SCHAUMBURG, Ill.  – Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth says she’s appalled by a quote from Dr. Ben Carson, which her 8th CD GOP opponent Larry Kaifesh put on his Facebook page Wednesday morning:


“This line of thinking – that African Americans are dependent on the government – is offensive and wrong,” she wrote in an email to supporters. “And anyone who holds such views is unfit to serve as a Member of Congress.” She then asks for campaign funds to respond to Kaifesh’s remark.

Indeed, the idea that the black community is slavish in any form is heavy duty rhetoric. But in the case of an accomplished brain surgeon whose single mom forced him to read and study and then pushed her son to excel above others, Dr. Ben Carson is being critical of his own extended African-American family.

Carson, who is said to be considering a presidential bid in 2016, has saved the lives of countless children through his medical practice and is energizing conservatives with his message of individual rights, limited government, free enterprise and traditional values.


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