CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – I don’t want equal pay. I want a chance to work to prove my worth. I want to compete with my colleagues to bring out the best out of  each one of us. If I’m more creative, productive, and efficient with time and money, my salary will reflect this.

pride-and-prejudice-2--619x286In the right work environment, I would be paid better than a man. If this is not the case, then perhaps the business is not one I’m meant to thrive in or belong.

This is not rocket science.

Businesses know what to do to attract, and keep the best workers. And if they don’t, they lose profits. Which is why the Democrat Party’s retried tactics of  ‘women’s equal pay for equal work’ is flawed and tiresome. The government should not be dictating what businesses should pay their employees, male or female.  At this time in history, it’s preposterous to think that the main concern of women is equal pay. It’s not. Right now, it’s called survival.

The Obama administration has turned a blind eye to the fact that they have a economic disaster on their hands. Play with the numbers all day, but they still don’t add up to prosperity for many Americans. The media gleefully claimed, in May, that there was a drop in the unemployment rate to 6.3%. But they fail to remember that they also reported, more recently, a rise in unemployment.  Really, this is not the war against women. This is a war against women’s intellect.

Let’s face two important facts: 1), the current economy is disastrous for men, women, young, or old.  Everyone is affected.  And 2), we are all created equal, but our talents are not equal. Add to that, our desires to succeed are not the same, either.

First, it’s time to face the fact the economy has turned into another recession. The actual percentage of workforce participation  is 62.3%. This number reflects the real number of people who are out of work, not the 6.3% who are actively receiving unemployment benefits – those who have been out of work for over a year are now on government assistance, such as SNAP. To boot, there are 46.5 million Americans on welfare. According to the Pew Research Center (July 2013), women, in general, are twice as likely to receive welfare assistance than their male counterparts. The numbers are staggering, to say the least.

Explain to women again, why equal pay is important? If the opportunities are dwindling, the numbers dependent on welfare will increase. Will the government be thinking, in terms of equality, when passing out the welfare checks to men and women?

Second, life is never equal for anyone. Some are go-getters; others are watchers. For women who are go-getters, equality suggests everything is the same. Women who are go-getters want the best and demand the best. Women who are watchers wish they could have the best but settle for equality. The Democrats’ message of wage equality resounds well for the watchers. They will settle for whatever they can get from the government. However, for those who are the go-getters, the self-starters, the independents, and, yes, the dreamers, this is a failed message.

If the economy is ever going to be jump started again, it’s time for those running for office to consider an inspiring  message for both genders to get up, achieve, and to give the American economy the boost it so desperately needs. The best that government can do is stop pretending everything is fine, and promise equality.

It’s time face the hard facts and find solutions. American women deserve better than just surviving. They deserve to be successful and prosperous.

Authored by Lisa Valerio-Nowc

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