Chicago’s Karen Lewis: We’re flying the ‘Common Core’ airplane as we’re building it

June 25, 2013

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By Kyle Olson

CHICAGO – Despite all of her nutty racially-charged rhetoric, when Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis speaks, people listen.

Lewis City Club 61913So they should be interested in what she has to say about the national Common Core initiative.

Lewis is a vice president of the American Federation of Teachers and a member of its executive council. Despite the AFT’s solid support for Common Core national standards, Lewis says she’s “not a personal fan.”

Speaking to the City Club of Chicago, Lewis said, “We’re flying the [Common Core] airplane as we’re building it. So we’ll see. Who knows what that will bring?”



She also said Common Core was never “field tested,” which is an indisputable fact that worries many education experts around the nation.

And yet billions of dollars are being spent to implement the national standards as we speak. Lewis’ statements should cause much concern among state leaders who have no real idea what they’ve signed their schools and students up for.

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