From news service reports

PATERSON, N.J. – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made an appearance before citizens in Paterson and got into a shouting match with a resident who repeatedly interrupted him and doesn’t want competition in education.

Christie: I hear the despair of folks all over this state…Christie shouting Paterson

Attendee: We live in the most successful country ever in the world

Christie: Yeah…right…

Attendee: And you tell me you can’t fix the problem?

Christie: Let me tell ya, that if you give me the opportunity to set up competition…

Attendee: Fix the [inaudible] system!

Christie: You give me the chance…

Attendee: You shut up!

Christie: You give me a chance to set up competition for the public schools…

Attendee: No competition! Fix the public schools!

Christie: Let me ask you this: what else in our society works…[interrupted]…well, believe me, I’ve heard you the 8th time, okay? The fact is, nothing else in our society works when they don’t have competition. Nothing else in our society works without competition. And public education won’t work for everybody unless it does, too.

“All right,” he said. “Now we got some action!”

Christie is seeking legislation that would allow resources to follow students to the educational option of their choice.

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