FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Four teachers were injured trying to subdue an out-of-control 10-year-old at a Fairfield elementary school, including one who was taken to the hospital with a leg injury.

fairfieldpolicePolice were called to Timothy Dwight School around 1 p.m. Wednesday as staff struggled to contain the boy’s “behavioral issues.” According to a police statement, the child was throwing chairs and tables at staff, and injured four teachers in his rage, the Fairfield Citizen reports.

One teacher, with a bruised leg, was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital, while another was taken to a private doctor by a friend before police arrived, Fox 61 reports.

Two more teachers declined medical attention for minor injuries.

“When they attempted to calm him down, they ended up receiving various different minor injuries,” Fairfield Police Lt. James Perez told NBC Connecticut. “We’re not exactly sure what caused the student to all of a sudden just lose it.”

Authorities called the boy’s parents to the school and he was released into their custody, according to the Fairfield Patch.

The incident, of course, generated heated reactions from parents, from those who condemned district officials for not providing proper teacher training to handle violent situations to folks who blamed the parents for the child’s outburst.

“And people wonder why teachers are fighting back,” Fairisfair posted to the Patch. “They aren’t fighting back they are trying to survive. Trying to protect themselves.”

“Bet that kid’s IEP was shredded like most in Fairfield. Continue to not provide the proper services and interventions, Fairfield and it’s your own fault. What a tragedy for this student. It’s NEGLECT, and the blood is on the hands of the Fairfield Administrators, not those hard working, devoted teachers who aren’t given any training to properly prepare them to respond when such a meltdown occurs,” according LeftyWrites.

“Yet you place no fault on the parent(s) for the up-bringing of their children today,” NHPD283 countered.

“Somehow it will end up being the teachers’ fault,” Bobby Morril wrote in the NBC Connecticut comments.