CHICAGO – A mother and daughter are in jail after one allegedly stabbed a school security officer and the other beat the man and an administrator with her fists on a visit to a local elementary last week.

Debbie Wilson, 45, and her daughter, also Debbie Wilson, 26, were jailed last week after they went to Carrie Jacobs Bond Elementary School Tuesday to pick up the older woman’s 14-year-old daughter over a disciplinary issue.

Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Reginald Newton told the Chicago Tribune the two began arguing with a school administrator, and the younger Wilson allegedly pulled a 4-inch blade and stabbed him in the back. A female school security guard was also stabbed in the forearm, as was a 13-year-old male student also attempted to intervene, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

The older Wilson allegedly beat school staff with her fists.

The women fled the school, but were caught separately a short time later and identified through a photo line-up, according to court records cited by the media.

All three of the victims required stitches, but none of the injuries were life threatening, the Sun Times reports.

Both women were charged with five counts of aggravated battery. The older Wilson was held on a $100,000 bail, while bail was set at $125,000 for her daughter.

The Wilsons’ relatives cried at a bond hearing Saturday, and told the Tribune that the older Wilson cares for a young relative with cerebral palsy.

Rhonda Wilson, the senior Wilson’s other daughter, said the charges against the women were “all wrong.”

Those who read the news online had little sympathy for the women.

“The great society in full bloom!” JBLUEMI posted to the Tribune.

“Children learn what they live,” Petfriendly2 wrote on “The (youngest daughter) is doomed. So sad.”

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