MADISON, Wis. – How’s this for an oddity?

cindy peace signThe former vice presidential candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party attended a Green Party rally in Wisconsin last week to announce her candidacy for governor … of California.

The newly proclaimed candidate is none other than Cindy Sheehan, who gained notoriety a few years ago as the angry mother of a soldier killed in Iraq.

Sheehan has always been a bizarre figure, and she’s obviously grown more radical as the years have passed. She openly described herself as a socialist, proclaimed her admiration for Hugo Chavez and described California Gov. Jerry Brown as an “a**hole.”

There’s no word yet on the Vegas odds of her winning the governor’s seat in 2014.

Green Party malcontents gathered in Wisconsin last week to hold the inaugural “Democracy Convention” – a time to gripe about capitalism and America in general and plot ways to overhaul or overthrow both.

The event was sponsored by the Liberty Tree Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that appears to be little more than a front for the party and radical elements of the far-left.

The event featured AFT-Wisconsin’s Bryan Kennedy, Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin and former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. AFT-Wisconsin was listed as a “major sponsor” on the conference website.

The multi-day conference included sessions on the “Wisconsin revolution” – the left’s fight against Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining reforms and the so-called corporate takeover of education. There were discussions about strategies to build a viable 3rd party movement in American politics.

Then Sheehan appeared and summarily announced her campaign for the governor’s mansion in Sacramento.


While Sheehan was vague about her platform for the state, she said, “If you’re not happy, why do you keep voting for those a**holes?”

Speaking of Wisconsin, Sheehan said, “Why are we only flooding capitols when there’s a Republican as a governor? My governor is a Democrat and he’s crappy. He’s an a**hole!”

Even though she was appearing at a Green Party event, Sheehan said she felt the party doesn’t go far enough.

“I’m a socialist and I’m not going to be ashamed to say it!” she said. “One of my biggest inspirations is [deceased] President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Yea, President Hugo.”

Sheehan ran for vice president alongside Roseanne Barr on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket last year. They received no electoral votes.

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