By Kyle Olson

SACRAMENTO – The blowback against the California Federation of Teachers “Tax the Rich” video – first covered by EAGnews – continues.

The video features a wealthy animated character urinating on the poor. It was apparently produced to convince children to support President Obama’s call for increased taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

Margaret A. Bengs, a former state agency spokeswoman and political speechwriter, opined in the Sacramento Bee:

“Instead of inspiring young people to use their gifts, for example, the California Federation of Teachers has produced a new video that promotes envying the gifts of others.

“The video exemplifies a certain ugliness descending on the country as our political leadership whips up resentment against this nation’s achievers, something contrary to the American spirit.”

After pointing out several successful entrepreneurs and corporations have been benevolent with their wealth (including Facebook, which will pay an astounding $1 billion in taxes to California’s state government), Bengs concluded:

“The irony is that the video bashes the very people who are doing the most to fund schools and other services in California.

“Yet, the moral high ground is being claimed by those who lie in wait to snatch up every next dollar earned by anyone who works hard in this state. Isn’t the core message of this video that its creators are possessed by some of the very greed that they project onto others?

“No one ever achieved anything in life by envying others. Instead of stirring up jealousy and claiming that education is all about money, shouldn’t those representing teachers inspire children to cultivate character – the self-discipline, dedication and hard work it takes to develop their own gifts and talents for the betterment of the human condition?

“Maybe this Christmas season is a good time to thank those who work, strive and achieve, and to teach our children to emulate, not resent, them.”

Sadly, that is not what labor unions like the California Federation of Teachers are concerned about. Instead, they seek to impose their far-left ideology by preying on the negative impulses of those who feel they are somehow owed something by society.

What a miserable attitude to pass on to children.

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