SAN DIEGO, Calif. – A San Diego teacher accused of trying to buy marijuana from a student was cleared of wrongdoing this week, five months after the episode cost him his job, apartment and respect in the community.

In February, Canyon Crest Academy history teacher and lacrosse coach Miles Brown, 34, was arrested and escorted from the school by police after a female student accused him of trying to buy pot, and provided investigators with fake text messages she said Brown sent, KUSI reports.

The arrest came as San Diego Police investigated students suspected of dealing drugs.MilesBrown

A week after the Feb. 25 arrest, the girl told police she made the whole thing up, and her attorney sent Brown’s attorney a letter vindicating his client.

“My minor female client explained to the detective she did not exchange any texts with the teacher nor did she ever communicate in any way with the teacher regarding drugs,” the letter read.

The attorney also emailed NBC San Diego.

“She told the police department that all of the text messages were fabricated, that they were fake, and simply put she was trying to impress her friends,” the attorney wrote.

The news site reports that Brown was already forced to resign from the school despite his professed innocence and cooperation with the police investigation. Brown voluntarily gave up his computer, phone and account passwords.

“To be accused of a crime trying to buy drugs from a student is absurd. It struck me to the core,” Brown told NBC San Diego in March. “This was nonsense and I couldn’t explain it but I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong.”

This week, the District Attorney’s Office contacted Brown’s attorney, Michael Runkle, to confirm that no charges will be filed. The police also confirmed to NBC San Diego that their investigation is over.

“I could not be happier. This has just been a nightmare but a blessing at the same time for Miles to finally get some vindication,” Runkle said.

Part of it is relief and part of it is me taking a moment to be thankful for so many people that have helped me overcome such adversity, financially, emotionally and mentally,” Brown said.

Brown told the news site he found a new job, for much less pay, teaching people with learning disabilities, but the accusations and subsequent loss of employment forced him to move out of his apartment and rely on friends for living expenses.

He’s also worked as a lacrosse referee.

Brown is now trying to get his job back at Canyon rest or find another teaching job in a different school. He’s also attempting to have his arrest record destroyed.

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