By Kyle Olson

CHICAGO – Apparently EAGnews’ Jeremy Segal wasn’t the only one asking undesirable questions during the carefully choreographed Chicago Teachers Union protest last week.

CTU Sharkey MaggioA citizen journalist reporter from was ordered to leave the edge of the street where unionists had sat down, waiting to be arrested. The order came from CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey.

The same type of thing happened to Segal during last Wednesday’s protest. He was assaulted by three union supporters while trying to interview the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and two of the thugs  were subsequently arrested.

Because of the undesirable questions the reporter was asking, Sharkey suspected he was not with the local television news stations, but instead EAGnews.

Talking to a union “security” person, Sharkey says, “This guy is with EAG here, this guy is [inaudible].”

“Lou,” the security person, then proceeds to stand in front of the reporter’s camera and put his hands on the reporter, the video shows.

After Sharkey (falsely) identified him, the reporter claimed “he then went a step further and decided to call over one of the CTU security thugs and told him I was with EAG News and then told him to remove me. Two thugs then came over and one got behind me and the other started blocking my camera with his back. He then turned and grabbed me by both my shoulders and shoved me backwards. His chest pushed my camera into my face and he told me to leave the PUBLIC EVENT.”

The reporter insisted that he’s not with EAGnews, but to no avail.

Why do Sharkey and other CTTU leaders think they can control the media that covers their protests, particularly when those protests are on public property? And didn’t they learn in elementary school to keep their hands to themselves?

See yesterday’s report on Segal’s manhandling and subsequent arrest of CTU officials here.

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