A North Carolina “Healthful Living” teacher resigned this week after he was busted in an online video choking a student in a high school hallway in May.

The News & Observer reports:

Brian Kelley, a health and physical education teacher at Apex High, resigned effective June 15, according to Lisa Luten, a Wake County schools spokeswoman. Kelley had been suspended with pay since May 25, when a video of the incident surfaced on social media.

The seven-second video was posted May 24 by a person who said he’s a parent at the high school. The person tweeted the video to various news outlets.

The short clip, which was uploaded to Twitter by “AHS Student,” shows Kelley with both hands around the neck of a black male student – pinning him up against a door frame – as he speaks inches from the boy’s face. The teacher momentarily manhandles the student before shoving him into the classroom by his neck.

Wake County School spokeswoman Lisa Luten told WRAL Kelley was a “Healthful Living” instructor. The News & Observer reports he was also a track coach who had worked at Apex High School since August 2004.

“The school district had launched an investigation into the matter but it was not immediately clear if Kelley’s resignation was linked to the outcome of the probe or independent of the investigation,” WRAL reports.

Several students who took Kelley’s classes posted about the experience on Rate My Teachers.

“Will drive you to the floor without reprieve. Not in a good way,” wrote one student, who gave Kelley two out of five stars. “If you take his class, prepare for the coming storm …”

“Average teacher,” wrote another, who rated Kelley three stars. “Only gripe I have with him is his apathy towards students and the fact that you can barely understand him 50% of the time. For Weight Training, easy A if you keep up with lifting sheets.”

“He’s ok,” another posted. “Seems really serious at first but he’s actually funny. You might even like him at the end of the semester … when it’s too late.”

Folks on Twitter also sounded off about the recent video, which now has thousands of views.

“Boo hoo but that kid thought he was a tough guy,” WWE fan posted. “He doesn’t look so tough now.”

“School employees should not be touching children ever unless it’s a crisis,” Linda added.

Several defended Kelley, alleging there was more to the story than news outlets reported.

“I would not call that choking, and it looks like the kid may be smiling at the beginning,” Ken Vehslage wrote. “That’s a good teacher … more to the story I’m sure.”

“I can agree that there has to be more to the story,” Tanika Brooks added. “I’ve known the teacher my whole life and he’s worked with kids and I’ve never seen this side of him. He’s a great man. I’m just saddened because we have the video out without any facts and his reputation being tarnished.”

“Because children are so peaceful and pleasant these days with their guns and things,” Margaret Minuth posted. “Why not hold off judgement until we know the rest of the story … like if the student did anything.

“There are PLENTY of vids out there with students bullying teachers as well as fellow students,” she wrote.