by Kyle Olson

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – The union for teachers of Haiti – a nation not exactly known for its student achievement – checked in on the Chicago teachers Union strike by issuing a statement of solidarity filled with socialist rhetoric:

Port-au-Prince, this 9th September, 2012-09-09.

The Executive Board of UNNOH (National Union of Teachers’ College Graduates of Haiti) salutes the courage and determination of the comrade teachers of the CTU, one of the most militant locals of the AFT, who are mobilizing this September 10th 2012 for the full and entire satisfaction of their just and legitimate demands.  In Haiti, UNNOH is organizing this very same day a national march to pressure the Haitian government to meet a variety of  basic demands.

From Chicago to Haiti it’s the same fight carried out by teachers in struggle. In this huge, tough battle international union solidarity takes on real meaning.  In its name UNNOH makes a point of lending its firm support to the Chicago union teachers’ movement of protest and possible strike beginning this Monday September 10th.

UNNOH wishes them lots of courage and a great success.

For the UNNOH Executive Board :

Josué Merilien, President