Rural Programs.. Rural Initiative something like that.

            Where we live Spanish is replacing English faster than people can get their hay off the field and I am not kidding one iota.

            37846 Loudon County, TN

          • Raoul Duke says:

            Loaded and locked, actually.

          • Jim says:

            Actually the term is “Lock-N-Load. Semper Fi!!

          • TreeHugger74 says:

            That is the common saying…but it all depends on how you want to carry…one in the pipe bolt forward and mag in well is ‘loaded and locked’. Empty chamber, bolt forward, and loaded magazine in mag well is ‘locked and loaded’.

          • James Fabins says:

            It all works out

          • M. Fortas says:

            Bingo. And if Hillary gets elected there will be a bloodbath. I can’t wait.

          • Brian Geary says:

            If Hillary gets elected, she will kowtow to her overlords, Netanyahu and Israel. Trump will tell Israel and Nuttyyahoo to go to hell; no more American soldiers to keep Israel’s interests and people safe.

          • bluelove says:

            and I am afraid this could very well be around the corner! obozo wanted this to happen, he has encouraged it, fabricated it, and protected all those who do the same. Get ready people, because if hillary wins-we could be looking at another “CIVIL WAR!”

          • Nam Marine says:

            ABOUT DAMN TIME !

          • rational2012 says:

            We are looking at civil war if Trump wins, too.

          • Steve Cadick says:

            Not likely. Anti-gun states with vegans don’t know how to fight. The capitol will be in Texas where it belongs. Dallas. The entire food supply of the midwest, oil, and everything in the south, southwest, and southeast will separate and not be sharing. We have car plants, we have a lot of industry, and while I don’t wish Americans start shooting at each other, it could happen. I can assure you though that there won’t be a Southern Border problem. None. Nor any global trade treaties in the secessionist group.

        • jon doe says:

          The leftist culture is not “taking over”. It has TAKEN over. Past tense. We are now living in a post constitutional republic. The fundamental transformation has already occurred. We need to restore our republic and restore our constitution. Even if it takes a revolution. Its time we stopped tip toeing around stating what needs to be done. There is no way to restore things back to sanity without violence now. These people are at war with us. They want us dead. Its time to meet force with force. If we do not have teh stomache for it then we will perish.

          • Donald Smith says:

            The first step was control of the media. Mission accomplished.

          • ProudDeplorable says:

            No, the first step was to control the universities, so they could brainwash generations of journalists, lawyers, scientists, businessmen and teachers. They’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The ’60s didn’t happen by accident.

          • Jeff Hill says:

            I am not sure which came first, but you are both right. The liberals have completely taken over all the media, music, TV, movies, and the press, the universities, the public schools and most of the federal courts and institutions. I am afraid they have won and nothing will stop them short of civil war.

          • ProudDeplorable says:

            Wherever they started, the end result is the same. The Frankfurt School of Marxist philosophers fled Europe before World War II and ended up here, mostly in Ivy League colleges. They started it all.

          • Mr Wolf says:

            If only we listened to Senator McCarthy? Sigh……

          • bluelove says:

            and put one of theirs’ in the white house-mission accomplished there, too!

          • Mr Wolf says:

            Actually, it took place when Wilson signed the ‘federal reserve act’ in 1913 to a handful of Globalist bankers.

          • Jay Mac says:

            Right on the nail…

          • bob levine says:

            They kill babies. They’ll do anything. Only the unborn are innocent and only the innocent can judge.

          • My own thoughts says:

            they kill babies and sell the body parts, bunch of fiendish ghouls

          • Raoul Duke says:

            You sound crazy as hell man. Pull yourself together.

          • bob levine says:

            Their children precede them.
            Their children await them.

          • Major says:

            You don’t sound “crazy” enough, cuck.

          • brownbreadandale4 says:

            You sound like an extremist nut; as bad as the extremist left; your “philosophy” is a BAD as the Left. IOW, it has no visible place in the USA. Take your radicalism and if you can’t get rid of it (if you are too far mentally gone) then HIDE IT from reasonable people. Haven’t you noticed that NO ONE comes to your meetings?

          • Major says:

            Stay in your safe space brownbread. Those of us who have metal will stand up for those who can’t, unlike those that just won’t (like yourself).

          • H. Mueller says:

            That is the truth. We are well beyond the point of talking with or compromising with the enemy. We will cease to exist, as is their intention, if we continue on the course of thinking that peaceful means will change anything.

          • Obamamerica2015 says:

            Article 5

          • Nobama says:

            Unfortunately the biggest resistance we are facing in getting an Article V convention passed in conservative states like Texas is coming from the John Birchers, with their runaway convention fearmongering. These people should be on our side! We haven’t even gotten to the real enemy yet. It’s the most frustrating ever. We are running out of time I’m afraid.

          • Obamamerica2015 says:

            Article 5 before Violence. It’s the last check on Tyranny

          • bluelove says:

            I agree 100%. The enemy is IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!! It is past time to do something! We need to act NOW!!!!! I fear another civil war!

          • clive says:

            Trump-Pence for commonsense
            Hillary-Kaine for the criminally insane.

        • Taluca Lake says:

          Sorry, the leftist culture took over in the 80s, seeded by cowards of the late 60s. Thank Ayres, Cloward & Piven, and a host of congressmen/women who were able to hide their true beliefs. The culture was fertilized by wannabes purporting to be journalists. The rest of us were too busy working to see it.

          • No Way Out says:

            This is why the left hates Joseph McCarthy so much. Because he was telling the truth!! Corrupting the minds of our country to accept or even welcome the leftist agenda is best accomplished through constant and thorough submersion in leftist indoctrination by the media, schools and universities. The leftist cockroaches have had a long term plan all along, to infiltrate, decay and take over the country from within. Ever notice the communist members and signs advocating revolution at the BLM demonstrations and riots? I believe they think the country is ready for their ultimate goal.

          • bluelove says:


          • mcgdesign says:

            and the MSM was colluding by hiding it.

          • brownbreadandale4 says:

            I wasn’t too busy to get the willies over the “women’s movement” which was to take the spine, and testosterone out of men! We see that today! Bill Clinton rapes and assaults and laughs but he is on the Left so he gets away with it. But, they are doing fake feints over Trump’s WORDS. They developed that right to “judge” men (and find all real men to be lacking) by that STUPID women’s movement.

        • lbeacham says:

          Why not add the rich can only marry the poor? The middle-class must then be sterilized.

        • rennyangel2 says:

          Vote Trump and make leftist heads explode.

        • stairgauge says:

          We are different from Europe
          The only way the leftist can take over our culture is if we Allow them to.
          It has everything to do with the God, County and Family types, Conservatives and gun owners of today’s America Allowing them to take it over.

          • Christian Cerna says:

            There is a way for America to free itself without the use of arms. But it will require self discipline. All Americans can throw away their televisions and stop listening to the radio. The Communists can’t control us if they can’t control our minds.

          • No Way Out says:

            Everything you mentioned is under constant attack by the left: God, Country and Family. I’d like to agree with you that we can stop them, but I’m afraid they’ve successfully recruited/brainwashed too many of our citizens to believe that wholesomeness, morality, honesty, are old or passe and social justice is now what they believe in. The fact that this election is so close when it’s well known and transparent what Hillary is all about says a lot about how many citizens are on the other side.

          • brownbreadandale4 says:

            It has gotten SO BAD that “morality” is judged to be unfair.

        • Shawn says:

          Actually, I think he said that the French (whites) should pick a non-white person and have children (more literally, “make babies”) with them. I didn’t hear anything about marriage, per say (I speak French) or hanging around to support those children. Heck, even consent didn’t seem to be a consideration.

          What’s going on in France these days?

      • RobL_v2 says:

        Well done, as pithy as you can make it.

        Liberals are insufferably arrogant, egotistical and steadfastly maniacal zealots in the pursuit of Liberalism.

        But they are patient and will keep pecking away at the foundations of Western Civilization until it collapses so they can rebuild us in their secular atheist socialist utopian vision.

        But the vision is a delusion compounded with hallucination.

        • bluelove says:

          and remember GOD is always in the details! In Him, I trust. And I am not one of those christians who sits back, in a corner, saying, “Oh, I dont get inviolved in politics, thats’ not christian!” Rather, we ARE CALLED TO GET INVOLVED! and we had better start realizing that!!!

          • brownbreadandale4 says:

            bluelove; this is going to come as a RADICAL concept to you, but “G-d” ALSO belongs to Jews and Moslems. They ALL believe in G-d.

            We normally capitalize “Christians,” and do not understand the concept of no politics for Christians. Who was MORE political than Jesus?

      • Northwest_Raised says:

        Yes. They are so smug. It will be a joy to see them taken down a few notches.

      • M. Fortas says:

        Solution: Punch in face until bloody.

      • MoreFreedom2 says:

        Another example of racial discrimination by a government official. That is the only kind of racism that should be illegal. And the only kind of discrimination that can keep people in slavery.

        Consider if this were a private school, and the lesson was on why Black are inferior. I bet you the local prosecutor will be prosecuting them. Instead because it’s a government employee, we don’t know who the bigot that works for us is, we won’t know if any discipline will occur, and we know no accountability exists to their education customers or the public.

        Another reason to separate school and state, and get our education freedom back.

      • randy brown says:

        tv is filled with mixed race marriages and coupling to be white with white is racist I can easily understand the Aryans now protect your race or see it destroyed

        • Nobama says:

          I am so sick of the propagandists I’m cutting the cord for good once this election is over. I’ve had enough.

    • ARpg says:

      Maybe DAD should go ADJUST HIS ATTITUDE!

      • M. N. says:

        LOL, he’d get a verbal thrashing from me, but to be honest – it appears the school knew that this crap was being taught and allowed it. The problem is a top down. Start the mass firings of administrators and board members.

        • Ricky Lehey says:

          Verbal thrash all you want… They just call cps on you. And they bait your kids.

          • Ricky Lehey says:

            The time for actions is close.

          • H. Mueller says:

            It is actually past time.

          • M. N. says:

            No, I want him fired and never able to hold an education position again and I don’t want him in a government job ever. But more specifically, I want the same for every single person that allowed this platform to be presented at the school. Parents have the stick on this and they need to enforce a correction.

            I had CPS called on me by my angry ex during our divorce – worked out just fine as I had done nothing. The investigator was there for approximately 5 minutes and even revealed indirectly that the source was my ex. Sure it was upsetting and embarrassing to have them in my home making this inquiry, especially since my kids were my world, but I’d rather that than have them over look a home that needs attention.
            I would think that the person who had CPS called three times on them might have legal recourse against the school for false allegations and harassment…

            And, I worked with my kids while they were growing up to teach them that some things that schools teach are blatantly wrong. Example – they came home one day and accused me of doing drugs because I drink beer…that’s what the school was teaching them… The joke in my family is that I engaged in alcohol abuse frequently because I never seem’d to be able to finish a beer. LOL, as a career military officer and nurse, I was profoundly angered, but managed to gently sit down with them and talk about drug abuse and use – the difference between illegal and legal drugs, the age appropriate use of legal drugs, and the moderate use of legal “drugs”. They got it and damage control was done.

            I don’t think parents should sit on this – I’d be down at the Sups office and at the school board meeting. Kids would stay home until they remedied the intimidation.

        • H. Mueller says:

          The power is in the money. We need to starve the beast. Those who homeschool should have the state and federal money that is paid to school districts paid to the homeschooling parents. The schools can adjust their curriculum to make it more desirable, or they can starve. That would be a start.

          However, it is fairly clear that it is too late, that civil war is on the horizon, the left does not even attempt to hide their hatred and intolerance for those who don’t think the same as them. And it will get worse in a hurry if the Hag is elected as President.

    • Ricky Lehey says:

      My 3 kids will never go back to public school. They were trying to convert my11 year old autistic boy to islam in loveland Co. When we objected they called CPS 3 times in a row. They abuse your kids…. Then when you confront them… They call CPS accusing you of abuse. Take all your kids out now. You will be next.

      • M. N. says:

        Horrible having to feel that your children aren’t protected from ignorance at school. My grandparents lived in Loveland, it was a sleepy small town and my grandfather was a pastor – it didn’t have anything but hard core bible thumping and hard working folks. Much has changed…

        Until the parents start to fight back, this won’t change – and you need to rally to do it sooner than later. Media, meetings, firing of board members, change city leadership… We need to reign this back in.

        • Ricky Lehey says:

          It is useless. If i have to deal with another government agent at my house they will never be found. Im not fighting a rigged system anymore… No support. No faith in america anymore. I would rather kill all liberals than try and talk sense into them. Im done debating them.

      • GIVEMEFREEDOM says:

        Thanks for the warning Ricky!

      • M. N. says:

        Okay…your most recent post was a little harsh but I wanted to reply because I know you’re angry.

        Ricky, there are plenty of people who are completely disenfranchised and horrified by what is going on – you are not alone. But hurting stupid people with an ignorant agenda, only gets us into a spiral that is difficult to get out of. I understand your frustration, anger and sense of control loss. But unless they physically attack you or threaten you – try all the other methods. Legal and social, try working with an organization that is fighting this sort of intimidation, campaign to vote them out, audit your children’s classes to see what they are teaching, volunteer at the school to be able to document what they are doing – there are so many ways we have to counter this – but it starts with educating our kids about the wicked ways our education system is polluting our young minds. God Bless you, just be wise – don’t be like them.

        • jakinak says:

          Your as delusional as they are if you think your “audits and documentation” will change anything. They will simply do what they have done here, claim that it is “employee” misconduct, refuse to tell you what (if any) disciplinary measures were taken, and continue on the path of indoctrinating children.

          The carpenter cleared the temple.

          • bluelove says:

            I agree. The enemy is in the white house!! How many times do I have to say that?!

          • JustAnotherWhiteGuy says:

            The real enemy has never lived in the White House. They live in places with names like Haifa and Tel Aviv.

        • Bruce1369 says:

          But, M.N., these “horrified, disenfranchised people do nothing. That makes the irrelevant.

        • bluelove says:

          The problem with what you are saying, is it is too late for that! If hillary gets in, we are gone! I am not in any way advocating violence. The enemy, tho is in OUR WHITE HOUSE! They have infected the DOJ, and even the FBI! I am very concerned that we could be looking at “mini civil wars”, before a HUGE one! I have never in my 57 years, seen this kind of corruption, in our government! We have got to do something, and the first is (if you havent allready) start PRAYING! It is here! And we have got to fight! God help us in the United States, again, to be a city on a hill, light to a dark world, and salt, to all who need it-starting with ourselves. Forgive us, Father, and pour your spirit on us. Help us, Father in these “Dark times.” Help us stand up to evil, and evil people who would rather us be dead! We are in desperate need of you, your word, courage, and strength. In Jesus name, Amen.

          • M. N. says:

            With the data coming out that they are basically allowing illegal voters to register and vote, I fear you may be right. But every good purge starts at the local level and works it’s way up!

      • jon doe says:

        That is a story that should be told to the world. You should contact Robert Spencer at Jihad watch. He may be able to direct you to someone that can get your story out. Perhaps even sue these people involved. Don’t bother with the ACLU or the SPLC. They are the enemy now.

      • bluelove says:

        Wow! UNREAL!!!! Yes, its’ time! When and where do we meet?

    • Fire Marshal Bill says:

      Yeah but you’re white, what would you know?

    • Adam Bricker says:

      People need to organize and MARCH ON THIS SCHOOL and demand they fire the perps.
      Get with it people. NOW!

      • M. N. says:

        I’d be out there but this isn’t in my area – parents are the key to rebuking this sort of illegal activity. Class action lawsuit by the white community will send a very loud and clear message.

        • bluelove says:

          Still, that is just one battle, in a huge war! We have let every area be indoctrinated, and now-one more time-THE ENEMY IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!! and the DOJ, and the FBI, and if TRUMP doesnt win, every JUDGE IN THE SUPREME COURT!!!!! Help us dear God!

      • jwp says:

        Not gonna happen, whitey is too busy working to pay taxes that pay the teachers at the public indoctrination centers. Whitey is nothing more than a tax slave to the welfare/government class.

        • CVN65 says:

          Preach, brother.

        • jon doe says:

          Nothing is going to change until that changes. We are way past the point where non violent protest are going to accomplish anything. Its time to meet force with force. If we do not have the stomach for it all is already lost.

        • 0bsoleteMan says:

          That’s why homeschooling is the ideal option:

          1. With one parent not working, that’s less tax money going to the government.

          2. With each additional child removed from the public k12 school system, that’s less state taxpayer money being redistributed to that school.

          3. As more students are withdrawn, there is less political will to keep that school running.

          • TJeff101 says:

            That will work until home schooling is outlawed.

          • 0bsoleteMan says:

            I know… we’re already seeing “concern” for homeschoolers coming from the 0bama regime.

          • bluelove says:

            this is a good thing, but it is just that-one thing! We need to do more! The enemy is in the white house!!!

          • bluelove says:

            TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • 0bsoleteMan says:

            I agree, but at this point we have to fight with the army we have and not the army we wish we had.

            Besides, even if Trump wins, the educational establishment, from the state school boards to the local school boards to the superintendents and teachers will still be stacked by leftists. They don’t exactly care to hear our concerns as it stands now.

      • Inspector Clouseau says:

        Sadly, conservatives tend not to do such things … marching and demanding stuff is the domain of the whiny left … We tend to take a more pragmatic approach to solving our problems, such as home schooling our kids to save them from the brain wash.

      • M. N. says:

        LOL, Adam why the heck did they moderate this same comment out earlier???? I agree – time for parents to get involved in mass and send the message that they aren’t going to tolerate this sort of messaging in the schools.

      • Christian Cerna says:

        Everyone should take their kids out of the school until the teacher is fired. The only thing the schools understand is money. If students are not there, they don’t receive money from the government.

    • ByebyeAmcnpie says:

      we have morons in the academic field today… maybe we should just find out who is actually in charge of our curriculum from the top… I’m betting you would find a large percentage of hyphenated and those are part of the LGBT community that are pushing their agenda of bias and hate. In other words; the liberals are in charge. There is no longer any balance. And as a co worker of color said to me; “we don’t like your history and we are going to change it”…

      • M. N. says:

        Our education system is inundated with leftist shills and yes they are pushing the agendas. That may be another reason why they are so afraid of the flexibility school choice.

        But everything starts at the top from all angles…Michelle Obama has been working with tech companies to produce educational programs that will force feed children this same propaganda from the government.

      • TRUTH SPEAKER says:

        Instead of being judged by resumes and degrees earned people should be given IQ tests to determine who should be an educator and administrator.

        I’ve been encountering one too many idiots that think they’re smart.

      • bluelove says:

        The people of color do not realize that what they are supporting is going to come back, and bite them in the [email protected]#!!!! There are still some smart people of color, like Ben Carson! Not all people of color are bad, just like not all whites are good!!! CAREFUL!!!!

    • heyheymama51 says:

      The Racists are the INTOLERANT LEFT. Period.

    • Inspector Clouseau says:

      Racism is not a genetic predisposition, but stupidity is.

      I have met many teachers, they are mostly educated idiots.

      They’re cheap too.

      • M. N. says:

        I’ve seen a lot of higher educated people who seem to have lost their common sense. The more education the less real time thinking they do. Very scary!

    • Joel says:

      This is all about indoctrinating them when they are too young to understand that the only way to atone for their whiteness is to vote democrat. Many have fallen for this crap.

      • M. N. says:

        I was reading an article about Michelle Obama’s tentacles in the education system, which reaches far beyond her role as First Lady. In it they revealed conversations she was having with big tech firms to create games and other platforms that children use so that children are exposed early to things that the government wants them to be programmed for…

    • hokkoda says:

      This is one of those “apologies” where the bureaucrats are making it perfectly clear that they have no problem with what the teacher said or did. Pure indoctrination.

    • TRUTH SPEAKER says:

      I can only imagine how this doctrine is going to affect our society in the decades to come.

    • Tomas Cruz says:

      Look at all those racists who voted for Obama. This fool would have been fired on the spot if he called blacks racists. Yet ALL democrats claim blacks are too stupid, incompetent and poor to get a simple photo ID to vote. That’s pure racism?

    • iisac bartender says:

      Exactly either fire them or pull your Children out of that school district.

    • onehunglo says:

      teacher is jewish and they don’t consider themselves to be white

    • M. Fortas says:

      Things are so fucked up because of Globalism and Democrat Socialist bullshit. Without white people there wouldn’t be a country. If it’s so bad they can go back to Mexico or Africa. Problem solved.

    • 10thGenerationAmerican says:

      The entire administration staff from the superintendent on down to the high school AP at the school should be fired. As a former high school teacher I know that most school dictricts are required by state and national laws to put their lesson plans on paper and keep them in a file. Many districts actually require that the lesson plans be submitted the WEEK BEFORE and if these people approved it then all should be fired. Regardless, I’m willing to bet that this teacher is a socialist. perhaps even communist, votes for Sanders or Hitler-y and that if they didn’t put their racist-white guilt stance in the lesson plans then they have the same mindset that their dear leader carries around. They have a public stance on things and a private one. They use their classrooms, such as “private” speeches at Goldman Sachs, for spewing their REAL political ideology. Socialist indoctrination at its FINEST.

    • Shawn says:

      Have you heard the nonsense kids are picking up in school these days? It’s unreal. Marx didn’t indoctrinate children this well. They lack the ability to be discriminating about the information presented, so they’re just completely brainwashed.

    • Michael Sullivan says:

      And this is what is so beautiful about progressivism. Feelings matter more than facts, where truth is based on what feels right, rather than what can be substantiated. Fascist took over Germany by injecting the same nonsense into their schools in Germany.

    • Hzle says:

      I’m just as angry at this as anyone, but the effect of this sort of nonsense is to polarise people (politically) even more. Personally I want to let everyone, every soft liberal know about these scenarios. Surely they’ll see that an unfair double standard is being applied?

      But quite often you get disbelief – they just don’t accept that your facts can be right – or rationalising away (“that’s just a one-off”). Or worst of all, there are those who say it’s true – they’re so drunk with the fun of calling people racist (a national pastime in the UK as well as the US) that they can’t climb down and face reality

    • Mark Neil says:

      “If the teacher has done things to be racist, that’s on him – stop pushing his guilt on these kids.”

      That is EXACTLY what this is, and it’s so common. People who are racist, sexist, bigoted in any number of ways, trying to assert that everyone is just like they are, thus, their own bigotry becomes normal, and moreover, they then get to claim a moral position because they’ve made the effort to “acknowledge” it.

    • Namretupad says:

      This is the problem with allowing these leftists within 1,000 yards of our children. For a teacher to instruct students that “to be white is to be racist, period” is NOT a “perspective”. The teacher is presenting the statement as an unequivocal fact. It is also being presented that no matter how desperately a “white person” wants to overcome being a “racist”, that that is an unattainable goal.

      This teaches “white people” that they are evil…no matter what. Talk about child abuse!!!
      It also teaches “non-whites” that “whites” are evil and therefore deserving of every bad thing the “non-whites” can heap upon them.

      In a twist, there is one additional lesson to be gained here – although an unintended one. Since “whites” are “irredeemably racist”, why bother even trying to hide it? All “white people” should go ahead and embrace their “racism” and REALLY unleash the beast on the “non-whites”.

    • Jane Doe says:

      That is what “education” in America is these days–leftist, incompetent instructors that indoctrinate our children. I am praying for Trump because he said he was going to clean it up. Our futures depend upon it…

    • Candy Man says:

      Actually racism is healthy and natural. Look up “imprinting.” If Whites really were more “racist” we would get rid of these demons once and for all.

      • M. N. says:

        Imprinting has nothing to do with racism, imprinting is a bond between what an infant perceives is the parental unit. In fact, animals bond with humans in this way and it is not race specific… Please…don’t feed the trolls.

    • dale landry says:

      Everyone do your self a favor and look up the Reese Committee Hearings with Norman Dodd. You can even watch the documentary of Norman Dodd about his findings in the Reece Committee that was never delivered to Congress. He was interviewed before he died by G Edward Griffin.
      The rabbit hole is VERY DEEP….
      The racism we are experiencing is and has been engineered, just as the dumbing down of the greater society, the class warfare, the gender identification, removal of the male figure from the “family unit”, all of this is part of a greater plan. You simply have to dig and connect the dots, they are there for you if you want to learn about the real truth.

      The financial and corporate industry in this world rules all, they have skewed the history and cooked the books to pass on their legacy. They own the politicians in most parts of the world. They have injected a toxic financial servitude upon nations abroad, including the US (Confessions of an Economic Hitman). They use education and mass media to mold the “useful idiots” into good little slaves, removing the ability to think critically and on your feet, to challenge the status quote, then to divide the rest of us among the many levels of possible division out there; race, color, religion, class, state, sports, etc… Anything they can use to keep you at each others throats and not staring at them and what they are up to.

      This crap is engineered on a college level, and then passed on down to the local educational level. Read “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” from a top level whistle blower Margaret Iserbyte…

      Educate yourselves and those you love…

      • M. N. says:

        Thanks for sharing Dale, will do – perhaps we need to bring it back to the surface???

        • dale landry says:

          The thirsty will seek out water to quench their thirst. So shall the deceived seek the truth once the veil has lifted from their eyes. These folk will search those terms and find the truth for themselves as did I so many years ago. Confronted with similar truth that told a story contrast to my belief system in the government I found myself seeking out the knowledge on my own. Today, I encourage folks to look it all up with a critical mind and don’t be afraid to admit that what you believe may not be true. It is hard to admit you have been deceived by someone you trust or entrust your wellbeing to. But once you have passed this hurdle, you see through the veil as if it were not there, very liberating! The willful ignorant reminds me of the Matrix, when the guy that deceived Neo tells the program he wants to be placed back into the matrix with no knowledge of it ever happening. Some people refuse to believe or wish not to know of the shady dealings and back room tactics, the black ops and cee eye a, bildaberg meetings and financial bailout details, pay to play, you name it… Some would rather blindly believe that the media is telling them the truth and that their elected officials have the best interests in mind. They are the ones touting guilt and racism at every turn, playing right into the hands of their very “masters”. Becoming the useful idiot, unbeknownst to themselves…

    • Throwback 59 says:

      “To be black is to be criminal. Period.”
      Would the superintendent say:
      “Crime is an important topic that we discuss I our schools. While
      discussing a variety of philosophical perspectives on crime, race and
      ethics, a teacher was attempting to convey to students in an elective
      philosophy course a perspective that had been shared at a university
      lecture he had attended”?

    • Dirt McGirt says:

      In fact, someone may have an upbringing that teaches them not to be racist, and stuff like this is there to make sure they come to know that hate that is taught to them in schools as much as anywhere. I never ran into racism growing up, Except at school, people thought it was cool to be racist. I still never could understand. Then I got a bit older, and started to see all this hate for whites, which I don’t understand. It was blacks who sold THEIR OWN PEOPLE into slavery. The native Americans were raping, murdering, and eating each other, as well as routine enslavement. In the Middle East, they were fighting…same as they were 1090 years before, same as they are now…
      It is simple, no color is more guilty than any other. It is racist as can be to think or teach that one color is different or worse than any else…Now we had our civil war in the 1860s, in 1861 the last of the Russian serfs were freed…Russia and the US marked that last “white” or western countries to condone slavery. So why, did slavery stay in Africa well into the 20th century? Oh ya, because slavery was about greedy people selling each other into slavery.

      Now consider this, Asia, Africa, South America….even today, these are where most of the racist countries are…they have terrible human rights, and have dictators that murder people because of race…SHARIA LAW….I COULD GO ON FOR A WEEK ABOUT THIS.

      Yet the West and the white North American and European countries are the most progressive, the ones that allow freedom, and try to fight slavery…and the propaganda war has been lost so bad THAT OUR ENEMIES HAVE SPUN IT THAT WE ARE THE EVIL ONES. SHARIA LAW, HONOR KILLINGS, PEOPLE KILLED IN THE STREET….AND WE ARE THE EVIL ONES BECAUSE WE WERE BORN WHITE? DON’T LISTEN TO THE PROPAGANDA.

      Stop the propaganda, we are all the same race…who cares if our skin color differs by geographical location and family history…you aren’t born ignorant, or racist, or as poor trash…it is your surroundings and upbringing. And schools like these that teach hate and lies. Our world is doomed, evil has tricked us into fighting ourselves and each other, and ignoring the obvious. I don’t mean this as religious, but god save us all.

    • Quest says:

      Firing them just means they get rehired somewhere else, like that Glick prof calling for muscle to throw people out at Mizzou.


    • And don’t forget the other side of this coin, that “blacks can’t be racists”. It’s a con they started years ago and if you ask one of them they will give you an instant mini-lecture about how it’s “impossible” for black people to even BE racists.

      Yes, they are THAT stupid.

      • M. N. says:

        They aren’t stupid, this is all part of a plan to incite division. Everyone can be racist and to deny it is more evidence of a corrupt government.

        • Claiming they can’t even be racists is the product of marxist influence. I think they are too stupid to know that they have been trained to be perfect little commie stooges.

    • helen willis says:

      The teacher said he/she was racist because of raising practices. I don’t know even one white person who was raised to be racist, but I do know people of color who were raised to think white people are racist. So, what does that tell you: if you are raised to think white people mistreat you, you could be antisocial and kill people. This teacher needs to be fired, along with that whole school staff for inciting class war.

      • M. N. says:

        I imagine there a folks who are still raised with racist ideals – but it’s certainly no where near the majority and consequences and social pressure help keep it in check most of the time. But what the school allowed to happen – please note the name of the Principal – and the teacher did – is completely unacceptable by the standards of our Constitution. This is nothing short of institutionalized racism by our government. Time for a class action law suit by the parents. And, yes – they all need to be thrown out of education permanently and never hold a government job.

    • Deplorable Me says:

      Local government and education is even more political than the national stage. The establishment has very deep roots and think they can control you since they now control the courts.

    • Dick Craven says:

      I agree one hundred percent. This type of stuff has no place in our schools. Sounds like he was trying to brainwash the students.

      • M. N. says:

        You have to read the reply by Leslie Kate Donovan and my response to her. Just another brain washed idiot…

    • Lesley Cate Donovan says:

      Wow. You are really out of touch with reality or are in denial. Humans start exhibiting a preference for their own ethnic group at a very early age. There are also plenty of studies that have shown that everyone has racial biases even when they are completely unaware of it. Try and keep up. I have actually heard the same kind of lecture that this teacher made at my university. It is an attempt to make people aware of the racial biases that do exist and all the horrendous acts that were done in the past that get forgotten, such as what amounted to the genocide of American Indians. We don’t have to dwell on these atrocities as if they are happening now, but we absolutely need to be aware so we don’t repeat them.

      • M. N. says:

        Try and keep up, just because I have a preference for being around someone – don’t assume it’s all about the race and try to call it a bias that is being twisted as racism. I don’t belong to any all white clubs, I don’t shop in all white stores, and I don’t live in an all white neighborhood.

        As for the delusional experimentation going on in colleges, I’m smart enough to know that I didn’t do SHI& to anyone, I’ve earned my keep, I take care of my family, I’ve paid my dues through service to my country, I help those in need, I don’t create problems that the rest of society has to foot the bill for, I don’t get in trouble with the law and I live ethically, I’m a good neighbor, and I certainly don’t need to be told by a smug, ignorant, self-centered, mindless, inexperienced, young drone that I need to immerse myself in guilt and restitution for a history long gone because I just can’t relate to the impact of that history. This nation has been working hard to fix problems, the problem is that money doesn’t fix stupid.

        I didn’t miss the boat on an education, and history is just that, we use it to reflect to make sure we’re not repeating mistakes of the past and are moving forward. We do not use it as a tool to shame those who had nothing to do with it. We’ve come a long way, but you need to get off the bandwagon of blame/shame – get a F’ing real education and stop listening to these idiot teachers with their insane theories – because you’re living a lie.

    • Major says:

      Why let your enemies teach your children? Homeschool your children. Public schools have become mind ghettos

    • Geoff says:

      The irony is palpable: claiming someone is a racist because they’re of a particular race. The fact that someone could actually say this with a straight face is frightening. The fact that millions believe it is terrifying, in more ways than one.

    • Red Steiner says:

      Agreed, he should be dismissed for promoting racism! It is said by men wiser than this so called educator that “Those who can do. Those who can’t teach. This is a classic example. This fool probably considers himself to be another Zeno of Citium or Rene Descartes. In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon”.

      • M. N. says:

        Love it Red 🙂

        • Red Steiner says:

          Thank you. One has to stand for what one believes to be right, especially now. The Obama/Holder/Sharpton alliance has set the Civil Rights 70 years. It wasn’t even this bad during the ’60’s. Having a teacher, regardless of race although I’m sure this one was caucasian, promote white guilt is unconscionable. This fool needs to be listed as “Not for rehire” in the American Education System. We are all Americans and I fear all too soon we will need to stand as one, united against a common enemy.

          • M. N. says:

            Words never truer and you express them soooo well 🙂 I thank you!

          • Red Steiner says:

            You’re very kind, thank you. This kind of educator brain washing is what lead to the election of Obama in the first place. White guilt and Hollywood caused America elect a person with an agenda other than than the good of our America nation and our people. Once again we have a candidate with an agenda lying, manipulating and misdirecting voter attention in an attempt to gain control of our once great nation. Hillary, like Obama, is supported and backed by Muslim nations. Contributions to the “Clinton Foundation” aren’t shown as campaign contributions. One can only assume Valarie Jarrett is going to be Hillary’s handler as she has been for Obama as is indicated by the constant covert influx of enemies of America with his blessing.

            The fact that we are in serious trouble as a nation, with criminal “Public Servants”, circumventing the Constitution to illegally decide our fate and the fate of our once great nation, has never been more obvious.

            The need to defend our nation is now people! No longer can we sit and use the time honored justification for doing nothing, “Wull, it’s jest pollytics, thur ani’t nuthin we kin do” is past, if we are to remain an American Nation!

          • M. N. says:


  2. Yukiko says:

    After listening to one of these apologists ramble on for about 5 minutes of what was advertised as a 45 minute speech, I got up and walked out on him. I’m sure I was tagged as an Asian racist.

  3. Bobbi Jo Johnson says:

    This is the new Liberal push. If your skin is too light you are racist whether you think you are or not. You can tell them about how you stood up for blacks at your own risk and pain, or how you spend your time helping them, or whatever and they will still say that your story has racist undertones, and you need to accept that you are racist. Liberals are the real haters, but they want to make everyone else seam like the bigots etc, so this push their propaganda as if it were fact.

    • physicsnut says:

      libs are a bunch of SELF APPOINTED SOCIAL ENGINEERS
      like SDS and the Weather Underground from the sixties

  4. PursueJustice says:

    This teacher is the kind of person who keeps racism alive. He’s right up there with the not so reverend Sharpton and Jackson.

  5. Lydia Long says:

    Why can’t we be racist? Why do I have to like the culture of people if I don’t like it? Why do I have to like Muslims? Whatever happened to choice? As long as I’m not going around harming anyone, leave me to my likes and dislikes.

    • CrystalCoaster says:

      It’s shallow to judge people based on skin color or ethnicity or religion alone. You rob yourself of knowing some great people. If you hire people or work with people of color, your hostile attitude certainly could be harmful. It’s also harmful to pass along that attitude to your children or share it with your friends. Life is hard enough without dragging along racism.

      • swimologist says:

        No, life is hard enough without having quotas and diversity and affirmative action forced down my throat. It is natural and normal to desire to live among your own people. The races ARE different races because of that. And, no, it is harmful to my kids to teach them “all races are the same.” They’re not. Northern Asians are different than aborigines. Whites are
        different than Native Americans. There’s differences in I.Q., temperament, achievement, etc. Sorry to break reality to you, snowflake

        • SoloistZ says:

          Agree. Well said.

        • CrystalCoaster says:

          I’m a conservative, dyed in the wool, so save your insults. Americans of different ethnicities are not significantly different. Many Asians, for example, (though certainly not all) may work harder than your kids in school because of a cultural emphasis on education, but your kids could be equally high achievers by being just as focused and determined. It isn’t something intrinsic. I feel sorry for what you’re missing.

          • RobRoySimmons says:

            Are those Asians “racist” or do you assign them some magic purity so you can virtue signal?

            Obama is at least a little bit racist so I can imagine those magic Asians are as well

          • CrystalCoaster says:

            Your comments are nonsensical except for Obama being racist. He is the worst president ever, but it has zero to do with being black. Good luck carrying that hate.

          • RobRoySimmons says:

            Obama is a little bit racist, come on now don’t act stupid. Magic Asians that is some seriously stupid racial theorizing on your part

          • CrystalCoaster says:

            I agree that he’s racist. He is not a good person. He has been a dreadful, lawless, arrogant, destructive president. The reason to despise him is not because he’s black.

          • Jan_in_NH says:

            No, but many of his awful traits are because he’s black and feels entitled. “The Audacity of Hope”? Give me a break. A wealthy, pampered, black privileged SOB who has managed to crush the hopes of millions of Americans. I hate his white side as much as his black side.

          • Me says:

            It works for me. He had every advantage given to him by whites, white society and white institutions. And given so many affirmative action passes and boosts up have resulted in him being the super ni**er he is.

          • Ricky Lehey says:

            How do you keep conflating loving your own culture with hate?.. You sound like a pathetic sjw. You must be a school teacher…the most brainwashed people of our time.

          • Jan_in_NH says:

            Obama a “little” bit racist!! He is a rabid racist – read his books.

          • unoga says:

            Hey, Snowflake: see my comment above. Race or ethnicity is usually a very accurate indicator of culture. Did you know that most Middle Eastern natives still would be insulted is a left hand were extended in greeting rather than the right hand? Do you know why? I discovered this and many other things about Middle Eastern natives during my first semester away at college. They may be good people, work hard, do well, but I simply do not care for their culture thus I do not care to be around them.

          • Ricky Lehey says:

            That is his point… Everyone gets a culture except whites…. And im native American Choctaw so save your racist rants.

          • Jan_in_NH says:

            Please explain why every neighborhood or school invaded by Hispanics turns into a sewer? California schools used to be #1 in the nation, now they are somewhere near the bottom 48 or 49. Minorities who work their way up the social ladder almost always move away from the slums created by their ethnic group and into white neighborhoods where they know their kids will make it to school alive.

      • kwwrg says:

        Crystal…It is quite possible to be cordial and civil to persons you don’t like when you are in the in the workplace. It is not necessarily hostile. In today’s environment I find that my life is a lot less complicated if I avoid minorities under age 50 when possible. In places like the workplace where that is not possible no one knows my feelings and I keep it that way. Everyone is treated with respect but I just choose to avoid all the recent complications when I can.

        • unoga says:

          Well said!!! However, I find that I there is little of their cultures that I wish to share, so I generally avoid “minorities” in every setting.

      • unoga says:

        Welcome to the REAL WORLD!!! CULTURE is what make the difference and RACE is usually a good indicator of ones CULTURE.

      • Deplorable NineBall says:

        That might be true, but BY GOD, someone should be allowed to be that way if they want to. F#ck!! As long as no one is being harmed, you CAN NOT dictate to anyone how the MUST feel.

        • Susan says:

          True. Free Association is one of our TRUE Constitutional Natural Rights from God—-but our “Constitution” was dumped by the Regressives a hundred years ago, so they could make us into a totalitarian hellhole where the State is God. THEY dictate what you can and cannot do and “think”. Free Will (choice) is being DESTROYED—on purpose, and it starts by allowing small children to be brainwashed in the mass indoctrination centers where Up is Down and boys are girl and Vice is Virtue (and Pride). No Common Sense can exist in children so they are put in artificial, programming centers so they can warp Truth/Reality. It is to collapse Christianity–the ONLY worldview which created Individualism and Free Will and Modern Science/Age of Reason—all other ideologies are socialist/communist/totalitarian-Slave/Tribal “cultures”—-One Mind —just group (non) think

      • EdCrunk says:

        White western culture is the best. People respect each other and produce a wide array of goods.

        • Susan Vue says:

          Christians live peaceful productive life’s

        • Susan says:

          Christian culture created Western Civilzation and it is ONLY the Christian culture which created the Age of Reason and Modern Science and the US Constitution. No other worldview developed Free Will and Individual Natural Rights ONLY from God and not the State. The group-think tribal/socialistic/communist/atheist/satanic “cultures” have to destroy Christianity so they can make all children irrational with no Common Sense so Slavery is Freedom and Up is Down and Boys are Girls. Remove Reason and Natural Law Theory from our “Justice” (virtue) System and you get chaos and totalitarianism—-no Free Will which is the Marxist aim–to destroy agency in children. That is why the Marxists took over “skooling” for mass indoctrination (Common Core/NCLB/Goals 2000, etc.).

      • Continuum ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

        It’s human nature to group people together by external characteristics and make initial assumptions whether they are good or bad for you. Further interactions may reinforce or dispel those initial assumptions.

        Humans are tribal to the core, so skin color, language, religion, manner of dress, etc. are all used to determine if there an unstated alliance or unstated enemy.

      • Ricky Lehey says:

        The only racist NAZIS are on the left. Just like hitler yall are control freak socialists that pick a class of people to demonize unjustly.

      • Lydia Long says:

        I don’t have a hostile attitude. I just prefer not to hang out with people of cultures I don’t like. And being against a certain ‘religion’ doesn’t make me shallow. It makes me a realist.

      • Jan_in_NH says:

        You should take a stroll around Chicago and meet some of your great people. In fact almost any all black neighborhood will do. I suspect you have instructed your kids (if you have any) of what neighborhoods to stay the hell out of.

        • Me says:

          If he did so he would find he has the life expectancy of a dog on a freeway. I would have recommended taking him into one blindfolded, but the stink always let’s you know right where you are.

      • Morrigan says:

        Life is harder when you never learn to recognize danger. I don’t judge on skin color, I judge based on my experiences with their culture. Frankly, the attitude of the of colors I’ve worked with has been much more damaging to me than mine to them. At best, they are GIVEN credit for my hard work when everyone knows they can barely speak a sentence without errors. At worst, they get me fired.

      • MindWarrior says:

        How is her attitude even remotely hostile? I will judge by my OWN standards who I will like and who I will not…not anyone’s business except my own.

    • David Douglass says:

      Great point—commonsense. When muslims fight for white European descendants in America to be free…ohh ya, their religion forbids such humanitarian efforts. This entire idea of ‘everyone who migrated over the past 400 years to another area of the world is ‘racist’ is so limiting. I believe we should include everyone who migrated over the past 6000 years as qualifying for the ‘Racist’ banner.
      One other point, “Why did everyone migrate here in the past 100 years? Why did so many come here and not prefer some place else?? Is it because the white European Colonialist were racist??

      • NobodyToBlame says:

        the reason everyone migrated here in the past 100 years is because the U.S. had a de-facto ban on immigration from non-white countries (National Origins Formula). hence the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. and in many ways, it was a good thing, because who do you think is powering all our tech companies in Silicon Valley and our national weapons labs and conducting scientific research? a LOT of Asian immigrants and their children, not kids whose ancestors came here 300 yrs ago.

        • grey says:

          But many of those kid don’t have a problem with white America, because they are to busy STUDYING or WORKING while many others are still complaining about the past

        • SurfingUSA says:

          Half the time the Asians are not as good as the whites forced to train them as replacements. They’re just cheaper.

        • ReignedWing says:

          Those children of our ancestors did pretty well before the past couple of decades. The recent over-representation of Asians in consulting and high tech is largely a result of labor cost arbitrage. Nonetheless, they’ve certainly proven that skin tone is not a deterrent to success in America. Sort of weakens the structural racism argument.

          • MetroPass says:

            look at the Apple, Google, Facebook workforce compositions. very high percentages of ethnic Asians, most of whom were born / raised here, so the labor cost arbitrage doesn’t hold water.

            and not all races are treated or perceived the same. if a white or asian person applied for a tech job, they would probably get the benefit of the doubt from interviewers judging their capabilities. a black or hispanic person would probably get the opposite treatment. now where does prejudice become racism? hard to say. but if people aren’t getting opportunities because of the name at the top of the resume and the implicit assumptions that come along with those names, then that is racism. i know it’s hard for you to fathom that this actually happens, but i’ve seen it first hand. i’m not sure what the solution is, since i am against quotas and affirmative action.

          • ReignedWing says:

            The solution is for all of us to stop believing the lie that there is some nefarious entity or coalition that is intentionally excluding some minorities while arbitrarily including others. Apple, Google, and Facebook aren’t exactly the last bastions of the antebellum south. If there was a pool of attractive and qualified applicants from under-represented demographic pools, these companies would trip over themselves to hire these resources. I know it’s hard for you to fathom, but I deal with it myself on a regular basis.

            The argument for systemic racism is that white people are so entrenched in positions of power as to be inherently racist as a natural state of being. But on the other hand white people are utterly powerless to compete with Asians for high-paying tech jobs. If you believe one or the other, fine. But it can’t be both.

        • Alex de Bellencombre says:

          Silicon Valley and NASA did just fine when they were American and white. You’re peddling revisionist history.

          • grey says:

            And it is cheaper to hire Foreign workers.

          • Dime says:

            Foreign workers that are brought here on H-1B visas to replace american workers. Thanks Hildabeast and OBarry.

          • MetroPass says:

            oh, is this back in the days when vacuum tube computers were new and we had RCA making TV’s? guess what, it’s a more competitive world out there.

        • dperry428 says:

          MORE utter bullcrap.

        • freedom74 says:

          HAHAHHA, you think companies hire minority immigrants because of superior SKILLS!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Clueless moron you are! Obviously never worked a day in IT have you?

        • VickyBevis says:

          Well it WAS whites who CREATED Silicon Valley & national weapons labs (Atom/Hydrogen Bomb.), not to mention the telephone, the production line (Ford), the telegraph, AC/DC, the Polio Vax., Hoover Dam, ad infinitum. Check out the list of Nobel Prize winners, especially in science; it’s an eye-opener.

        • Morrigan says:

          yes, let’s all take no-caps boi seriously.

        • jon doe says:

          The idea that we need to bring in foreigners to pick crops and do labor because we cannot do it ourselves is pure leftist open borders propaganda. We can’t find anyone in a country of over 300 million to pick lettuce? To clean toilets? Its absurd. Of course we can. These people are taking far more in the form of benefits than they are paying into the system in taxes. Many pay nothing in taxes. They are doing labor that requires no education or skill that any of the millions of our unemployed can do. Stop paying able bodied people to sit on their a$$ collecting welfare and the problem of “jobs Americans won’t do” goes away over night. There is no legitimate argument for open borders or amnesty. None. Its all pure progressive propaganda. It is a calculated attack on our sovereignty by global collectivist with a chip on their shoulder about America. It is ethnic replacement. Getting rid of people that have no need for government and replacing them with mindless sheep that will believe whatever they are told by bog brother. That is it.

          • MetroPass says:

            totally agree. i think if we stopped disability fraud and welfare abuse, we’d have more native born people willing to work. if the choice is between starvation and working the fields, they would do it. they wouldn’t do it for as cheap, and therefore overall economic production would contract, but there it is.

            by the way, the people you should be angry at are the employers hiring illegals, knowing they are skirting the law and not paying into the social security system. where is all the anti-immigration backlash against the employers who are guilty of breaking the law? if there were no jobs to be had, the 10 or 20 million illegals would find their way home, same way they got here.

    • LeoBassy says:

      Precisely! I am sick of liberals who think it’s inherently wrong to want to be around people with whom you share a similar culture and values. Nobody gives Japan crap about being very homogenous and last I heard they’re doing just fine plus no ISIS terrorists!

      • grey says:

        Blacks ONLY want to be around WHITE when they can USE them. Whites ONLY want to be around Blacks when they want DRUGS

        • JoeCurious✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ says:

          That’s not true. I’m sure plenty of whites would rather pay more going to their hippie white drug dealing friend than risk their lives going to the projects.

          • grey says:

            Very small group. Many cop drugs from blacks in white neighborhoods and at school and around their Jobs

    • ARpg says:

      Because we ASK the question “why do I have to like muslims” … They DEMAND!
      Quit asking, quit debating,


      “I’m a deplorable, racist, bigot, misogynists,
      homophobe, xenaphobe, and islamophobe. Now that we have that out of the way,
      lets discuss the issues…”

      Ends with crickets after that…

    • Zip Em Up says:

      Muslims/ middle easterns aren’t a race yet but they are trying damn hard to make it happen.

      • Jan_in_NH says:

        Well, you have to be non-white to be eligible for affirmative action. Hispanics used to be classified as Whites until they figured out the scam.

    • mrca says:

      Your culture is one of the approved cultures in multi-cuuuulturalism.

    • NobodyToBlame says:

      first, we need to make the distinction between prejudice and racism. prejudice is when we carry biases against people with different ethnic and religious backgrounds. everyone (of all backgrounds) is a bit prejudiced, it’s human nature.

      racism is when the prejudices of the majority are codified / institutionalized into the system, and the system is stacked against certain groups. so for example, prejudice is if someone thinks “black people are inferior.” racism is when the laws say “black people must stand in the back of the bus because they are inferior.” i would argue the former is un-kind but the latter is un-Constitutional.

      so why can’t we all be prejudiced? well we can be. but that’s like asking “why can’t we all hate our neighbors?” you are free to hate your neighbors, but it makes for an unpleasant neighborhood and nobody wins. you may find your neighbors different or slightly annoying, but as long as they aren’t littering or stealing from your vegetable garden, it’s better that we all live in peace and get along. but it’s a free country – hate away, lydia.

      • dperry428 says:

        Your definitions are merely opinion and, in my opinion, are full of BS. According to your definition of racism, no individual can be racist — only prejudiced. What nonsense!!! David Duke, then, is not a racist; he’s just prejudiced. You’re out of your mind if you believe that.

        • NobodyToBlame says:

          uh no, i actually went to college and didn’t make this up myself, lol. i just gave a textbook example of institutional racism. when prejudice is imbued into a system to deny people of equal opportunity in housing, education, jobs, etc., that is racism.

          that’s why black people often say things like “i can’t be racist, only white people can be racist.” they are making the distinction that black people are not in a position to stack the system against white people ie create institutional racism.

          • ArdvarkMaster says:

            Racism – the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

            Institutional racism – a form of racism expressed in the practice of social and political institutions.

            Prejudice – preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

            Racism is an individual belief. Black people can be racist, whether they believe they are or not. Racism is not defined by the exercise of power, but by a belief in the inferiority of other races. Institutional racism is a collective exercise of individual racism, overt or covert. Conflating racism and institutional racism means you see only the racism of the majority and ignore any racism by the minority. But the two are actually separate issues.

            As one person pointed out, KKK members are racist, but they usually have little power to cause institutional racism (Sen Robert Byrd (D) a notable exception).

            Prejudice doesn’t have to have anything to do with race. I have a prejudice against sushi. I’ve never tried it, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. Has nothing to do with race.

            P.S. I went to college too. and I can use a dictionary.

          • NCBrian says:

            yes, i don’t think anybody doubts you went to college. You clearly learned this stuff in one of your sociology classes. I would have put it a bit more delicately, but i agree with dperry428. This is the issue with liberal new-speak: changing the definitions of words to suit an agenda. I don’t remember them teaching this kind of stuff when i went to college…but then again i was a chemistry major so you know, i learned useful stuff.

          • MetroPass says:

            chemistry majors can’t take electives? i was an economics major. it’s proven to be somewhat useful, too.

      • Martin says:

        First, YOU need to learn some humility. Lydia is not hating anyone; you, however, are snarky and insufferable with your nose-in-the-air lecture. You sound like your pompous leader.

        • MetroPass says:

          i used the word “hate” and she used the word “dislike.” you are making a big deal out of that distinction?? YOU sound like a liberal. lydia was using the terms ‘prejudice’ and ‘racism’ interchangeably, which is kind of material. and if you read what i wrote, i said she’s free to be prejudiced. i don’t think it’s a good way to live, but it’s a free country. and you are free to be ignorant, martin. keep on keepin on, buddy.

    • John says:

      Most animals only mate with their own kind. We don’t see the similarities?

    • D L says:

      That’s not racism, it’s exercising your personal discretion as to taste. Racism would involve believing you are superior to other races or another race was inferior and thus should be accorded a lower status legally and socially.

      And choosing to prefer a different culture doesn’t necessarily correspond to race. There are people of different races who assimilate into different cultures and like it that way. But our experience has taught us that in general, certain races stick to certain cultures.

    • Zorcon the Deplorable. says:

      I agree, I have always wondered that. I disdain Muslim Arab culture, for example. They treat women like animals, they rape, torture, kill. They live like pigs and always will. They make zero effort to better themselves and I refuse to live like that.

      If that makes me racist, oh well. I hate it for them.

    • Mr Twitch says:

      Everyone is partial to their own culture and ethnicity but when white people do that they are racists.

    • Martin says:

      amen! I don’t give a crap anymore about some whiney, leftist, blk, mussy or hispanic calling me racist. it’s lost its power. their cultures stink, and I want nothing to do with them. and if i don’t like their culture, it does NOT follow that I am a “racist”–in fact, the word has no meaning in that context

    • SenatorSting says:

      The state does not want you to maintain your freedoms of association. They view you like their children that must be forced to get along. Plus they don’t want to lose any taxes from any transactions that are prevented from you excercising your rights to associate with whom you please.

    • MindWarrior says:

      If you don’t buy into the whole racism guilt syndrome, the entire house collapses…that is the foundation it’s built upon. Lydia–your words are TRUE to the utmost!

    • jon doe says:

      That is the kind of thinking that has us targeted for destruction from these NWO leftist. They want people that can think for themselves replaced with mindless sheep that they can “manage”. They want stupid people that will believe whatever they say as long as they get a government check every month. We challenge them and their plans, as we have no use for what they are selling. Now do you see how anything we say means nothing? They don’t care what we want or what we say. They want us out of the way so they can take over completely and run everything. The days when that was considered a crazy conspiracy theory are over. Its right in our faces now. The NWO is real. It is here. We either organize a resistance and meet force with force or we perish. That is it. There is no other way.

    • Waiting, waiting, and waiting. says:

      Because we’re all supposed to aspire to ideals of the ruling-elites-of-the-day. And since the liberals and progressive thinking people of the USA have grabbed huge swaths of “power” for themselves, particularly the mouthpieces… the media and entertainment… we are bombarded by their ideals repeatedly.

      Anyways… if they keep bringing in immigrants and catering to multi-cultural-bend-over-backwards-policies… we’ll have racism back in no time flat.

      The people who speak Spanish primarily, don’t want to change.
      The Muslims, don’t want to change.
      And many other nationalities and cultures are sticking to their own, instead of adapting.
      OH, and now we see African-Americans… wanting segregation?!?! (Keep those racist crackers away from me!)
      The melting-pot was turned off by liberal policies.

      The rest of the world is not concerned about racism… racism and bigotry exists all over the world, and now that we are bringing the world into the USA in droves… we are welcoming back racism and bigotry with the immigrants.

  6. D|[email protected]@mbe says:

    When are they going to start calling all Jews rats and pigs? If you are going to go Fourth Reich, embrace it all.

  7. wjr123 says:

    There is nothing lower in academia than a school of education. This is the result of those schools.

  8. Barleycorn says:

    Estimates of the number of people living in North America before Columbus range from a low of 2 million to a high of 18 million. Is there some reason these “Native” peoples couldn’t share with the settlers. The history of every other landmass in the world involves the migration of tribes and the conquest of Empires. Why are the “native Americans” considered to be so special?

    • Justin James Christianson says:

      well a good deal of them were cannibals or warring tribes, so it kinda boiled into a war, and the natives were put down and the good ones were put in reservations. and people say thats a bad thing…..

  9. steve says:

    These people think there is virtue in self-loathing. There is not.

  10. John ONeill says:

    “We regret that the discussion was poorly handled” actually means “We regret the discussion was filmed”!

    • Beegeezee505 says:

      Yeah! Translation “We’re sorry that you disagree with our obviously more enlightened views on race.”

  11. LCMB says:

    Like 1,000,000 other classrooms across the country.

    I mean, they have Whiteness History Month in Oregon to shame whites about their privilege. #MAGA

    • leslie silk says:

      Seattle school district is participating in Black Lives Matter day Wednesday, October 19 by wearing BLM shirts to work. . God forbid a student or faculty wear a shirt depicting our country’s flag. Can’t wait to move from this piece of shit state.

  12. Harleyrose says:

    No question here.
    That teacher and this mom would have made national headlines and I’m betting the ACLU wouldn’t rush in to drum up riots on my behalf…

  13. Justin James Christianson says:

    the main problem with this way of thinking, is that it encourages the demonification of a certain people, if someone is racist then its ok to harass them and beat them up, if an entire race is racist just for existing then its ok to eradicate that race to end racism. people like that teacher are disgusting and akin to hitler in that they are creating the basis for the events of the holocaust to occur again

    its the same as the thinking blacks are incapable of racism. if someone can never be seen as racist then they can do anything, hurt anyone and be seen as a hero

    both these kinds of thinking are regressive and extremely dangerous

  14. doomdidoom says:

    Wow if I had children in that school I’d pull them out immediately. Education is expensive enough. You don’t want to pay for some liberal nutjobs to brainwash your children and needlessly make the start of their lives difficult untill they figure out what they learned was BS.

  15. Gordon Liu says:

    This poisonous dogma is trickling down from our broken universities. Thank God she recorded this nonsense so he can be punished.

  16. Toby1 says:

    Fucking disgusting what these creeps are putting into the heads of children

  17. Deplorable Redneck says:

    The teacher doesn’t even see how racist their statement is.

  18. sleeperd says:

    ..and yet these kids have no choice.. they are forced to sit there and listen to this hate… and their parents are forced to pay for it with their property taxes….

  19. Libertarianski says:

    so be a human infers I hate animals?
    so to be a scientist means I hate nature?
    typical libbie lemming pretzel logic on parade again

  20. Billy Beefcaked says:

    The progressive liberal Commies Democrats will not stop until every white person is exiting the back of movie theaters, riding in the back of the bus, and are the minions of blacks and Hispanics throughout the country. They will not stop until every white person pays for the crimes of their great great great great great grandparents.

    Remember how all this started. It all started in 2012 in Wisconsin went to elementary school required white people to wear a bracelet to remind them of their privilege being white. It was the Obama administration’s Experiment in the corner of America that has paid off for them. What has Obama’s greatest tool been? Marxism! Unless white people stand up and defend themselves this will only get worse.

  21. rentslave says:

    Of course it is.We are The Master Race.With achievements far beyond those of mortal races.

  22. agreatsign says:

    The left are really fond of projecting that which they are guilty of onto groups they dislike.
    Show me a teacher who will tell students that being white is racist and I’ll show you the real racist.

  23. 1_Happy_Deplorable says:

    “We don’t need no, education…. We don’t no thought control”

  24. Charles Martel says:

    These leftist can’t find any good examples of wide spread racism so they have to come up with unprovable theories to support their claims, which in turn makes them look more like the bigots they have always been

  25. ShoutItOut says:

    Racism is a LEARNED trait period! Morgan Freeman said it best, stop giving it the spotlight, stop talking about and start teaching to be human again. BOTH sides of the fence can be racist period. Now educate and grow the hell up.

    • Bobby Loggendogger says:

      it is learned, I smelled a nigger and saw how they looked like monkey and attack random people and I learned that they are the scum of the planet.

  26. Lance Tyree says:

    Parents going down and confronting these fool school socialists sheds light where these globalist wannabes don’t want it! Fvck these oneworlders and their subversive agendas!

  27. BillClitone says:

    to be black is to be racist.

  28. Attila was a neocon. says:

    Stupid horse crap.

  29. Guest says:

    Without that White “racism” that teacher would not have his job today nor his comfortable existence.

  30. 1_Happy_Deplorable says:

    I was born white. Don’t judge me by the color of my skin. Anything less than that, is racist and I dindu nuffins


    I’d pull my kid from that school immediately.

    • CrystalCoaster says:

      Problem is, the attitudes of officials at that school are pervasive. It’s one reason people home school. The only other way to combat it is to talk to your kids throughout their school years about what they’re learning and explain the other side.


        The other way is not a way at all Home School or Private or move to a place that respects white kids. We moved and it’s great!

        • CrystalCoaster says:

          Good luck trying to find one. My kids went to a mostly white public school in New England and I had to be constantly vigilant of indoctrination.


    Those Liberals are going to ruin your kids lives teaching them they are nothing but trash.

  33. Lookin down from on high says:

    The teachers voice reminded me of the episode of “King of the Hill” and the ‘stickboy” teacher Bobby Hill had in one of the earlier episodes. Thats a major problem in our socieity. Stickboy teachers. STICKBOY!!!

  34. 1_Happy_Deplorable says:

    More like being born white means a lifetime of paying taxes.

  35. Robert Alan Hughes says:

    Guilty white people gives lots of money to the Democrat Party. In this way, the Democrat Party functions a lot like the Catholic Church. But Democrats are more likely to molest your kids if she’s an intern…

  36. BG says:

    Maybe they should have used the globe to point out all of the black and brown dominated countries and continents and then spend the next 4 minutes discussing the contributions to the world coming out of those areas

  37. perpetual victimhoods.... says:

    Just more division from the Democrats and RINOs. Don’t believe the hype!


    If you Demonize these Whites Kids they will fight back when they get older and it won’t be pretty.

  39. Texas Arcane says:

    Alienate, isolate, exterminate. Standard formula genocide.

  40. Phillip Barker says:

    This is the way you replace liberty minded people with the people Hillary mentions in her private Wall Street speeches. You know compliant, easily controlled people who will accept the rulings of the oligarchy without as much objection.

  41. AntiBanshee says:

    That teacher needs to be shipped off to Yemen where he can share his ideas with ISIS.

  42. C.K says:

    In other news, if that we’re a teacher calling all blacks racist, the full name of the teacher would’ve been used, a picture of the teacher would’ve been at the top of the article and the teacher would’ve been fired and humiliated on national television.

    Did I miss anything?

    But it’s against whites, so a slap on the wrist is all this teacher will get.

    Do you see the problem yet? No? What exactly will it take for you to understand what the real problem is?


      They probably gave a pat on the back to the teacher behind closed doors and gave him a paid sabbatical.

    • Me says:

      “Did I miss anything?”

      Yes. You missed that “we’re” means “we are”. You should have stayed in school and learned the difference between words like where, wear, we’re and were.

      • C.K says:

        Yup spelchek shure sux.

        Seee, Im rite abot tha otter stuf an ur to ignant to loook passt a spelllibg eror to undastand the sattemrnintt.


  43. Adm. Adama says:

    So to follow that theory, all Blacks are Criminals, All Asians are good at doing Laundry, All Irish are Drunks, All Mexicans do is Sleep. I see how it is now.

  44. AntiBanshee says:

    Racial harmony promoted from the top down. Thanks Obama!

    • leslie silk says:

      Oblame – o is the personification of a total identity crisis. He had some nerve going down into Kenya and presuming people there were oppressed, convincing them of the same. Just because people don’t share his aspirations of power and wealth doesn’t make them oppressed. His pathology has been projected onto society and the world at large.

  45. John McBride says:

    Our public education system is a sewer.

  46. Chris K says:

    Calling someone racist because of the color of their skin is racist.

    (Noun) – the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

  47. rodlang says:

    Nothing will happen to the teacher….no apology or nothing. The left has taken control of the public school system and they do believe that whites are inherently racist.

  48. Accipiter says:

    This is unreal, what happened to all the good teachers?
    It’s just a bunch of sissies teaching sissies now.
    Majority of these teachers only became one because they want the time off. They don’t really care about the salary, they just want to be lazy.

  49. Wonder if anyone ever thought of teaching students to “act white”, including white students.

  50. Chris K says:

    Can anybody say home school?

  51. Mark Mach says:

    Proud to be a white male. With few exceptions, it’s hard to find anything we use in everyday life that was not invented or discovered by a white man.

  52. Rick Morrow says:

    You should hear what they’re telling students in college these days. You would be shocked. I just told my college student son to let it go in one ear and out the other.

  53. barbara says:

    Sadly, this teacher is playing right into the hands of Soros and the globalists who want people to fight as much as possible amongst themselves so they will become preoccupied with this stuff instead of realizing they are ALL being taken over by this globalist agenda. Soros and the like who have funded this agenda don’t want people banding together because that would really threaten the NWO from going forward. The narrative that if you’re white you’re racist is a FALSE assumption that is being spewed as truth. This indoctrination of false ideology is very dangerous.

  54. Tricky Dick says:

    It’s the same way the Nazis dehumanized the Jews beefier they began their extermination. America should be very concerned over the Progressive idealogu.

  55. Accipiter says:

    Time to start emailing Norman High School.

  56. SomewhereSomehowSometime says:

    The teacher is racist, he was right. He is racist to whites.

  57. Serenity Now says:

    Being white is OK with me. I’m smarter and good looking and I don’t have to steal for a living. I like it.


    The remaining Whites in these Liberal infested areas need to move out like the rest of us did. They will never change and your kids are slaves while living in these hell holes.

  59. RobRoySimmons says:

    “Anti-racism” is just a code word for anti-White and nothing more.

  60. Chris K says:

    Instead of vilifying white people maybe you should thank them for creating real “safe spaces” in the world.

  61. Zazz says:

    It’s a hard rain that’s going to fall.

  62. Mojo Filter says:

    I prefer fit natural blondes that weigh under 135 and have B cups. That means 99% of the American women are fat disgusting pigs.

  63. Rickuh says:

    “To be white is to be racist.”

    To be entirely accurate the teacher should have said, “To belong to an ethnic group is to be racist.” All people self-segregate; primarily by language, then by appearance, then by common interests, etc. It has been that way forever. The crime is to single out white people.

  64. marty martin says:

    Lets look at this a different way. The Democrats and their benefactor the NEA have been successful in programming this young teacher. He now hates his race and is spreading the word doing his job. He won’t be fired or disciplined, he was just doing what he has been taught. Do you think he stands for the National Anthem?


    How to survive in a anti-white racist society called the USA. Step one. Move your family away from the infected cities and towns. Pick a place with none to very little gov’t welfare infrastructure and one that is against having it in their town or unlikely to for many many years. Choose you demographics wisely.

  66. the_white_raider says:

    Well, if the Native Americans of the day had just celebrated multiculturalism and diversity maybe whites wouldn’t have kicked their a*sses. (turning leftist logic around.)

  67. patriot6280 says:

    Apparently, Martin Luther King was a racist, since he was AGAINST judging people by the color of their skin. Which according to the hateful left makes sense…MLK was a Republican.

  68. Rebel Yeller says:

    I want to thank white people for the internet, nuclear physics, automobiles, photography & motion pictures, air travel, the printing press, telephones, eyeglasses, space travel, inoculations & cures more thousands of diseases, air conditioning, the radio, Pasteurization, republic form or democracy, the Rights of Man, computers, TV, movies, sanitation systems.

    I’m sorry that all of these and more have become such a burden and blight on the rest of the world.

  69. Gus Seals says:

    Liberals always act shocked when caught.

  70. Mad Mike says:

    I’m White and I’m proud that my White ancestors created just about every modern conveinience the world has today…so stop with the hate….makes you look jealous.

  71. mv says:

    high school students learn that teachers are stupid.

  72. leslie silk says:

    Will there ever come a time when people will realize their true nature? We are not skin color. Skin color is an illusion, along with everything else. Those that hold so tightly to identity in skin color are wholly out of touch with reality. We are not our skin.

  73. WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues says:

    The indoctrination process is kicking up their momentum. Thank God this kid had courage and a brain to record it and release it.

  74. George6112 says:

    Why don’t the kids protest? That’s what school is for-open forum for exchange of ideas. I had an economics teacher in high school who told us how FDR saved the nation. I stood up and said, “Are you a socialist?” She got mad at me and I told her I would give a paper in front of the class in two weeks time rebutting everything she said. When the time came she wouldn’t allow me to give it so I got in front of the class and gave it anyone. She got mad at that and I don’t blame her and yanked me into the hall. I started laughing at that as she was about fifty pounds lighter than me. I handed the person at the front of the row a copy of my paper and asked that they finish reading it aloud.
    The teacher and I came to an agreement. I wouldn’t come back into her class the rest of the year and she would give me an “A” for the semester.

  75. Maddock631 says:

    Apparently they are also taught that to be a teacher is to be stupid.

  76. Jantavious says:

    Thanks, jews

  77. Stephen F. Paul says:

    it’s disgraceful to our education system and to our country who they are letting teach our children. they should not be teaching their leftist ideology or political views to these kids, that should be a fire-able offense and you should loose you teaching credentials on the spot. never to teach again!
    between the leftist infiltrating our schools to indoctrinate children and the Unions who act as a political super pac for the democrats the children are being robbed of the education they deserve.

  78. CopperheadCSA says:

    To be a public school teacher or administrator is to be an idiot, period.

  79. Machismo says:

    So is being forced to wear a Burka for, or against women’s rights? Is that sex discrimination? ” A Norman North High School teacher is instructing students that “to be white is to be racist, period.”
    Get a new teacher. This one is a nut job! Another Hillary voter?
    I am White, I am Native American, I am English, German, Welsh. Best of all, I am an American. Speak up for your heritage, be proud of who you are, but first and foremost, be an American.

  80. Kevin Williams says:

    If you want to have any chance of stopping this kind of Racist hate?
    VOTE FOR TRUMP take America back from these leftist NUTS.hopefully
    or We will be going down and into a race war very soon Because of the lefts racism and hate.

  81. Michael678 says:

    This has been going on a long time !

    National Geographic Magazine September 2001 “Changing America”, By Joel L. Swerdlow

    American High School Class:
    “I don’t want to be white,” says a white student from Poland. I’m in the
    library with a cross section of students who volunteered to speak with me.
    Others agree with the Polish-born youth, but I’m confused.
    They explain. To call someone “white” is an insult, as are synonymous
    terms like Wonder bread. “I don’t consider myself white,” says a young
    woman from Russia. She has white skin. “Whites act white and do white stuff.”
    “What’s ‘white stuff?'” I ask.
    “White kids act different. They hang out differently. Whites are privileged. They’re
    smart, do homework on time, run the student government, participate in
    plays and musicals, sell stuff, have parents who are involved in the

    “When you go to apply for a job,” says one boy, “you have to act white.”

    Most white students remain silent during these discussions. “I won’t apologize for being white,” says one.

    If achievement—or at least too much achievement—is
    unfashionable and achievement, as they have defined it, is “white,” then
    “white” is not cool.”

    Very sad. You can read the whole article if you Google the title.

  82. Cody says:

    I grew up color blind, but damn if I wasn’t racist before, I am starting to be. White Liberal, self-hating apologists need to be exterminated. They are toxic to the core.

  83. Arzt Merkwurdigliebe says:

    To be black is to be a gang banger on welfare that always presses (D) in the voting booth.

  84. KeithS says:


  85. Mojo Filter says:

    African-Americans are not Americans, they demand to be separate to perpetually receive special treatment and to play unlimited victim cards.

    I really believe all non-whites are ashamed of themselves, they sure act like they have no shame. It really must disgust themselves to look in a mirror. Do something about it, buy a ticket back to the land of your forefathers and live like the scum you all are

    • KeithS says:


      • Mojo Filter says:

        and rape as many girls that they can grab and never work a day in their life, live off the American taxpayer that sends billions in aid… just like they do in the USA

  86. alex carter says:

    I grew up with crap like this – if you’re white you’re stupid, lazy, dirty, crime-prone, etc. OK then why are so many inventors, industrialists, Nobel prize winners etc white huh? Answer me that. Yes I see plenty of us on Welfare etc hell we were on it for a while when I was a kid because jobs for whites were few. But in my own experience and observing regular life, to be white means to be a hard-working mofo who doesn’t/can’t complain because even though they’ll work as much as 1.5 or 2 nonwhite workers, they’ll get the pay of .75 of one.

    This is just asking for a backlash.

  87. Larry J says:

    The next time the school board wants more money, tell them no and tell them why.

  88. T. Nelson says:

    This is not an isolated event by any means. The people that made this country great are being demonized at the same time that the country sinks into mediocrity.

  89. ArmyVet31 says:

    Discipline? Teacher? Never. Say Union, Say Yes!!

  90. TxSon says:

    I am Caucasian and I am NOT a racist. I will freely admit that I am a culturist. (Yeah, I made up that word, bear with me) I disapprove of gang culture. I disapprove of dependency culture. I disapprove of the blame culture. I disapprove of Islamic fanatic culture … the list goes on. I live my life by a set of basic principles: Honesty, Honor, Integrity, and Faith. If you are honest and do what’s right I accept you regardless of your skin tone, place of origin, accent, income, etc. If you are deceitful and do harm, I reject you regardless of any other factor. There it is. I’m a culturist.

  91. Barry Bin Inhalin says:

    First, identifying the ‘teacher’ won’t be hard. Neither should firing him from a cannon be difficult. For cause.

    This is garbage folks. What passes for the touchy/freely liberal way of making our young aware of historical facts is just pure garbage. The NEA is dancing, Democrats are dancing and those of us who remember America, circa 1981 are in shock.

  92. Don says:

    Its too bad this teacher’s parents raised him to be a racist. Mine didn’t, I didn’t raise my kids to be racist either….

  93. raydrnayshon says:

    Keep telling good people that no matter what, they are irredeemably racist. Eventually, the reaction is
    “ok, I’m not a bad person. But I am racist. Guess racism isn’t so bad”. See where that ends.

  94. unoga says:

    Fire the whole lot of them!

  95. Andrew Clear says:

    I’m not racist and I would have a field day arguing with this teacher. I would make them cry for a safe space as a debunk all their immoral beliefs.

    Hell, the left doesn’t even know what racism is anymore (mainly because they are the true racists). They are trying to redefine it so they can keep gaining power. Isn’t it funny how so many white people are saying that white people are bad in public. Do you really think they craft policies or think that way in private? Morons.

    Lefties, polarizing America one group at a time.

  96. Ih2puo says:

    You allow your children to be indoctrinated with this anti-white propaganda. You allow your Nation to be over run with non whites. You will be to blame for your childrens blood being spilled to pay for your appeasement and apathy.

  97. Mojo Filter says:

    I’m a Slash-American, you must bend over a let me — you

  98. Dewreck says:

    This is ripe for a South Park episode. Pure, evil, idiocy.

  99. Smokey Jones says:

    Dumbass left wings. save the world kill yourself.

  100. DiscusstD says:


  101. Les Déplorables says:

    If you think this is bad, just wait until Hillary Clinton cranks up her “implicit bias re-education camp” program……

  102. lysosome says:

    The left is poisoning the English language with nonsense like this. Racism is not something one is born with, it is learned. It is also possible to be taught as a child that racism is wrong (as I was). I fail to see how simply being white makes me a racist by default. The word “racism” is now a meaningless utterance of syllables due to the perverted use of the word by the left. I’m fine with that actually and perhaps one day it will have zero power to influence anyone’s behavior and they’ll be forced to find a different word to defile – then we can be entertained while they do it again.

  103. Dewreck says:

    Identify the teacher.

  104. Greg Cochran says:

    The teacher really should feel awful about being stupid.

  105. MattyMoo says:

    Funny how next to NO ONE agrees with this bullshit 😉 its called “manufactured consent”. Psy-ops 101.

  106. Josh McNattin says:

    It appears that this is based on religious appeal. The preacher tells you that you were born a sinner…but they have a way for you to be cleansed, if only you would repent and follow the true way.

  107. Bill Powell says:

    We will soon be minorities in our own nations. What will the ‘colored’ races then blame their failures on? Oh, and when we, the Euro-descended are truly the minority race in every nation of the world, do you think we will be treated better than we’ve others?

  108. I am surviving Obama says:

    Is his house still standing. These people NEED to be taught a lesson.

  109. doug1961 says:

    Everyone knows who the real racists are…the teacher, the principal, the Superintendent

  110. Have you had enough yet, America?

    No? Very well, let’s go ahead and turn this mother up to 11.

    Feel free to stand up when you’re ready to take this crap SERIOUSLY, and actually DO something to stop it.

  111. wildmanonearth says:

    didnt choose my parents, didnt choose my race dont like it? tough.

  112. 0_0 says:

    I like all races as long as they aren’t uppity.

  113. Jim says:

    So much for inclusiveness and diversity. The only racist is the teacher that calls whites racists just for being born white.

  114. David Miller says:

    To hell with this filth. I apologize and feel for guilty for nothing.

  115. Eugene Morgan says:

    What about the genocide of the Red Haired original inhabitants of America by the Land Bridge Immigrants?

  116. htomc42 says:

    Destroy a people’s minds and expect their bodies to follow.

  117. Lilith says:

    Racist this and racist that……..who gives a flying f***? Take back our country!

  118. billy131274 says:

    Wake up white people. It’s time to stick together.

  119. KevinPhillipsBong says:

    “To be white is to be racist.”

    There are miserable people out there who want to be able to self-flagellate over some form of ‘original sin’ without having to be religious. They are happier still when they can convince others to self-flagellate too.

  120. BillGB says:

    More cretinous nonsense from the beardie trendies right up there with 56 genders and being a man is toxic. Bearinging in mind white MEN invented practically every single thing of the modern World, they should keep their stupid traps shut.

  121. Chris Sinclair says:

    Man the Liberals infesting the schools have gone full retard now. And this may backfire. Ok I’m white so I’m racist…so I might as well act racist then since I’ve been tarred with that brush.

  122. Rusty Wood says:

    That’s the same kind of thing Hitler told the Germans to justify his persecution of the Jews they all they’re doing is demonizing a race

  123. Jim says:

    Liberals want to choose whether a baby in the womb should live or die, and then talks against discrimination. So making that choice is not discriminating? BS ! Absolute phonies, fakes and frauds are all liberals. Insane too!

  124. bob smith says:

    the leftwingers are running and ruining America. smh

  125. dave4848 says:

    Let the lawsuits begin.

  126. bitWeisOr says:

    Name this “teacher”. Who is he?

  127. Raiden Jeremiah says:

    I self identify as a different race each day of the week, just to mess with the libtards. It’s fun, you all should try it.

  128. ChangeThis says:

    The Super said it “was immediately addressed”. LOL!!

  129. EdCrunk says:

    Norman is the one liberal place in OK. It’s because OU is there. It’s full of freaks and kooks… Except for my wife…. She grew up there. LOL.

  130. Eugene Morgan says:

    President Trump has Justice & Punishment tattooed on his knuckles.

  131. civilwariscool says:

    I think once these democrat thug fast food worker teachers are shot and left to rot on sticks, the narrative will change

  132. Doug Day says:

    Anyone who at this point cannot or will not see what is happening, there is no hope for them.

  133. Herman says:

    The ideology of Blackness/Black Culture is racist by definition. I know this essay is a little long, but if you’re sick of this nonsense check it out:

  134. Jjj1965 says:

    And but another lib educator gone wild episode.

  135. Zip Em Up says:

    The plan is to flood the country with members of the newly minted bogus racial category “non white” middle eastern while simultaneously demonizing whites and emasculating men. The result can be viewed across the pond = a downtrodden, compliant populace of sheeple.

  136. Eugene Morgan says:

    Texas better separate fast if Hillary wins. Clinton will guarantee it won’t be a peaceful divorce.

  137. jack quick says:

    I’m surprised at max well silver hammer’s silence

  138. Its You says:


    Like forest elves fought the orc & ate vegan


  139. Right4 Rebel says:

    Parents need to get involved in the school system, get on the school bd, make changes from within. The libs are doing this and controlling what your kids are learning and teaching then how to think/feel about social issues that are best taught at home. STAND UP and make changes!

  140. Cosmo says:

    Your tax dollars at work.

  141. kilroy5440 says:

    Get your kids out of public schools….they’re indoctrination centers, not centers for learning any more.

  142. ReignedWing says:

    The school district claimed that “…the lecture was simply sharing one of several ‘perspectives’ on racism.”

    This is such a cowardly defense, and one used often by the left when caught. We were “just asking questions” and such. Of the other perspectives shared, did any offer a counter-perspective to this tripe? What the teacher was doing is straightforward indoctrination, and none other.

    I’m weary of the incessant pearl clutching. We all read an outrageously outrageous over-step by the left, we vent and we tsk-tsk, and then we move to the next outrageous headline. GET INVOLVED IN YOUR SCHOOL BOARDS. If you can, run for school board office. If you can’t then ensure that those who do run for office represent your interests. Our family has, and we encouraged our friends in other districts to do so as well. If you control the school board, a teacher like this will face punishment, or likely never be hired in the first place.

    Go to dinner with other families and make sure to discuss issues facing the school: budget, curriculum, after school programs, teacher quality. Talk with your friends about the performance of key individuals: the board members, superintendents, principals. If your friends don’t know every single board member by name, educate them. If you don’t know every single board member by name, fix yourself. If the superintendent isn’t saved in your phone contacts, you’re doing it wrong.

    If this filth happens to your child or to a child you know, you need to use social media relentlessly. Expose the teacher, staff, and board members to public ridicule. Post home phone numbers. Call them at work and at home and ask them to explain themselves. Be professional but direct. Meet with the school administration. Record the conversations and then post them. Mobilize with friends and family. Show up to board meetings and demand to be heard. Do something.

    Join the battle or trudge to the rail cars like a good slave.

  143. Marrkedman says:

    This is why the current public (liberal) schools need to be shut down and replaced by school choice. The teacher’s unions in this country have done more damage to this Republic, than even Osama Obama.

    • 3eyedjohnny says:

      If the teacher’s union is the problem how is school choice (which i totally endorse) going to resolve the issue? Won’t the kids go from one bad school to the other? The teacher’s union is not a bigger problem than the POTUS. Common Core is awful. Parental apathy (I’ll just drop my kid off and absolve myself of any teaching responsibility and then bitch about the teachers”) is at its worst.

      • Marrkedman says:

        No. School choice is exactly what it says. I mean “school choice”, whether public or private or religious. I am talking about an end to the teacher’s unions and an unleashing of teachers and the end of “common core”.

  144. K9ndn says:

    Ok Norman high schools in general are becoming a serious liberal toxic school district. I took my kids out of the school and put them in private schools to keep the hate speech away from them. Oh by the way my family is Native American.
    They learned that speech from the mad hatter professors at OU, thanks David Boren!!

  145. Immatellnu says:

    OMG!!!!!! i am speechless… but i will try..
    like the CK debacle for the NFL.. the SJW’s leave one thing out of their protests… the truth.
    To perpetuate this victimization of “minorities” and the perpetuation of whites as rayciss they have to PAINT EVERYONE as rayciss and that is not true… it is a lie.
    A LIE.

  146. zj sky says:

    Pull your children out of this school system ASAP

  147. Bill Smith 999935 says:

    I’m racist because I’m white? Since when is that news. White guiltist liberals have been telling me that for years.

  148. jabusse says:

    Maybe it is time for all us racists to withhold our taxes. Why pay the beast that beats you?

  149. Aleric says:

    White Leftist who are so guilt ridden about being on the top they want to bring everyone down with them.

  150. tgmoney says:

    If being white is Raciest then we better start acting like it. If they want us to go around calling other races derogatory names then thats what well do

  151. Darren Douglas says:

    “You’re Fired!!!!!”

  152. Continuum ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    No one is going to be happy when whites finally decide to become the racists they think we are.

  153. commonman says:

    Maybe this teacher, and the rest of the liberals who feel supreme to other races, can get a pigment transformation.

  154. Joe_E_in_the_IE says:

    Tip o’ the iceberg, America. Tip o’ the iceberg.

  155. 3eyedjohnny says:

    …and this is OKLA EFFING HOMA not Portland, Chicago, Seattle, or any of other bastions of liberal propaganda. Good Luck to the Red White and Blue…it’s only going to get darker.

  156. grey says:

    So in another class will he have a lecture on BLACK are ALL THUGS, on how they cause CRIME, live off the GOV. (we Know that isn’t true but neither is ALL whites are racist)

  157. August Dunning says:

    Fire that dumbass

  158. FairnessDoctrine says:

    This girl shouldn’t have to justify herself by saying that “half of her family happens to be Hispanic”…this is just sad. They are doing this to kids all across the country in high schools and colleges.

    I can’t believe they haven’t been sued…. This is damaging to young people

  159. Thought Police says:

    “We regret that it was poorly handled.”

    No, you regret that you were exposed, you also regret not catching this student with their phone out so you could sic your zombified student body on them.

    Home school your kids people because this isn’t going to stop until we drag these people through the street tarred and feather.

  160. Mojo Filter says:

    “half my family happens to be Hispanic” that gives me unlimited race cards to use

  161. homeboy johnson says:

    Just more hate speech to confuse young minds. Call me racist all day long. I am not bothered by that. Is that supposed to hurt or inflict guilt of some sort? I treat all minorities equally.

  162. JackBootedThug says:

    I’m surprised this wasn’t a grade school class…gotta indoctrinate them while they’re still young and impressionable.

    • Enjoying Life says:

      In some school districts, I can image it already has – we only learn of such things when students step up and report what is going on in the class room

  163. Benjamin Ganser says:

    We should be concentrating on making out our youth competitive with the world not race baiting in the classroom too. I agree with what Morgan Freeman said on CNN. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

  164. Some Guy says:

    Critical Race Theory is the dominant racial theory espoused by colleges and teacher education programs today.

    I earned a masters in education and a requirement class was Social Jusice.

    First day the Lilly white teacher walks in and explains that all white people are inherently racist and that the purpose of social justice is to fight white privilege.

    For the semester we did nothing but learn about how and why all white people are racist and how no minority in the US can be racist against whites simply because the majority race is white and whites control the positions of power. (Of course no mention of interpersonal relationships outside of the US social institutions.)

    The teacher said what they did because they were taught it in their teacher training.

    Shits been going on since the 80s, they’re just starting to push it on the students themselves rather than making them wait till college.

  165. Joe_E_in_the_IE says:

    I smell a Presidential Medal of Freedom nominee if Hillary wins!

  166. Brent Scheffley says:

    And this is what the progressive cause has brought us to. Real racism lies in the hearts of progressive ‘merika’. Simple as that. This isn’t just about race, it’s about wealth redistribution. It’s about those who chose to not be successful trying to take from those who have been. All under the guise of “equality” which as demonstrated by the story is a joke to these folks.
    Critical thinking is an important skill. Thankfully, this young student demonstrated enough situational awareness to capture the indoctrination attempt by this “teacher”.

    • Enjoying Life says:

      If I may add to your list, progressivism is about control – the control of the mind body and spirit of the individual and become part of the collective – who are controlled by the few enlighten elites for the good of the whole

  167. crittergirl says:

    FIRE everyone who is involved. Dissolve the teacher’s union and the parents need to decide what is taught to their kids. VOTE OUT ALL LIBERALS/DEMONCRATS/PROGRESSIVES/SOCIALISTS/COMMUNITS/LEFTISTS

  168. Enjoying Life says:

    This only confirms that this type of talk is going on in class rooms around America each day, the only difference is this time it was recorded – the great American experiment of free education has fallen to a social progressive indoctrination, the teaching of group think rather than the ability to reason and think for oneself – the teaching of a false narrative that causes division among the citizens of this great nation, the creation of an entire new class of victimhood –

  169. Mojo Filter says:

    These minorities — their ancestors are either conquered people or they were too cowardly to defend themselves or their nations. How proud they are to be losers.

  170. Wild Bill Kinda says:

    I like being white. If it bothers you kiss my behind.

  171. MinistryofFear says:

    If the “teacher” had offered a theory that whites were not “racist” he’d be working at Walmart today.

  172. Behonestforonce says:

    Yeah… me where a “brown” culture is comparable to a “white” culture. A world without whites would mean enslavement. Everywhere outside of white cultures are dictatorial or the people are like ants with a hive mentality. You flock to “white” cultures because the “brown” ones are oppressive. Why can’t “browns” create a democracy?? Is it in the genes? Why are we the only ones that can create a society that allows freedom? Maybe instead of condemning us, you should try and figure out what is wrong with you.

  173. Paul Knutson says:

    Government schools are useless for the pupils. If you love your kids, GET THEM OUT.

  174. Mojo Filter says:

    Diversity… Eagles forced to feed the buzzards

  175. feellikeastranger says:

    Labeling all white people racist is:

    1) Not racist
    2) A perfect example of racism

    Basically, “progressives” are idiots.

    • Some Guy says:

      Social Justice is, literally, almost a religion. There’s dogmatic belief, their own original sin (being born white) that can’t be escaped. Salvation comes with admitting your sin to your betters, then doing your best to live a life without sin. But make no mistake, by being born white you are born into sin. There’s no way to prove said system exists, so it relies on heavy doses of guilt and ignorance (and money) to perpetuate itself.

      • feellikeastranger says:

        There is no real difference to this modern day “progressive” movement than a religious cult. Brainwashed idiots spouting dogma that makes absolutely no sense.

        They are spreading their mental disease to “white” kids via publicly funded school systems as their churches.

        Backlash coming soon. Might be violent….

  176. Susan Vue says:

    WHITE Yet Hispanics & muslims flee the _S_H_I_T_H_O_L_E_S_ they created for the paradise that the Christian WHITE man built “America”

  177. Mojo Filter says:

    Labeling all white people racist is one way to get limitless entitlements and special privileges.

  178. Jan_in_NH says:

    Anyone think this teacher has given his property to some minority. Shouldn’t he go find an Indian to give his house and land to, throw in his car for interest.

  179. Still Out of Service says:

    ”It’s not like choose to be racist, but do I do things because of the way I was raised?”

    Sounds like he is blaming his parents? Not my fault…….
    what a cowardly dipsh!t

  180. Fire Marshal Bill says:

    Is Democrat a race? That’s the only group of people I hate and think I’m superior to.

  181. Earnest Evanston says:

    The school district won’t do anything.

    You have to sue these self loathing racists and get the news out. The problem is most editors and reporters are also infected with the unchallenged and unchecked notion that whites are privileged.

    Most Americans living in poverty have white skin. Tell them they are privileged cuz of their skin color.

    There is a growing cancer in America – it’s called liberalism.


  182. Any One says:

    Blacks are the most hateful & racist segment the World has ever known. Don’t believe me? That may be because the MSM is totally avoiding the reporting of the thousands upon thousands of black on white vicious attacks, crimes, home invasions, & rapes (85-95 yr olds & setting them on fire afterwards). It is of epidemic proportions too. Check out the “Colin Flaherty YouTube Channel” for proof! Trump 2016! MAGA!

  183. dont know anymore says:

    Until they start firing teachers for this kind of teaching it will never stop. The teacher should of been fired.

    • Fire Marshal Bill says:

      You gonna complain about it? We’ve been complaining about it for how many decades now? Gotta do something. YOU gotta do something. THEY aren’t going to do anything because THEY don’t care how much you complain.

    • JackBootedThug says:

      “…this kind of teaching it will never stop.”

      You’re being too kind. This isn’t “teaching”…it’s “indoctrinating”.

  184. Probus says:

    So if black that means you’re unprejudiced?

  185. 3eyedjohnny says:

    Here is the answer to these nutjob school systems: schools implode and the liberal wingnuts actually will need to work for a living rather than leeching off the taxpayers. The good teachers (and there are many) would have no problem transitioning to non-taxpayer funded workforce.

  186. N7 says:

    Like the teacher said… This is something that they are actually teaching at the colleges. This is where the teacher learned this. They went to one of those white privilege seminars at the colleges. In these seminars and classes, they are promoting the premise that simply being white is racist. If challenged, they would say that it is possible to not be racist on an individual level, but because of “systemic racism” which unfairly favors whites, than we are all guilty by association. Part of the ideology is that there is no such thing as reverse racism. They lay that down as part of the ground rules up front at the beginning of the classes. So they disregard everything that has been done legally to help lift up minorities and they say that we are all still guilty for prior actions of past civilizations. This is where the teacher got this crazy doctrine and the taxpayer dollars now pay for this indoctrination in the schools. Funny to see what happens when it gets down to the lower levels here…

  187. JackBootedThug says:

    “The lecture began with a video about the “Mistreatment of Native Americans”…”

    First off, there was no such thing as a “native American”. Secondly, is this teacher so misinformed as to not know that most Indian tribes were conquered and/or decimated by other Indian tribes? They did a lot more damage to each other long before the arrival of the white man.

  188. Sincerita1 says:

    If all white people are racists then racism has lost its meaning. Racist has become another word for competent.

  189. Rob says:


  190. Mojo Filter says:

    Shut up and watch your Latina World Series and African Football League, no 68% white population representation there. In a way the Romans had better sports, and fatter lions.

  191. GIVEMEFREEDOM says:

    I call bullshit on ALL this political correctness until the black culture habit of murdering their own people stops!
    Let justice Thomas speak for the minorities not some “always guilt ridden” white guy.

    • bloopnation says:

      You do know that because of certain policies the black culture have been a pawn in an already flawed system. Things working against them and the way they act with each other caused their downfall.

      • GIVEMEFREEDOM says:

        “certain policies”, “pawn”, “flawed system”, “things working against them”, “and the way they act with each other” . . . . You’re much worse than the stupid teacher!
        Left up to people like you, these black thugs would NEVER BE ABLE TO CRAWL OUT OF THEIR GHETTO.
        People like you have them trapped forever, looking for anything but themselves to blame for their shitty lives.

  192. bloopnation says:

    Oh, American. You could have been great. The will was there, the patriotism, and the needed grit to be great…..alas, you were sold out to the highest bidder. RIP.

  193. ByebyeAmcnpie says:

    to be anything but “white” in today’s America is racist… the whites don’t profile.. the whites aren’t getting the jobs based on “white”…and the whites don’t hyphenate ….but maybe they should… whites are just a convenient target for those that piss and moan about everything …if these kids actually studied history… they’d see what this resembles… wake up whitey… or stand against the wall and just get it over with…

  194. Like it is says:

    schooling in ameirca has one goal: dumb down the morons so that they vote Democrat without question. Do your work at home, and make sure to tell your kids the TRUTH about how whites are the LEAST racist of all races, and blacks the MOST racist. You don’t have to preach to your kids; just show them the world outside your house, they will come to the same conclusion all by themselves.

  195. Lydia Long says:

    Leftist definition of racist: People who don’t enjoy thug culture, English that is unintelligible, pants down below the butt, loud women on cell phones, resistance to civilized behavior, propensity towards crime.

    Yep. I’m a racist.

    • dicksuckingmoslemprez says:

      Racism is a normal reaction to assholebehaviour of blacks, browns, and jews

    • ByebyeAmcnpie says:

      A racist has so many selective definitions… if being white and responsible and hardworking by working one or two jobs to keep my family fed; clothed and sheltered; and not wanting to tear down my neighborhood then I guess I’m a racist too.

  196. bitWeisOr says:

    If this “teacher” had said “whites are superior,” we would see his picture, and know his name a dozen times throughout this story. Why have you kept his identity concealed, Victor Skinner?

  197. bloopnation says:

    If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.

  198. bloopnation says:

    Home school.

  199. Eddie Blake says:

    This is insane. I grew up near this area and this is new. I have longed to return to the area as Oklahoma is an area that has maintained some semblance of sanity in a world gone entirely insane. This shows that even tthe most diehard conservative areas are under attack too.

    This is madness and I hope the parents marrch on the steps of Norman ISD. One caveat, The University of Oklahoma is in Norman and that is one of the few pockets of left win lunacy in the state.

    • Shaun Poaster says:

      Whites refuse to murder these people who are abusing their children.

      Wake up and fight back or else die slowly.

  200. Alex de Bellencombre says:

    Trump 2016 MAGA

  201. jwp says:

    This is nothing compared to what’s coming. They want open borders so whitey becomes the minority then the slaughter and pay back can really begin. Any white person voting democrat is voting for their own genocide.

  202. David Harrison says:

    Vote Hillary for more “hope and change”.


  203. Alpha Deplorable says:

    At the end of the day it’s still better being white than a professional victim.

  204. Deplorablynotimportant says:

    [email protected]

  205. Saxon Davis says:

    Better get ready for it. It’s only going to get worse in Hillary’s America. After all, she said she was going to “have a discussion with white people” about their inherent racism. Won’t be long before she has this sort of BS mandated in schools. If you’re white, it’s not all right…

  206. Gotham Knight says:

    Idiot racist teachers are why parents must home school.

  207. Rob Mark says:

    And of course, we all have a democrat (jimmy carter) to thank for creating the dept of education and putting the federal government in charge of all this.

  208. bloopnation says:

    “Teehee” – the government.

  209. buster says:

    Attention White People. If you don’t have your hat on sideways, your butt sticking out of your pants, and walk around grabbing your crotch… you might be a racist.

  210. john pierre smith says:

    the need by some to begin a race war////

  211. Mojo Filter says:

    We’re sorry that America just isn’t good enough for your high expectations,

    here is a one-way ticket back to your third world garbage dumps.

  212. bloopnation says:

    what does the hispanic community think of Trump?

  213. Johnny B Knimble ✓ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

    I’m in disbelief too. Did the “teacher” offer the idea that the logic extends to any race in the world who went beyond their native land? Which puts us all on equal ground,

    “Native Indians” are not “Native”, they migrated from elsewhere and “took over” from others. Give me a break, the attitudes of our founding father’s didn’t start with them, they were not the first explorers, they learned their skills and attitudes from those who were of multiple races.

    Spanish/Mexicans destroyed Indian cultures, along with wiping out the Incas and Aztecs…This is simply White Guilt nonsense gone wild. Literally STUPID Liberal logic some brainless “teacher” heard in school from another brainless liberal, absorbed as true without a complete understanding, then thought they’d spread under the guise of “alternative” ideas.

    Bottom line – it’s “RACIST” to hold stereotypes, bias, and expectations to only one race.

    • bloopnation says:

      Did the Founding Fathers have an opinion on Muslims?

      • Johnny B Knimble ✓ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

        Everyone has an opinion on everything…given how religion was key to their lives back then…if they were to meet a Muslim, I’d guess they would have thought Muslims to be “Heathen and pagan practicers of a nonsensical religion”.

        • bloopnation says:

          I quick researched it, but it seems like they actually defended muslims. but my take on it is that muslims weren’t murdering many people at that time in their murderous history. and muslims definitely wouldnt have been able to travel to england/america because theyre retarded idiots, they had to wait a few hundred years until our government ships them in. thanks.

          • Johnny B Knimble ✓ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

            More liberal nonsense.

            You should crack a real history book, I have and your comment does not jive with the history of Mohammed’s/Muslim’s conquest of the Mediterranean. They were quite capable, vicious, and adventurous in their expansion. Today’s world order is just the ebb tide in their attempts to rule the world.

            Hey, I heard there may be an opening in Oklahoma for someone who knows very little about history but has a good white guilt attitude, you may want to give it a try – no experience necessary.

            “Just when we thought they were out… they come back in.”

          • bloopnation says:

            OMG! I said “during that time in their history” Of course I know about the homicidal history of muslim hordes. just forget it, i see youre on a roll of calling people dummies just because you glean a crack in their intelligence. have a nice day.

          • Johnny B Knimble ✓ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

            There was no “time in history” since Islam started that Mohammed and his posse/followers weren’t aggressive…hence the “Ebb tide” comment.

            Even then when someone else points out the fallacy in your “research” (Google search) of course there are those who know better who are going to help guide you back to reality…you just need to learn not to be so thin skinned after presenting something that makes no sense to those “in the know”…history is history.

            Now you go out there and have a great day too – All the best.

  214. computed says:

    If Trump loses because I’m racist.
    Then we’ll be racist. Not the world I grew up in, but this is the world that the Lbierals agitated and Obama ushered in with his constant division and rehtoric. Spite what the Lying scumbag Liberals will tell you, most white males under 50 grew up in desegragated world and were very unconfortable when our elders now dead and gone used racist inflamatory language.

    These Liberals have no freaking clue what racism, well yeah they do. Those racist dead relavtives of mine were Democrats, Liberal Democrats to the core.

    I believe Whites have shown in the past they do quite well when left alone and to form their own poltical and social group.
    If that’s where we headed. But just remember. Obama Built that!

  215. Keyser Soze says:

    Racism is a LIE perpetuated by social progressives. By definition, no one can be racist. Stop falling for this Socialist drivel.

  216. bloopnation says:

    Next thing they will be saying that being Mexican or black is racist.

  217. vmikid says:

    Fire the FM er

  218. silvestris says:

    So if being white necessarily means being racist, and it’s about traits I was born with and not behavior or opinions I hold, then I guess there’s no point in fighting it.

  219. 13thGenPatriot says:

    Multiculturalism is anti White racism. Diversity means chasing down the last White person.

  220. Pete says:

    The teacher could very well be a racist but we do know that he’s stupid.

  221. Gladys Zybysko says:

    Anyone can claim racism. Very few can actually define it.

    • Keyser Soze says:

      Bingo, because no one can be racist by definition, it is a LIE conjured up by Social Progressives

  222. WhiteyWhitman says:

    This is why all BLM knee-grows and supporters must die. A terrorist organization spewing hatred & racial shaming, this teacher supposedly went to a workshop at a local college, and his take away is all Caucasians are racist? Just because of the color of their skin? What a complete boob, I bet it’s fun being in his class.

  223. zonablue says:

    If a conservative school teacher would have said, “All of this Black Lives Matter crap is nothing more than black racism, he or she would be fired immediately.

  224. Gmama says:

    One perspective on racism? They gave this bigot a chance to offer a perspective, will they now allow a bigot from the KKK or Nation of Islam to offer another bigoted perspective?

  225. Mojo Filter says:

    Ethnic groups are not a race. Blacks and all other cry babies should grow up.

    You don’t hear the Irish complaining about being labeled as lazy drunks, or the Pollocks being stupid idiots, or the Germans and Russians as murderers, or the stinky French, of the [email protected] Englishmen.

  226. Jay Cornelsen says:

    Every race, every culture, every skin color prefer their own. If white you prefer your own culture. In the U.S.A. still basicly Judiaic /Chistrianity. If you are from the middle east, you prefer Sharia Law and culture. If you are from Japan, you prefer that culture. I met an illegal from Kenya, his goal was to make lots of money, become a chief in his tribal home and have 8 wives who would hold his umbrella and follow him around the village. That is all normal and it is good to have diversity around the world. The exception would be those culture that kill you for thinking different. ” Racism is when you see another culture as evil and bad andto the point of dehumanizing. This was done by the SS Nazi’s who looked at the Polish people and Jews as sub-human, even woman and children as deserving to be exterminated. We in North America must stand up for our culture as the best in the world! We are now all colors, many religions and creeds, including, Black, Yellow, White, Red and Gold!” Yes our governments have done bad things however we have learned and have until now stood united.

    However, today as Americans we have to look at how our political system has become corrupted and how our Black brothers and sisters have not benefited from the economic and educational opportunities granted other sectors. This is not right, they are a valuable and unique part of what America stands for. We can see clearly the Democratic Political Machine that controls the Ghetto Cities and the Republican Establishment which has ignored their plight for too long are responsible. We must unite while it is not too late. PEOPLE UNITE against the Establishment of the 1 percent. JOIN THE TRUMP REVOLUTION.

  227. Loupdegarre says:

    Joseph Goebbels:
    ” If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie”.

    Vladimir Lenin:
    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”.

  228. Mojo Filter says:

    Ethnic groups are not a race. If you are ashamed of your skin get it cosmetically changed.

  229. Bryan Mason says:

    Say something even remotely negative about blacks and see what happens.

  230. twilliam says:

    Hey all you white people who live in the north, east and out west…used to be easy for you when “them white people down south are racist” was the mantra from the left. Now you know how we feel down here. #1 You are white, #2 you are southern that adds up to #3 You are a racist. Now #2 has been removed…You white, you racist. Welcome to our world.

  231. orlandocajun says:

    Our kids are being taught by imbeciles.

  232. bloopnation says:

    Ok, calm down. I was asking for the opinion of your personal friends/family. Thanks. TRUMP MUTHAFUCKERS!!!!!

  233. mistermcfrugal says:

    Well, one thing we can agree upon is that racial attacks against whites are explained, with no punishment involved, while racial attacks against blacks are met by immediate firing.

  234. Truthb Trolled says:

    If you think white people have it bad these days….trolls have it worse. Trolls Lives Matter.

  235. bloopnation says:

    “brothers white guilt ridden wife” lol, bunch of morons aint they? i got a few in my family.

    • Alex de Bellencombre says:

      White women are some of the most susceptible to the emotional manupulation of the social Marxists.

      • bloopnation says:

        I’m a white woman and I’m not. Every exception to the rule and stop being sexist. Just because you involve yourself with dummies dont make the rest of us dummies.

  236. fritz keller says:

    Teach them anything but. This is all new world order indoctrination. No borders, one world govt (the UN) one world currency and one world religion. Parents teach your children well in advance and during their public school brainwashing.

  237. rosswill says:

    Also in the headlines, High schoolers have no idea who Stalin or Lenin were or have any idea of the history of communism. The link is that poorly trained teachers with social agendas are spending more time in instilling their own prejudices upon their students than teaching the course that they are paid to teach. I have always made a point of discussing politics and history with my kids and not relying on the school system to inform them.

  238. Me says:

    “….it was immediately addressed”. Yeah, likely will be nominated for teacher of the year and be given a bonus.

  239. goodwood says:

    Sadly there are a lot of people that will read this and agree with the teacher…

  240. Right-wing Realist✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    Diversity is a weapon meant to destroy the people and ideas of the white western nations to pave way for a new multicultural globalist empire.

    • ByebyeAmcnpie says:

      the very culture that they flee to for safety because their own culture would either stone them or cut their heads off.

  241. IbSnooker says:

    The three R’s: Re-distribution, Racism, and Revolution.
    And the taxpayers are left footing the bill.

  242. To be black is to be racist, period.

  243. Greg Mindyobizness says:

    White people are always racist, there is no such thing as gender, global-warming is the most severe threat to humanity, man comes from primordial ooze and capitalism is evil, killing an unborn baby is a good choice… any questions why our young people are the way they are?

  244. DawnEllen says:

    Teaching children to be ashamed of who they are by birth is certainly NOT what America is about (to use the Left’s oft-repeated and erroneously used phrase).

  245. 13thGenPatriot says:

    I was told we are all one race…the human race…so that means there is no White race….which means that “Whites” cannot be racists, because there are no races. So which is it? Do races exist, so we can blame White people for racism or do they not exist? If there are no races other than the human race, then the White “race” cannot be racist and did not commit “race” crimes. There would be no Black “race” to recieve preferential treatment (Affirmative Action) or “reparations”. This needs to be settled by the Liberals. They need to make a decision on whether there are races or not.

    • JwpATX says:

      Even the term ‘race’ is a social construct. It doesn’t exist in biology. Everyone is a human, and guess what, we’ve all evolved to be leery of ‘others,’ in whatever capacity their otherness resides, whether it’s culture, geography, or physical characteristics…

  246. metal says:

    So is he instructing white kids to be racists? Maybe kids should look at it as, “I’m white maybe I should be racist since our society is telling me I am”. Is this what the left is pushing? I know they love pushing “I’m a victim and need the government to protect me”, maybe this is to increase racism so the government can justify destroying whites. Either way, liberalism has destroyed our country and I don’t ever see it coming back from this.

    • JwpATX says:

      That’s kind of where I’m at with all of this too.. I mean… I feel like the majority of white guys have been bending over backwards to not be racist, and all they get in return is hate, so why even try? I think the younger generations can see this from the outside and are more likely to reach that conclusion. So all of this BLM and “hate your own whiteness” nonsense is going to end up with the opposite of the intended effect.

      • metal says:

        It took a lot of whites to elect this “black guy”, I don’t know what else anybody can do to convince them. What I’ve learned is electing a black guy was a mistake, which I’m proud to say, “it wasn’t me”, and lock and load.

        • JwpATX says:

          I hate to say that I agree….. I wouldn’t have 2 years ago. I’m half-waiting for Helter Skelter as the October Surprise this time. I think it’s one of the options in play for sure. And to be clear, there WILL be an October surprise, and wikileaks releasing emails isn’t even close tot he level I’m talking about. Oct. 2000, internet/tech bubble bursts. Oct. 2008: housing market crashes. Oct. 2016?

  247. Liberals operate by “Accuse others of what you do and who you are.” This is what Vladimir Lenin spoke of. By labeling the student racist solely due to her race, the teacher can then validate their racist feelings towards others. So in essence, it is the teacher who is racist, not the student. Liberals are deranged people. This person should not be teaching. Period.

  248. MamaCat says:

    Fight back by participating in those small local elections. Know who you’re election to you school boards. Go to those board meetings and make your voices heard. This didn’t happen overnight, it happened while parents were being complacent or too busy to care.

  249. fastcat says:

    So is the theory that we need to attack and demonize white people in order to “heal” the racial divide? These people need some serious mental health care and IQ tests because they’re showing the intellectual capacity of sheep.

  250. avante230 says:

    So when will we wake up?

    • David Martin says:

      I’m completely see this as a piece of shit teacher, who should be fired! Don’t “cherry pick” idiots as use it as a swath to label all of us. Come on man. RESPECT.

      This is wrong and so is your using this to say whites are being attacked by minorities. Seriously, youhonrstly think I condone this crap? Really, a two branch military service member? We have a brotherhood thicker than our families, because we literally had each other’s “6”. That will never change and you know that…”United we stand, divided we fall,” remember this always when you see shit like rhus, onay brother?
      Semper Fi, do or die!

      Outside influences are trying to divide us, mainly Russia, remember that…you are my brother and I will always defend you…that’s just the way it is!

  251. Tim Page says:

    This is why people don;t even care any more. The left has worn out their own language. Yeah I’m racist Heil Hitler FU

  252. John John says:

    perfect example of just how marxist-indoctrination using in this case racism to instill marxist-mind-conditioning – aka BRAINWASHING. this teacher is brainwashed, by university marxists, and is now doing the same thing to his current students, that’s how marxism operates. the marxist-democrat party and the globalist elites are the head of the snake that is satanic led marxism.

  253. ms20 says:

    Too bad only one student took offense at the ignorance of that idiot teacher. More effective would have been for the majority of the class to stand up to that “lecture” and show how insulted they were. Even worse, too bad only one parent did something.

  254. silvestris says:

    Your family obviously understands one thing the “tolerant” left doesn’t: “Illegal immigrant” is not the same as “Hispanic” or “Latino” for those who prefer the latter term. I’ve never heard Trump say anything negative about any race, but he has denounced the behavior of sneaking across a border unlawfully. From this, the left gleans that Trump is racist, because when they hear “illegal,” they think “Hispanic” (which in itself is racist, isn’t it?).

    Mexico captures and deports large numbers of illegal immigrants within its own borders. They’re nearly all from Honduras, Guatemala, and other Latin American countries. Should we conclude that Mexico hates Latinos?

  255. Liberals have made America very, very sick.

  256. disqus_5HDs5CRPFd says:

    I feel like it is human to be a bit racist or to be tribal. We are social animals and we tend to categorize each other and create spheres of influence. This is not a “white thing” this is a human thing. Whites have never been more racist than other groups. The difference is that Whites have been more powerful than other racial groups. Not more racist, more powerful. If you went back in history and made subSaharan Africa the epicenter of enlightenment thought and the industrial revolution you would end up with a similar scenario with black Africans taking over and dominating other areas of the world.

  257. fastcat says:

    They have control of our schools, our media and our political offices. I’m not sure how we fix this, short of a revolution.

  258. Wile E. Coli says:

    Teachers will turn out to be the root cause for many of America’s problems.

    • Dave_Cognac says:

      AMEN!!! Has been since the 60’s. Now, they’ve defined the verbiage: “going full retard”. Not even a learning environment – simply brainwashing garbage. Why we’re behind the world when we used to lead – all thanks to democrats and liberalism.

      • fastcat says:

        Communists do it. They call it “re-education camp” but we support it and pay for it in our own schools.

  259. RunHard says:

    Nobody is born as racist. Somebody taught him/her.

  260. olddog says:

    Indeed..I’m a Deplorable, PROUD Wayyyyyycist and other “stuff’ and thingys too..(D)oncha Knoooooow..OH THE JOY!!!

  261. adam says:

    democrats are all deviants and socially and mentally bankrupt so they expect everyone else to feel sorry for their plight and to try and find answers to their meaningless and confused and empty lives. Gender confusion, sexual confusion, economic and social poverty, Godless ungrounded lives that is the left. And they call the right crazies…….

  262. Sam Spade says:

    These. nigger teachers are ruining white American culture!

  263. fastcat says:

    If this “re-education” is allowed to continue to it’s obvious ends, it will involve the taking of land and property from all white people in order to “redistribute it more “fairly”. Sound familiar folks? It’s happening, history does repeat.

  264. Bob Marshall says:

    All people are inherently racist. It is a normal evolutionary trait to be distrustful of people outside your tribe. Most people in today’s day and age overcome their first instinctive impulse. The people that don’t are the only true racists.

  265. The teacher should also know not to use the term “Native Americans.” They were never native to the Americas. They are from Asia and they crossed the Bering Strait to America. They’re immigrants like everyone else here. Nor are they pristine victims. They were 500 tribes in a constant state of war with each other, raping, killing and even eating their enemies. Many innocent whites died at the hands of them.

  266. Johnny B Knimble ✓ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

    This is what real racism looks like, not the privileged white guilt liberals are promoting. Sadly even if they had the world, they wouldn’t know what to do with it…kinda like liberal Democrats…eight years and we’re still in wars in the middle east and still haven’t recovered from an economic meltdown of greed.

    Either you lead and get things done or you should just get out of the way…I’m voting for Democrats to step aside and let someone else give the recovery a shot, their ideas and actions just haven’t worked to our advantage. Unless of course you believe the BS stories about Zero inflation and you enjoy 0.001% interest on your money. THEN, you should ask for more of that from Hillary, cause she’s going to tax you more to make her ideas of a utopian society come true. What a joke.

  267. trudat says:

    It’s called Brainwashing: for every smart kid that calls BS, 10 become indoctrinated. If I can make you feel guilty, I can make you feel weak and powerless…. and thus control you. Whether its grade school or grad school, the system is all about manipulating minds. If you don’t fight back now, your children will become nothing more than mindless slaves to the elite establishment (same establishment supporting Clinton).

  268. NCBrian says:

    Liberal madness. We should nationalize the schools. Wait, what?

  269. IbSnooker says:

    “used her cell phone to record a classroom lecture at Norman North High
    School in which her teacher, who also is not identified, explained how to “heal the racial divide,”

    See, here’s part of the problem right here. If you’re working on the taxpayer dime, and you’re found to not be acting in the taxpayers’ best interest, then you need to be called out by name. How often does some government bureaucracy make some boneheaded decisions, yet the stooges behind those decisions are never named? It happens all the time.

  270. Mojo Filter says:

    Can’t they see all this “whites are racist” bologna is hurting my white little old feelings?


    Time to stand up and fight back. Demand the teacher to be fired and anyone who protects the teacher is to be discredited.

  272. NCBrian says:

    Yeah, i’m sure the Democrat school board is going to get right on fixing this. More likely they’ll figure out who the kid is and suspend her for using her phone in class.

  273. bloopnation says:

    I see that you see. If not for all this BS then what? We’re here to discern the difference between the two. Good luck to you and yours.

  274. Helen says:

    wow. Liberal Terrorism again. Just like Hitler. Instead it will be white genocide.

  275. The Dog says:

    Government Schools, (a.k.a., “public schools”) are Wonderful!
    Aren’t we glad we went there; don’t we wish everyone did?

  276. spric says:

    Fire that idiotic bastard, revoke his Oklahoma teaching certificate.

  277. Left wing persons who embrace socialism and communism have a hatred for white Christian culture.

  278. Seamus Stains says:

    The enemy is at the gate.

  279. Pepperspray137 says:

    Trump is offering school of choice, that means loser self loathing leftists will find it more and more difficult to keep a teaching job because their students all leave.

    • Churyl Minne says:

      Exactly why the NEA and other teachers unions fear him. Offer public charter schools as an alternative and we WILL get better educated and less indoctrinated students.

      • Pepperspray137 says:

        The NEA bureaucrats should fear him, the Teachers (who do their jobs) should not. Teachers will begin to make their way back to being important people instead of just steps in an indoctrination process to make them compliant and ask no questions.

  280. Antonio says:

    Has this teacher been fired yet?

  281. Alucard_the_last says:

    If we are so ‘racist’ then maybe tax dollars need to be segregated. White taxes go to defense and welfare for whites only, black tax dollars will be used for black welfare, etc. A week without our racist dollars and it will hit the communists where it hurts most.

    • Steve says:

      For 40 years my generation made things better. Haven’t heard the N… word much. Now since obama I hear that word every day.
      The kids in High school use it all the time which brakes my heart.
      Why do they use it? Because they see the animals burning down the towns. That’s all they see and know.
      Great job people. Makes me sick.

  282. HJD says:

    This is happening in more places than just Oklahoma. An elementary school in Denver had a showing of a movie called ‘Am I Racist’ in their school auditorium. It was attended by parents and teachers. Now they will influence their children. Implicit bias, they’re calling it. It’s as if only white people are racist. And we all know that is simply not the case.

  283. elchucko says:

    Is the teacher really white?

  284. Martin says:

    Many “teachers” are the problem, NOT the solution

  285. Jus Wundrin says:

    Parents: take your kiddies out and home school. Do whatever you have to do to make it happen. Less kids = less ANB (average number belonging) = less $$$ for schools. Kids today dont even know how evil communism is, or how many were butchered under uncle joe stalins purges.

  286. doug masnaghetti says:

    Ignorant liberal freaks have completely taken over our education system; people who can’t produce ANYTHING of value……These freaks need to be purged from our education system.

  287. Rye Irishman says:

    Start with the school board.

  288. Garys_opinion says:

    ““Mistreatment of Native Americans”” Governmental mistreatment of American Indians was put on steroids by Andrew Jackson, a Democrat, who forced them onto government reservations, then stole their land. He was also a cruel slave holder who thought nothing of whipping, or even killing slaves.

  289. Mojo Filter says:

    Don’t worry, we are paying for it big time, one TRILLION annual entitlement payments. We are such a bad society, rotten, having the dumbest, fattest, laziest, lawless, unemployable thuggery of all time. and they still demand more.

    1/4 of the national debt went to feed and house the bottom dwellers that are happy to remain on the bottom begging

    We give minorities free college education if they want it, they drop out because they are just too stupid

  290. lukenev says:

    Thank you Obama (racist and chief).

  291. Veritas says:

    If this trend continues then the genocide of Europeans is the logical endpoint.

  292. DealWithIt says:

    Fire him for starters, then a bunch of okie rednecks need to whip his racist azz!

  293. Major Remington says:

    It’s a no-win situation for whites. It should be clear by now they want us all dead, or at least in full submission to them. Had enough yet? I have.

  294. Mojo Filter says:

    You want to live and earn money like a CEO…. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND EARN IT

  295. Clinton4Prison2016 says:



  296. JJC says:

    OK, so I am a proud racist, very proud indeed.

  297. Chris says:

    “You start telling someone something over and over again that’s an
    opinion and they start taking it as fact,” the student told the news
    site. “So I wanted him to apologize and make it obvious and apparent to
    everyone that was his opinion.” No, honey, he knew exactly what he was doing:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually
    come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State
    can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences
    of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its
    powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and
    thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
    “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental
    principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points
    and repeat them over and over” – Joseph Goebbels

  298. mychildsfuture says:

    Racism no longer requires overt acts or even intent. Racism is something you are born with. The lighter your complexion, the more racist and the more privileged you are. Because institutionalize racism died a generation ago, race-pedlars need a new target. The target ironically is your race.

  299. racaesar racaesar says:

    Now let’s say that same teacher got up and said Black Lives Matter is a racist domestic terror group. (Which, by the way, it is). Think he would’ve gotten the same soft rebuke from the school administrator?

  300. Mojo Filter says:

    Do they think white people were never enslaved by the Kings of Europe? Majority of the ancient white people dug in the dirt day and night and owned nothing.

  301. Captain Reynault says:

    “Racism is an important topic that we discuss in our schools” … if by “discuss” he means “indoctrinate with leftist, elitist lies.”

  302. katzkiner says:

    Then they wonder why something like 600,000 Whites are assaulted by blacks each year according FBI table 43.
    When does this horse ☆☆☆☆ end?

    • LordValve says:

      It ends when every white person is carrying a firearm, and when enough of these miscreants assume room temperature to give the rest of them something to think about. Assuming, that is, that they are capable of rational thought.

  303. SenatorSting says:

    If you let your kids be abused in a classroom like this, you are complicit in the child abuse.

  304. Mojo Filter says:

    Like Farrahkhan once said, White people will take this crap from blacks for just so long and then…

  305. xKnowTheTruthx says:

    This is nothing short of child abuse, high school students are under age and therefore children. Inciting hate and division on impressionable young minds by a figure of authority is again mental child abuse. These clowns, especially those that were in charge, knew what was going on and allowed it to happen and continue to do so should be promptly removed and barred from the education system indefinitely.

  306. hb2 says:

    The school system needs to be tore down and replaced, not reformed.

  307. Roger Bacon says:

    Fire this “teacher” immediately. This person should never ever be in a teaching position ever again.

  308. SebastianX19 says:

    Pre-genocide narrative. Imagine telling Jews being Jewish is inherently oppressive. The left wants to exterminate whites, period.

  309. SteveDave123 says:

    Original sin of the white skin

  310. Johnny B Knimble ✓ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

    The Western world still extends a hand to the poorer countries of the world, many with Islam as their primary religion. That’s not “White Guilt” or “Racism” that’s something to be proud of – teach how America and the West have modernized the world to better the human race and help feed the world.

    I’m white and I will not be victimized by the ideas of racist hatred promoted by minorities that cannot comprehend the vast success of Western World. Even now we attempt to free them from their own dictators they flee in fear. It’s the West seeking a peaceful resolution to the problems of the world, when was the last time we heard of the Middle East recommending a peace treaty in comparison to the ME offering threats of war and terrorism. Muslims are being used as tools to further an agenda of hate so a selected few can get their way…nothing ever changes in that regard an it has precious little to do with “racism”.

  311. Mojo Filter says:

    F it, cut them all off, no more entitlements.

  312. Scott says:

    Piss on that idea!

  313. Connor Patrick O'Shea says:

    And people wonder why we home school.

  314. MauserK98 says:

    Every day I get up and hate this nation more and more.

  315. Captain Reynault says:

    “… a perspective that had been shared at a university lecture …”. Well in that case, it was super OK. — Crap is crap, regardless of the setting or presentation.

  316. Churyl Minne says:

    Sounds like a serious problem with this teacher…. suspension probably firing. The only whites that have privilege are named Clintons, Bushs, Kennedys, Kerrys, Cuomos etc. Basically the elites sending their kids to private schools and high end universities. The rest is made up BS.

  317. ScienceABC123 says:

    Note the school district never said the teacher’s statement “To be white is to be racist, period.” was wrong. Just that it was presented poorly. I expect the next time they’ll make sure no one can record them first.

  318. sw614 says:

    I find it odd that this crap is only perpetuated in predominately white countries; Canada, The US, Australia, Europe, etc. I do not see multiculturalism being pushed in Central America, South America, Africa, the Orient, the Middle East, etc. Why is that? Why is it only whites are demonized over policies and actions done in the past? Why is it only whites are racist when history is full of examples of otherwise up to and including today?

    More liberal BS being programmed into our children.

    • 0bsoleteMan says:

      Exactly. Nobody says that countries like DR Congo or Nigeria need more whites.

      • Beegeezee505 says:

        That’s because the whites might actually do some improvement to those countries by bolstering the middle class. And that makes it harder for would-be dictators to keep power.

  319. interventor says:

    They regret the exposure.

  320. TED from Boston says:

    To be a teacher today is to be a socialist. Is that a fair equivalency/

  321. oldjake says:

    If whites are racist, why haven’t we simply killed everybody else? Where are the white crowds beating, burning, looting? This teacher is obviously too stupid to work with impressionable youth.

    • MauserK98 says:

      There was a point in the American Civil War, about 1864 when Richmond, VA, was under siege, that the confederate leaders pondered the future of the post south. Shelby Foote, a great Civil War Historian, said that the South never contemplated a final solution for the slave issue. The thinking was too alien for the time. It had to wait just 75 years.

  322. Sorceress says:

    Hey. Pay attention. I want to say this only once! Everyone who was born here (legally) is a Native American. Even the people called variously, Native American or Indigenous People originally came here from somewhere else. Most were here probably from Asia over the land bridge or from any of a number of other places where they immigrated to this continent. I am sick, no, I mean SICK of this push to frame ordinary people as racist for the mere fact that they exist. You want RACIST? Try black lives matter. Those guys are racist. Most white people stopped caring about the color of another person’s skin a very long time ago. Leftist/communist/Marxists believe that it is good to keep dividing the people into a bunch of tiny small minded aggrieved groups who are then put against one another for various reasons. Racism is the easy way since America consists of a large number of races. Pay attention to this: The only thing that all this push for “Diversity” does is divide. Our slogan is E Pluribus Unum. From many, one. Not from many, many more. It is easy to understand. If these, and I hesitate to call them this, teachers had any intelligence at all, they would not be stooges for the left. They would actually teach kids about the incredible country we have been given and how we are all Americans no matter what our race, religion or ethnic background is. Instead, they are pushing this filthy agenda of division and false racism as a way to assist the factions that want to see America fall. Any teacher who says the word “racist” in conjunction with the word “white” ought to be fired for incompetence and for promoting racism. There is no such thing as “white privilege” and white people are no more racist than any other race. Probably less so since the whole white guilt baloney has been pounded into them for so many decades. It is time to stop the nonsense. Teach kids how to think for themselves and how to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong. Better yet, home school you kids if there is any way to manage it. Send them to private school if you can. Do whatever you can to get them out of the propaganda farms called public schools.

    • We are not alone says:

      Sadly though, if you home school your children, you are still FORCED to pay school taxes. So even though you’re not sending your children there, you are still paying these morons to indoctrinate other children in the city/county/town. I think its total BS. This is what happens when politics/government gets involved in education. Just like everything else, IT GETS RUINED!!!!

  323. John Dillon says:

    Uh, someone failed at using a dictionary. This is the definition of racism. Look it up morons.

  324. John Wayne says:

    Inconceivable! “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    Gobment schools: A breeding ground for Marxist ideas to breed the next generation of Socialists.

  325. Mojo Filter says:

    Group the student in classrooms, sorted by their intelligence and see what occurs. This is the way it should be done, let the smartest learn with the smartest WHY HOLD THEM BACK BY PUTTING THEM IN WITH THE STUPID LAZY THUGS. Give the stupid lazy thugs their own school, with a 40 foot wall with barbed wire and several gun towers — that is how they will end up anyway — why drag down the entire society.

  326. A Adams says:

    Well then if the “racists” don’t keep paying all the taxes, she won’t have any chalk or books to indoctrinate the urchins…

  327. Bn2d says:

    Utter BS from white trash ashamed to be white. Sickening

  328. Walter Sobchak says:

    self-hating liberal. Next!

  329. Jonathan says:

    Institutional racism is now by law against white people. Take affirmative action for example.

  330. Captain Reynault says:

    “… students in an elective philosophy course …” implying it was the students’ fault for being there listening to the crap.

  331. csfurious says:

    The fact that the school district either did not or cannot fire the teacher tells you all that you need to know about public education. Additionally, I will just say that there is evidence that students who graduate college with a teaching degree have lower IQ’s as compared to other college graduates.

  332. BraveNewWhirled says:

    Abolish the free, compulsory, centralized government school system. Start with the Dept. of Education and the communist National Education Association. Get your kids out of government school, people!

  333. Mr Adman says:

    This is why I would never enroll my kid in the public school system!

  334. booboo says:

    I would stage a walk out. The school can fire the teacher, or explain to the media why so many kids refuse to attend the school.

  335. Jbburrage says:


  336. Mojo Filter says:

    You could give them everything, and by next week they would have pissed it all away, destroyed it all and demand even more next week.

  337. Davy Buck says:

    Yet one more reason homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds.

    • MauserK98 says:

      There are perfectly good Lutheran schools that are better.

    • Oaksford says:

      There was a GI bill given to veterans, once upon a time. It was a voucher that could be used at any number of educational outlets, including trade schools. We as a people can demand such vouchers be given parents to be used in their states, whether for home school curricula and organization or for any institution that offered EDUCATION for one of our citizens.
      Not a citizen?
      No voucher.

  338. Captain Reynault says:

    “… a teacher was attempting to convey …” meaning that being incompetent as a teacher is not the issue, conveying crap is not the issue, attempting to convey pure crap is not the issue, but that incompetence in a teacher is acceptable as long as they are trying.

  339. The Superintendent’s comments require some translation:

    “We regret that the discussion was poorly handled.”

    We regret that a student managed to record one of us with our agenda hanging out of his pants.

    “When the district was notified of this concern it was immediately addressed.”

    From now on, no recording devices will be permitted in the classroom.

    “We are committed to ensuring inclusiveness in our schools.”

    You won’t catch us again.

  340. Jonathan says:

    Affirmative action
    Propaganda in college and public schools

    White people are now the targets of real institutionalized racism and yet blm claims it’s against them.

  341. NJguy - Proudly Deplorable says:

    ALL these “teachers” and their unions must be hanged.

  342. Septic Stew says:

    Public schools are indoctrinating your children. Get them out if you can.

  343. Marathon-Youth says:

    If I am a racist for being a white man that is fine with me. Then racism is part of my race. Any racist act is a natural act on my part and I have a God given right to be a racist.

  344. Alec Wood says:

    Wake up white folks. Buy ammo, race war is coming.

  345. Sam says:

    All the ‘less pigmented’ students should refuse to go to that school and take their tax dollars with them.

  346. Alec Wood says:

    The NWO Zionists will use the State, the negroid and the Muslims as brown shirts against us. Rise up and prepare to defend your race

  347. Julian Fries says:

    Is it racist to mention our muslim president is a spade?

  348. Oaksford says:

    It starts in grade school, where a kindergarten teacher has tenure. The staff in our ‘public’ schools hold a monopoly on our children’s forced indoctrination. The schools are now propaganda organs for the deep state, which seeks to eliminate classical education and the teaching of critical thinking, rather they would raise up a society of group thinking sheeple. This foul attack upon the information needs of a free people has been going on by ‘progressives’ since the turn of the last century.
    Look at the result: leftist group thinking press, leftist group thinking instructors, leftist group thinking politicians, all guided by the ‘donor’ class of the financial elite globalists.
    Do we want to be free?
    Well the chains are being forged now, so if we would be free we must stand together by November 8th or live under unending tyranny.
    I pray my brother and sisters open their eyes, ears, and hearts before we are all swept away, in Jesus name, amen.

  349. I_KICK_HIPPIES says:

    Public education = leftist indoctrination

  350. Joe Sixpak says:

    busted and back peddling, this is how it works

  351. kirb says:

    There are no racist Whiteys.

  352. BluzLover says:

    Welcome to Amerika, please turn in your brain at the counter over there, enjoy your stay.

  353. Dan Ros says:

    The racists are all black, latina and asian. Institutional victimhood, is a bit more accurate.

  354. MicheleLloyd says:

    Wow…little did I, and perhaps others, know that the ‘three R’s, readin’ riting’ and rithemetic’ was joined by another r ‘racism’ and that that r would dominate the other r’s.
    Little wonder American students continue to lag behind other students in mathematics and science.
    The teacher needs to be introduced to another word that begins with R – retired with prejudice.

  355. hanginout says:

    And we wonder why our kids can’t read…can barely with…and can’t balance a checkbook…

  356. civilwariscool says:

    teaching democrats to kneel in front of a pit grave is far more of a life skill

  357. Larry Rappaport says:

    It’s unequivocally true that had his happened in my kids or grandkids school? Fill in the blank but kindly end that thought with…..and HEADS ROLLED.

  358. In my experience, the majority of ‘white’ people in our country are not the ones who are racist. It seems those with darker skin have become so. Every bunch gas it’s bad eggs. But using history the is hundreds of years old to classify one race as racist, is just plain stupid. In order to remove racism, we need to stop focusing on it and legitimizing it! Stop grouping people as such! We are Americans first and last. Your skin tone should not define you; your choices should….

  359. sosorryononame says:

    Fire them.

  360. Legalize Freedom says:

    Exactly the kind of behavior that one should expect from a STATE school.
    I mean no offense in this. I agree that the issue raised in this article is absolutely ridiculous and that this type of garbage should not be in our schools. That said, t is obvious that the public school system is overrun with those who serve the STATE and want to control the future by indoctrinating the young of today.

  361. rbblum says:

    In order to fundamentally transform a constitutional republic it is necessary to agitate and disrupt the educated, law-abiding, civil society to its core.

    • Tyler Smith says:

      What will it take for people to realize this is an arm of the Democrat Party? Stop voting for Democrats!

  362. Bill Redd says:

    It’s simply time to remove these America haters from positions of influence and rebuild our country from the damage this mulatto in the whitehouse has done with his hatred of whites and America.

  363. alpha_protagonist says:

    Liberal whites are the enemy of the state.

  364. Tyler Smith says:

    It’s only going to get worse. The Democrat Party and its goons are non- stop anti- white. If you keep voting for Democrats you are going to make this country unlivable. The Democrat Party has gone off the rails. They are an arm of the anti- American communist party and they are using your vote to dismantle this country and its founding principles. Please stop voting for Democrats. You’re killing us

  365. Richard M. says:

    Well I guess it’s a good thing I’m not “white”, last time I checked “white” isn’t a race or ethnicity. I believe I am caucasian, I know semantics right?

  366. KorruptKlintonKlan says:

    To be a Teacher Today,

    you have to be a propagandist,

    and like boys and girls, your students parking, motels and home.

  367. Thesecondrckoning says:

    Please stop calling these people “liberals”, they are leftists that can only get their point across through intimidation and violence. They attack you because they know you are moral and follow the rules. They do not believe that they have to follow rules.

  368. Taluca Lake says:

    That’s an NEA member for you

  369. Navyvetew1 says:

    Liberals are now the largest group of racists in the country.

  370. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Demean or Destroy everything the White Man has contributed to the Global Community and do you know what you’ll Get? …………. Equal Sqwat.

  371. Chuntry Singer says:

    This is what the divisive leftists have turned our schools into; Radical, racial-hatred breeding grounds and self-loathing therapy sessions for white kids. This is all part of the plan to destroy white people and culture: aka-“diversity’.

    The rabid political correctness has not only failed, but backfired. The left are starting a race war, and it will only get worse.

  372. trixie1223 says:

    Oh boy, I cannot wait until the democrats lose

  373. Rick Schweikert says:

    In the first debate, Hillary agreed there is “implicit bias” by every one against black people. She promised to put funding in her “first budget” to fight this bias. Surely she will install supreme court justices and Washington bureaucrats that will help protect the teachers that chastise little children about their inherent racism.

  374. jaz says:

    It is a bad decision to enroll our children in the neighborhood public school. The product is horrifyingly inadequate. Find a kid who can spell the previous sentence without spell check. We’ve all seen kids who can’t make change for a burger out of a $10 bill without a calculator. They believe in fairy tales, don’t know history, and to top it all off – they vote – with a smug self-righteousness that is downright frightening.

  375. Hot Velveeta Deplorable says:

    That excuse for a teacher and superintendent need to be fired… yesterday~

  376. Roger Lepus says:

    The hate spewing arrogance of these people is out of hand. This person should be fired. What in the f&ck is going on in schools. This crap has to stop. How does the state and the school boards allow this type of thing to go on. This is why their system needs to be trashed and started all over again.

  377. Worldsinmind says:

    Remove your kids. Home school. When the idiot teacher has no job they can live off food stamps.

  378. Stephanie Payne says:

    Folks, just the latest example of how the leftists are indoctrinating the next generation of our children. They’ve controlled education for more than 4 decades now, and we all can see the “fruits” of their efforts… self-loathing whites, America-hating citizens, men who want to be women (and vice-versa) and a weaker nation as a result. Now, a majority of the disgustingly indoctrinated so-called “millennials” prefer Communism to freedom. You know that makes the leftists giggle among themselves.

  379. bugandco says:

    They know who gave rise to civilization, and they know that it is not them.

  380. Karl Driver says:

    I like being white. I’ve been white my whole life. I have very good friends of all ethnicities but I don’t need to make any apologies to anyone for being white and I won’t. I like who I am.


      You should feel guilt and shame for something your forefathers did several hundred years ago.(sar) The only reason the victimized races carry no guilt is because they don’t possess a written history of THEIR atrocities. Whites are doomed by their own intelegence.

  381. SUSTAINABILLY says:

    ” a teacher was attempting to convey to students in an elective philosophy course a perspective that had been shared at a university lecture he had attended,”

    Yeah…He’s just disseminating Marxist propaganda in an effort to indoctrinate kids.
    We gotta start somewhere. They are accelerating this agenda at a break neck pace

  382. Joe_E_in_the_IE says:

    Teacher of the Year nominee.

  383. SUSTAINABILLY says:

    We gotta start somewhere. They are accelerating this agenda at a breakneck pace

  384. dieter says:

    The socialist totalitarians have taken over the education systems, 1-12 and college, and are actively propagandizing our children to manipulate them into mindsets that will increase the percentage of the population that will become leftist ideology accepting drones and become Dem voting automatons. They don’t have the slightest reservations that they are forever damaging the maturation process of kids in a way that will harmfully affect their entire lives…to the leftists these immature kids are just tools to further the leftist grab for power.

  385. ltcajh says:

    If possible get your kids out of government schools!

  386. Curly Bill says:

    Too bee a hi skool teechurs means being stoopid but a gud teechurs unyun membur.

  387. “Everyone is prejudist the difference between being prejudist & racist is racism is propelled by hatred in order stop racism we need to stop catergorizing people” – KRS1

  388. Logan says:


  389. Utterly Deplorable says:

    “We regret that the discussion was poorly handled..”
    How about “We regret that the discussion was brought into the public eye…”

    Time to start weeding out these racist bastards who are ruining this country.

  390. Descanti says:

    And the cycle of Bolshevik indoctrination that began in the late 1960s has completed. I am going to guess that the teacher, and I use the term loosely, is between the ages of 24 and 35, is one of the 60% of millenials who think socialism and communism is a good thing and who believes that spewing this kind of reckless white-shaming rhetoric will somehow empower people of color, regardless of race. I am also going to guess that this teacher is a leftist party hack, Bernie or Hillary supporter who will have to take a few days off to recover when Trump cleans the Clinton’s clock in November. Tell your kids to push back. Do what the activists did to us 60 years ago. Push back, fight back, get mouthy and sent to the office. Make sure that your kid knows it’s okay to stand up for his/her beliefs when others’ beliefs are being jammed down your throat. I’d even throw a few papers and books and other things around once I got to the principal’s office just for good measure. It started with indoctrination at young ages, it will stop when young people push back, go public and expose the outrage. Don’t run to home schooling unless you have to. Take your schools back. Identify every leftist on the board and hammer them at every meeting and at election time. It can be done. We did it where I live – ousted the school board president who was a certified communist. Tossed her @ss right out.

  391. SUSTAINABILLY says:

    You should feel guilt and shame for something your forefathers did several hundred years ago.(sar) The only reason the victimized races carry no guilt is because they don’t possess a written history of THEIR atrocities.

  392. Honest John says:

    Since the “perp” was of the “progressive persuasion”, he gets an affirmative action free-pass – like Hillary did regarding her overtly illegal email handling but was judged to be too stupid/incompetent to be charged as a responsible adult OR simply ignorant by view of her oft demonstrated convenient memory.

  393. mybadge says:

    The Leftist-Democrat-Educational-Media Complex is destroying America.

  394. Chezleigh Deplorable Honolulu says:

    get back to work, Whiteys! You got taxes to pay

  395. Alexander Rawls says:

    White=racist is defended by the school as “one perspective on racism.” What other perspectives do they teach? That blacks are inferior, that Jews are greedy? Being “a perspective” is their criterion of what it is okay to teach other people’s children?

  396. Oregonpapa says:

    If I were raising children today I would do exactly what I did for my children back when they were going to school … and that is send them to a private school. Lots of sacrifices were made and it was a financial struggle at times, but well worth it. They in turn sent their children to private schools … even private universities. They turned out to be amazing people with professional careers.

    As it stands now, the government is pretty close to having a monopoly on education. What parents should be asking themselves is … ” why would any agency of the government teach anything that is anti government?”

    Would you like to know just how successful the Progressives who now run our government schools have been in forming the grey matter in the nation’s children’s brains? Ask any high school or college grad coming out of our government schools where our rights come from. You’ll be shocked.

  397. Bruce1369 says:

    More dumbing-down of the children. Turn them all into useless cannon-fodder for the democrats.

    The public school system must go.

  398. dieter says:

    To the Dems/Socialists/Globalists…YOUR kids are their future drones that need to be programmed at a young age to accept a mindset that facilitates the destruction of the belief in personal rights and liberties and the right to self determination…they will readily destroy your kids to further their power.

  399. canyoubelievedat says:

    And apparently, to be uninformed, biased, and dictatorial is to be a public school teacher…

  400. jmharvp44 says:

    Our education system is polluted with leftest teaching from first grade up and we are letting it happen. Every American who doesn’t stand up against this is a part of the problem!

  401. Silence of the Clams says:

    Amazing how some brains work. This teacher thinks that the proper response to racism is racism. Really insightful.

  402. Joe says:

    As the government union shows for their membership teaching racism: 350,000 in college load debt to Goldman Sachs and its Federal Reserve and sh!t for brains incapable of independent thinking.

    Do you Trumpists now realize that the only hope for a business is to hire a foreign trained worker? You have bread a worthless population whose only hope of being productive it to be sent to a Soviet style slave labor camp.

    • Bruce1369 says:


    • GeorgieMason74 says:

      You, maybe.
      The rest of us are raising our kids to be smart and hardworking and proud of the heritage our “evil” European ancestors have passed down to us.
      Save your labor camps for your useless, dependent, untermenschen voter base.

  403. IToldYouSo says:

    The teacher made it sound like the native Indians were peaceful tribes living in harmony, Apache, Cherokee, etc., singing Kumbaya with each other until the European invaders came along. Sorry, the native Indians were warring and raiding and killing each other for centuries before Europeans came along.

    • Fed Up says:

      Right on, only a naive, clueless liberal could believe that. The red man is a man like any other with all the good, bad and indifferent that goes with it.

  404. Smellvin Therat says:

    I’m about to enter the school system (teacher) as a second career. I don’t need the money, so I won’t fear for my job. And I am going to absolutely open a can on the libtard mental disease in the classroom. I can’t wait…

    • Fed Up says:

      Good luck with that. You will be bucking an entrenched, hidebound, intractable monolithic bureaucracy that eventually wears down even the most idealistic teachers and renders them go-along-to-get-along time serving hacks. You may not become one because it’s more of a vocational mission to you and you don’t care about the material aspects of it but you will not make a dent. It must all be overthrown to make real change.

  405. AffanGul says:

    I call BS. This isn’t “one perspective” out of many. It’s the ONLY “perspective” being taught. The schools in this country need this leftist excrement FLUSHED into the sewer where it belongs.

  406. Fed Up says:

    Ahhhh, our “educators” fomenting division and eventual civil war one little lesson at a time.

    But the good news is the case has now been appealed to the highest court in our land- the court of public opinion. It’s my guess that the school administration, school board and teacher are at this very moment running for their proverbial lives from the s**t-storm raining down on them.

  407. 0bsoleteMan says:

    Stop. Sending. Your. Kids. To. These. Schools.

  408. rjschwarz says:

    I’d be curious if the teacher would be content to allow themselves to be filmed. If not they know what they are saying is horrible and they are cowards.

  409. Jakei says:

    Public schools are left-wing, PC cesspools.

  410. JDS says:

    I wonder if that was really white-out that the little fag was spreading across the globe, or perhaps another substance that he might have saved from the previous night’s endeavors, with his boyfriend? The teacher should be fired for lying, being stupid & being a pussy.

  411. OSR1 says:

    Look folks we are on the verge of a civil war.

    • Joey888 says:

      Absolutely. If Killary gets in, there WILL be war for sure. Either Civil War here or WWIII here.

      • OSR1 says:

        No doubt that slut will start WW3 with Russia, Im still trying to figure out why we hate them so much, as this country has done more than Russia stirring up the world.

        • Joey888 says:

          She wants the NWO and she isn’t satisfied with the power of being the potus… she wants to be the QUEEN of the NWO.

    • Rusty Wood says:

      You don’t know how true words you are saying

  412. SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:

    I AM A RACIST ……






    • GeorgieMason74 says:

      Like all leftards, you seem to confuse discernment with discrimination.
      Grow up and grow a brain.

      • SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:






        WAKE UP



        WAKE UP.

        TURN OFF THE TV.

  413. Jack Gil says:

    Why do liberals hate America so much?

  414. disqus4u says:

    When I read stories such as this, I think that Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge were actually cleaning out a problem element in Cambodia.

  415. kingdad says:

    White Self-Loathing, Black Racists and White Haters, the problem with mixed race children all are not addressed by oafish, boorish teachers as found in Norman OK school districts. Instead we get diatribes against those who can be perceived as not conforming with the Politically correct Diadems of the day. This PC nonsense and Race-Baiting and the old Nazi “Divide and Conquer” plans we increasingly see being advanced by the Leftist/Progressives is designed to create animus and division among st the Populace. This furthers the corrupt and debilitating agendas of these Marxist based Groups which is to destroy America and here her success. America was Once a nation where various Legal Immigrants sought to support and rally around the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights to enjoy Unprecedented Freedoms. Today there are activists that seek to “Divide and Conquer” America by using a Balkanization process to keep groups and nationalities separated and at odds with each other. This Teacher is a part of this Hate-filled and divisive project having been inculcated with this Communist rhetoric at whichever Leftist Liberal Educational College he attended. He is a disgrace to his forefathers and those that have died defending this great Experiment in Democracy.

  416. Tony Smith says:

    A white man stood up in my church a few weeks ago & proudly proclaimed that he was racist against whites. The black person in front of me, our pastor, and many others were giddy with laughter. Imagine if he said he was racist against blacks? This P.C. crap is a path to the enslavement of whites in the 1st World, and The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the law to make it happen.

  417. Even More Importantly says:

    Straight out of the George Soros/Democrat playbook.

  418. Mojo Filter says:

    “Since this is an elective philosophy course” as if that gives the teacher the right to kill or rape.

  419. tonyloaf says:

    The goal of the Left is to delegitimize whites and white culture and thereby delegitimize the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence because they are the product of evil white men. It is by this means they intend to destroy our foundations of freedom and institute their totalitarian agenda which they would never be able to achieve by a direct political assault on the Constitution.

  420. Okie_Vet says:

    Racism, prejudice, bigotry, these are all learned behaviors.
    The teacher should be fired.

    • SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:


  421. JC526 says:

    Disband the DOE and give the tax money back to those who earned it.

    • OSR1 says:

      Dude that is exactly what I was thinking the globalist want a nuke war to take out the worlds “everyday” people.

      • OSR1 says:

        Its a death cult.

        • SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:





  422. KilgoreCarp says:

    To be “progressive ” is to be pathetic.

  423. Luther says:

    we gots to cleanse whiteness by immigraion.

    • SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:




  424. Obama_Dogeater says:

    More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  425. SPQR_US "The Deplorable" says:

    Are there no tall trees…no ropes…no empty fields…no ditches….

  426. beefonrocks says:

    Our schools are brainwashing our children.

  427. Jeffrey Gee says:

    They’ll probably get a raise and a promotion being the good little communists they are. Look at Bill Ayers (whom Bill Clinton Pardoned from prison) an American hating terrorist who has tenure at the University of Chicago. The education system and government was taken over long ago by these types of trash. Luckily for them I don’t have children or I would have been arrested and jailed several times by now for assault if some derelict ever tried to indoctrinate my child with this sick perverted crap!

  428. SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:

    ____ BUILDING 7 SEVEN _____


    DID 9/11.

  429. Mojo Filter says:

    Next the Chicago Bears fans will scream inequality and demand to be spotted 49 points each game.

  430. SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:


    ORDERED 9/11,




  431. Larry Dickman says:

    Illogical. Illogical. All units relate. All units.
    Norman, co-ordinate.

  432. AndreaNY says:

    My middle school daughter had to watch a presentation that said the same thing, her friends some of mixed race said they felt conflicted, told them all to talk to their parents about the video. I was also told by every girl that was at the party and saw that video they were told not to discuss it with parents. I live in Bellevue, NE so this is everywhere.

  433. Michael Langevin says:

    These dumb ass people keep electing the same liberal school board members who keep hiring liberal superintendents and teachers and then have a crybaby fit when the results of these actions occur. Oklahomans suffer from too much wind whistling through their ears.

  434. truthsayer says:

    I grew up in an area of Baltimore, back in the early 60’s, that was mostly Black, and I will tell everyone the Real Truth. Even back then, Blacks were as Racist to Whites, as Whites were Racist to Blacks, but we survived and, It isn’t right, but that is the way it was, and over the years I saw a change in this country for the better regarding Race Relations. But the SAD Truth is I have also seen in the past 8 years, all the progress that was made, was erased by our current “Leader” and all the Democratic henchmen who want to destroy our country. The Left has turned Racism into a Money/Power Grab, and they have all the so called leaders, Jackson, Sharpton, and pretty much all the Black Leaders on they’re payroll. So, I am sick of hearing that because I’m White I’m a Racist, and if they keep saying it enough, then I along with a major portion of White people will in fact become MORE Racist, and so will the Black Community. My hope is that someday, in the NEAR Future, the Black Communities will realize that they have been puppets to the Left for Decades, they aren’t even considered human, they are nothing but a Vote to the Elite Left. Wake up and say enough is enough. If we continue down this Road, there will be two choices, one give into a Corrupt Government or Fight to restore our Freedoms, I know which side I will choose, where will everyone else decide to go.

    • SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:








  435. Brenton Joseph says:

    Well if my color makes me racist period, then screw it don’t bring it up. Accept what you can’t change and move on.

  436. Anonymous Guy says:

    You’d have to hate your kids to send them to a gubment indoctrination center. Home school. Or find a better option. Or don’t have a child.

  437. Morgan Thomas says:

    This is so idiotic and that teacher is a racist idiot! Kudos to the dad for challenging this!

  438. SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:








  439. Jolly Roger says:

    That was not a “conversation”, it was a racist diatribe offered as fact. Happy now, obama?

  440. WASP Lives Matter says:

    There are no words to express my contempt and outright hatred for these smug, self-righteous, self-appointed thought police and engineers of society. They are evil to the bone. May they rot in hell.

  441. The Grinder ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ says:

    The Democratic Party is solely responsible for the slaughter of the American Indian and their placement onto reservations.

  442. JabberJoe says:

    Interesting, if a person’s race can have a unavoidable characteristic intrinsic to that race, then race does matter apparently
    If white folks are intrinsically racist, then black people are intrinsically …………..

    • Charles Nash says:

      Well if we whites are intrinsically racist then we should live in our own areas and keep others away from our toxic ways. Maybe what non whites would prefer is actually old fashioned segregation after all?

      • JabberJoe says:

        I think they would prefer segregation, as long as all the money that flows to them from our toxic ways was not segregated from them.

  443. tracy christian says:

    Get ready for four more years of being called a racist, but not only a racist you’re gonna be a sexist too. I can’t wait pssshhh

  444. Mune Shadowe says:

    Home school! They are using our tax dollars to teach sanctioned racism, pull your money and send it somewhere that will actually teach your children for once.

  445. ChicoCDM says:

    The “progressives” have concluded that non-whites don’t have the capacity of whites and therefore whites must be destroyed for “equality.” This is only as long as we can continue to extract credit from via the Federal System to fund their schemes of course.

  446. To be white in America today is to be mistreated by the thugs. However, most whites now carry conceal, so the criminals being egged on by the Demorats are in for a rude awakening!

  447. Bill Ayers in action.

  448. lbeacham says:

    Translation: Move on, nothing to see here. No retraction = we agree that you don’t understand you’re racist.

  449. Jack Frost says:

    Awww, dang! you got me! I’m racist. Oh well! Think I’ll have another beer!

  450. The Un-PC Truth says:

    As someone who teaches history at the high school level, I always make a distinction between “right & wrong” and “consistent & inconsistent”. The domination of Europeans in North America, while arguably “wrong”, is nonetheless consistent with other conquering powers throughout history. To criticize one imperial power is to criticize all, and to cut one “slack” is to cut all of them slack. It’s intellectually dishonest to expect one to apologize and pretend that they’re a “unique historical player”. If anything, the conquest of North America is unique in that the conquerors created a society that people worldwide want to immigrate to, an accomplishment virtually unheard of by conquering powers throughout world history. End of lesson.

  451. lbeacham says:

    Student walk-out would have been the right course of action.

  452. smartguynyc says:

    I don’t think the problem is that the teacher expressed an opinion as fact — rather the problem is that the teacher clearly fails to understand the term “racism” and is thus wholly unqualified to teach others anything about it.

  453. SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:

    ____ BUILDING 7 SEVEN _____


    DID 9/11.

  454. TRUTH SPEAKER says:

    The scary thing is how this sort of rhetoric is promoted and sanctioned by school officials around the country.

  455. Rclifton says:

    The ONLY way to get anything done is to list the names and positions of everybody involved.
    Then sue every one of them for “mental distress” and “hate speech”.

  456. OSR1 says:

    Vote Hillary and your guns are gone.

  457. SLIDINGINTOIT__911 says:



  458. lbeacham says:

    Racism is in actions, not thoughts or birth DNA.

  459. steamboat says:

    White males built America and the lifestyle you enjoy today. I’ll be damned if I’m going to apologi