SALT LAKE CITY – A lot of employees and/or students from the Granite, Utah school district have been traveling and eating a lot of pizza.

where your school dollars goBut exactly who has been learning what?

In fiscal year 2014-15, the Granite district spent a total of $611,904 on travel-related expenses, and another $167,621 on restaurants.

Yet on 2015 state tests, the number of Granite students with proficient scores on state tests fell well below the state average.

That begs a simple question – is the school district using its resources in the most productive manner?

The Granite district recorded 540 transactions at various hotels around the nation in 2014-15, for a grand total of $406,699.

The biggest single tab came to $25,974 at the Anaheim Plaza Hotel on Feb. 20, 2015. Another $21,210 was spent at the Embassy Suites in Los Angeles on March 17, 2015. Another $17,119 went to the Quality Inn Anaheim on March 18, 2015.

There were also a lot of four-figure tabs, like the $8,235 spent with “Holiday Inns” (no locations listed) on April 7, 2015, or the $4,385 spent at the Best Western Coral Hills on April 17, 2015.

The district also had 618 transactions with various airlines in 2014-15 for a total of $175,612.

There were also 556 transactions with various travel agents for a total of $24,852. And cab rides, car rentals, limousine rentals and other miscellaneous transportation costs came to $4,739.

Then there were the restaurant expenses. The district had 1,120 transactions at various eateries in 2014-15, totaling $167,621.

Three of the most popular restaurants were Domino’s Pizza (181 transactions), Little Caesars Pizza (153 transactions) and Einstein Brothers Bagels (63 transactions).

Between all the travel and eating, Granite students took state tests in 2015.

In all 27 categories for grade level and subject, the percentage of Granite students with proficient scores fell below the state average. In all but four of those categories, the difference between Granite and the state average was at least 10 percent.

Perhaps more money could be spent on academics, rather than travel and food? It’s just a thought.

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