By Steve Gunn
GREEN BAY, Wis. – With Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker reportedly on the verge of proposing an expansion of the state’s private school voucher program, a group of school choice advocates, affiliated with Americans for Prosperity, stumped in Beloit, Kenosha and Green Bay last week.
JuanwilliamsThe featured speaker at the Green Bay event was Fox News commentator and former National Public Radio reporter Juan Williams.
Williams is a Democrat who is generally known for more liberal views. But he supports school choice (particularly voucher programs) and is critical of teachers unions that defend the current K-12 system, particularly failing public schools.
Williams, a member of the EAG Foundation’s Board of Directors, made the following remarks during an interview with Green Bay radio host Jerry Bader on WTAQ last week:
“When I see kids being denied opportunities, and not given a chance to get their first foot up on the ladder of opportunity, I think to myself, something’s terribly wrong,” Williams said. “The Democrats seem to be trapped by unions and union dollars. They say ‘We can’t ever say anything bad about unions representing teachers.’ 
“I’m not asking them to say anything bad about teachers. But I am asking them to say something bad about organizations that are not focused on educating children, but are focused on maintaining the status quo in bad schools.”
You can listen to the entire conversation between Williams and Bader by clicking here.

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