By Victor Skinner

CHICAGO – Could the Chicago Teachers Union’s belligerent, foul-mouthed leader become the next mayor of the Windy City?

It’s a question that supporters of Karen Lewis could soon explore as the union prepares “to put big bucks behind a candidate for the 2015 mayor’s race,” NBC Chicago reports.

“CTU members are encouraging her to run, and while she said she won’t do it, sources expect supporters to form an exploratory committee anyway,” according to the news station. “CTU is even asking its members to double their contributions to their political action committee as the union eyes not just the mayor’s race but City Council and statewide races too.”

Chicago Mayor Karen Lewis is a scary thought. The union boss has repeatedly demonstrated that the financial welfare of the CTU and its members are her top priority, not students or citizens.

Lewis forced city officials this fall to sign a new contract taxpayers can’t afford by holding the Chicago public education system hostage with a teachers strike. She’s been recorded at education conferences in expletive-laced rants discussing her history of drug abuse and mocking U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s lisp.

Lewis hates charter schools, private schools and virtually any educational options that compete with government schools and her union members. She believes her members deserve better than the struggling taxpayers who write their checks.

Lewis doesn’t care about students who receive a better education through the city’s school choice options, she cares about union revenue.

If elected, Lewis’ ugly tactics would undoubtedly cast a dark shadow over Chicago by seriously jeopardizing the city’s financial stability and non-government educational options.

She’s a classless and boorish union thug that is already awarded far more power than she deserves.

We certainly hope she keeps her word and stays out of the race.

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