BATON ROUGE, La. – I just read this morning an article in The Advertiser, a Louisiana newspaper, that gave an update on the lawsuit happening over Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s executive order removing the state from PARCC and halting the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

commoncoreappleThe attorney representing the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education made a rather inane comment – Jindal doesn’t have a seat at the education policymaking table.

Attorney Phil Preis, representing BESE, said the governor and his administration have no authority to interfere in education and “they don’t have a seat at the table.” Education policy is left to the Legislature and BESE.

Fascinating. I’ve never seen this argument made before. I’m sure Mr. Preis would have zero problem with Jindal sitting at the education table if was in lockstep with BESE. How can you say the person responsible for the execution of state law in the state doesn’t have a seat at the table? The Louisiana Constitution doesn’t suggest it. This is ironic as the adoption of Common Core was marked by executive overreach. In fact, the Louisiana State Legislature didn’t vote on the standards.

So I guess they don’t have a seat at the table except when it suits BESE. We have seen a state board of education make that particular claim when state board members in Oklahoma sued to try to stop that state’s Common Core repeal saying the state legislature didn’t have authority to do what they did.

Is there no limit to the hubris of these people?

Authored by Shane Vander Hart

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