SYRACUSE, N.Y. – A 16-year-old Syracuse high school student faces two felony assault charges after police allege he punched two teachers in the face for attempting stop him from using his phone in class.

henningerPolice allege Rasheen Moore came to class late at Henninger High School Wednesday, around 8:05 a.m., and starting using his cell phone. His 37-year-old teacher told him to put the phone away, but Moore allegedly refused and punched the female teacher in the face, WSTM reports.

A 57-year-old teacher’s aide was in the room and tried to intervene and Moore punched her in the face, as well, police told

Unsurprisingly, the teachers suffered from “severe pain to their mouth and jaws” and demanded authorities charge the teen in the attack, the news site reports.

The attack is an exclamation mark on barrage of teacher complaints in Syracuse schools about students running out of control and committing violence against classmates and teachers. The problem stems from a “restorative justice” approach to school discipline that’s designed to reduce punishments for minority students. Large inner-city school districts adopted the approach at the behest of the federal government as a means of reducing suspensions for minority students.

The restorative justice approach is focused on keeping students in school where they can learn by allowing them to design their own punishment, but teachers from St. Paul, Minnesota to Oakland, Calif. to Baltimore, Maryland complain the reality is chaos in the classroom and students who deal drugs, commit acts of violence, and routinely disrespect adults with impunity.

In Syracuse, a December survey of 830 district teachers revealed the vast majority of teachers don’t feel safe in their own classroom, with a third reporting to have been physically assaulted by students, WSTM reports.

EAG news has cited numerous examples of the destructive impact of restorative justice student discipline policies in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and other places.

In places like St. Paul, Minnesota, the issue has pit parents concerned about an obvious increase in school violence and teachers who afraid for their lives against local Black Lives Matter “activists” who label anyone who opposes the restorative justice approach as a racist.

In Syracuse, Moore is now faces two felony counts of second-degree assault, and was reportedly lodged in Onondaga County Jail, reports.

“He seems like he’s demonstrated real proficiency in the liberalism he’s been taught,” Hadrian posted to the news site.

“Time to trade the Obama phone for the new Obama internet so he can attend school online,” ProTour posted. “He should be banned from Syracuse schools. Zero tolerance would discourage others from doing the same.”

“Oh no, can’t do THAT! He ‘deserves’ an education,” holly2011 added. “What about the others who are there to learn. Do they deserve this crap? It’s so out of hand. And you’re right, zero tolerance would discourage others. They know they rule the school and they know they can get away with it.  Not really sure why our administrators are so clueless.  Supposedly educated, but not a clue.”