By Kyle Olson

CHICAGO – The Chicago Teachers Union recently held a show-of-force protest in the streets of downtown Chicago to grab headlines and complain that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is treating them unfairly.

EAGnews caught some humorous sights and sounds from the day, including protesters bused in from Detroit to hold up signs they didn’t understand, as well as a union activist marching uniformly, chanting in rhythm with the collective, only to explain she’s an individual and not a robot!

Other hilarity includes the familiar “Yes We Can” chant, as well as a failed attempt to employ the “mic check” tactic of the Occupy protests.

Yes, America, these people are teaching our children and arguing we’re not paying enough in taxes to support the government education system.

A longer interview with the Detroit protesters has been published by EAGnews. Stay tuned for a deeper investigation into “Good Jobs Now.”