LINCOLN, Neb. – On Craigslist, one can find anything: used TVs, a friendly neighborhood prostitute, or even the opportunity to write Common Core lesson plans.

craiglist peaceSchool supply company A Pass Education is seeking writers on the internet classified ad site to produce Common Core-aligned math plans and tests.

Craigslist. Is that what the quality of American education is devolving to? Or, perhaps that’s the new frontier in discovering that “rigorous” education Common Core proponents are promising.

Regardless, potential applicants read:

“Our educational development company has an immediate need for strong math writers and content editors for K-12 assessment items and lesson plans. The ideal candidate will:

-have a degree in an area of mathematics
-have K-12 math classroom experience
-have education/curriculum development expertise
-be able to work virtually using content management systems
-understand Common Core, DOK, and Bloom’s Taxonomy
-be able to write content aligned to benchmarks and standards.”

The company pledges telecommuting is ok, it’s a part-time job and it’s merely contract work.

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